Osama’s killing: Is the world safe now? -by Saad Akhter

Osama’s killing has taken world by storm for a small period of time. Frankly I never thought that personalities matter and something like terrorism where people are fighting to get killed and get their names In history. Personalities don’t matter its just the cause. But I didn’t expect to my extent that Osama’s killing would be so less celebrated.

There are just few Americans dancing on Miami Beach and that’s all about it. Its not about peoples having any kind of attachment to Osama. But it’s the style how the operation was conducted. Few guys sitting in a room watching operation, helicopter wreckage and few soldiers who don’t want to face media after their historic and significant achievement. Just because they are shy.

The less celebration throughout the world now a day after Bin Laden killing reflects the thinking of people around the world. Let’s go in to deep of the matter and raise few important questions about Bin Laden killing. Who was living in a populous city of an American ally country for about 7 years where America’s spy agency is having a regional headquarter and its agents have significant presence.

What was Americas and its allies big forces, satellites, intelligence was doing while the world’s most wanted man was sitting in a villa having 3 wives a lot of kids and spending his life resting. To make it more hilarious of course they said that pornographic material has been recovered from the villa which is located in outskirts of abbotabad .Can a terrorist be so relaxed when he is wanted by almost half a world.

This OBL issues has also taken media and communication technology into question. Are they significant for our society or they are just an addition to problem. Many of the problems which world is holding right now. Are few peoples using media for their own purposes to convince nation to a cause which is not having worth to spend billion of dollar of tax payer’s money. Of course the history is supposed to take its course and history will tell what happened in Osama’s case.

Let some American write a book revealing secrets or some CIA files to be leaked out for general public to know what really happened and for those who are dancing today on Miami beach regardless of the information of the person who is going to harm them.The information of his killing is true or not.They are just dancing that they are safe and now their taxes will solve problems for what they are paying tax for.

Maybe few Generals who are sitting on top still wants another conflict to justify billions of dollars spend every year on defences. Maybe they believe they can again play a same game which they were playing from Vietnam to Somalia to Afghanistan to Iraq and now maybe Libya.Some wise guy said for peace you need war. Americans backed a war in Afghanistan to have peace in America. And with the people they fought war turned against America later.

Now America is again having a war to bring peace. But there is a significant question that would that bring peace really. Or Americans will have to fight a war after war in search of peace. Maybe yes maybe no. Will this killing of bin laden which is said by few people that whether he was alive it was in interest of America and now when he is dead he is again important for USA.

Will there be a day when peoples of this world will think and American policy makers that to end this terrorism we have to provide people with basic fascilities so that they construct the world rather then blowing them selves off. Everyone likes a family a bit of prosperity why don’t make world a better place to live. Why don’t spend this money on health education global warming then on bullets to destroy this beautiful planet earth. Why to spend this much money for a slow death on what we are already on these chemicals these bombs nuclear bombs are so dangerous for envoirnments why don’t spend this money to improve peoples health and fincancial condition and spend this money on reuseable energy.

The world resources is continuously depleting and we are still creating new conflicts and new reasons to fight for. Why don’t use this media not to manipulate but to educate? why don’t use this communication and information age to research and bring something nice for our generation which is going to take out place sooner or later.

Lets build green cities and green economies. Let everyone have right on resources of earth rather just few peoples. If these killing and blood can bring peace so lets kill everyone once for all but it will not. Let everyone dance and everyone sing. Let everyone be happy and thank full to God that he or she was blessed to be born know it’s kind of a dream against the human nature but lets dream once for all.

Let this media not allow to create anymore conflicts and let this information technology help us to bring our selves closer. In this world there are always two kind of people. One are bad and few are good. Let’s distinguish between all these peoples regardless of boundaries of countries and religion. Let’s be in a global village all the good peoples around the world. And I believe most of peoples in this world wants this. They don’t want peoples bombing their homes and they don’t want their living hood to be bombed.

They don’t want their children to be starving. Osama is not a person it is a thinking and you cant kill a thinking by bombing every home. But changing the environment. Let people make the choice, don’t impose it. Its humanity that if u will throw stones on someone else home stone will come to your home also. So lets start with throwing roses so other have also chances of throwing roses at you. Lets not behave like animals. Lets speak truth and make this world a better place.



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