Ikram Sehgal: Please answer now -by Waseem Altaf

Defense analyst or ISI spook.

Mr.Ikram Sehgal in his article “Image of the uniform” published in the news of July 7th, 2011 writes with the following catch line:

“The armed forces took a massive pounding because of the May 2 Abbottabad incident, but recent polls conducted by foreign agencies must be painful for the army’s detractors. The people of Pakistan (79 percent) still retain immense faith in them”.

However there is no mention in the article as to who conducted the polls and when. Where was the sample drawn from and what was its size.What is the credibility and operational strength of the results.Just nothing.

Mr.Ikram Sehgal we know you owe a lot to the organization you always try to defend and glamorize, but don’t misjudge your readers.They maybe bloody civilians but not bloody fools.We know very well how popular your past and present masters are and how much faith people have in them.

Ok leaving aside the above I could not find answers to the following questions,if you could very kindly help me please:

1. In October 1999 senator Pervaz Rashid of PML(N)was severely tortured and sodomized in Lahore.

2. On 9 March 2003 Rana Sanaullah of PML(N)was kidnapped and tortured for one night before being thrown back on a road in Lahore with his head mustaches and eyebrows shaven.

3.On the night of Jan the 2nd 2005, Dr.Shazia Khalid from Balochistan was tortured and raped .Later she left Pakistan for good.

4.On Sep 4th 2010, Umer Cheema the journalist was kidnapped and tortured.He was made to make nude poses in front of the camera and smile.After a couple of hours he was thrown on a deserted road with his head , mustaches and eyebrows shaven.

5.On May 29th 2011,Saleem Shahzad, the journalist was kidnapped from Islamabad.Two days later his dead body was found near Sarai Alamgir.Signs of extreme torture were visible on his body.
I can go on and on and on.

But for the moment if you could kindly use your contacts in the most well informed organization of this country and let us know who humiliates,tortures,rapes,sodomizes,kills and then dumps the dead bodies.



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