Questions for General Pasha

If I have to comment on ISI chief’s emotional speech in the in-camera session of the parliament, I can say this via Mirza Ghalib:

roney se aur ishq mey beybaak hogay,

dhoey gaye hum aisey ke bas pak hogay

(transl: the more I cry, the more I become committed to what I have done!)

The details provided by the TV channels about ISI chief’s speech and the reaction by various persons ranging from politicians to retired army men (presenting themselves as analysts) have many points to be discussed and critically evaluated.

First, Gen Pasha equated the Abbottabad cataclysm with 9/11 in US and 26/11 in India, and prompted Pakistan’s civilian government of the reaction of the US and Indian Governments after those events. He was wrong in his equivalence because both 9/11 and 26/11 were terrorists attacks perpetrated by non-state actors, incidently mentored by the ISI. However, the Abbottabad operation was performed by United States, who is paying us billions of Dollars for our alliance in War on Terror. Whether it is 9/11 or 26/11, Both the terror acts ensued in mass killings. Abbottabad debacle cannot be compared to these incidents in any respect. As it was a targeted operation with not a single innocent killed during this.

Another problem with General Pasha’s comparison is that with the clarification above it seems he considers US SEAL operation in view of violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty rather a great tragedy, i.e., the presence of Osama Bin Laden in in Garrison city for the last five years. He forgot to acknowledge that it was OBL and his mentors in the ISI who had violated Pakistan’s sovereignty by harbouring a proclaimed terrorist in Pakistan.

It will be a matter of concern for General Pasha and those who agree withhim but the reaction on the Osama killing in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa tells another story as they have exclaimed the killing of world’s most wanted terrorist. They do not have interests in the rhetorics of sovereignty as their sovereignty is staked with the continuous attacks by the terrorists i.e Taliban,  a big part of their territories insulated as FATA are in actual control of the terrorists.

Amn Tehreek (Peace Movement) a conglomeration of civil society organizations and representatives of all major political parties of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in a declaration have clearly stated this as

“Although, Pakistan as a country is affected by terrorism but the whole Pukhtunkhwa province and especially FATA and Malakand are the most affected areas due to terrorism. Not a single village or city of Pukhtunkhwa province is spared by terrorists. The people of FATA and Pukhtunkhwa have virtually become hostages to the terrorists.

The perceptions and opinions of these people and those in the rest of the country, regarding terrorism, its causes, the objectives of military operations, involvement of foreign hands in terrorism and drone attacks, are pole apart. These perceptions and opinions are in sharp contrast and contradiction to each other.”(source)

And also the term “intelligence failure” applies to our inability to stop or alert Taliban attacks targeting common man, public places, police and FC men and military installations.

Terrorists attacks on French Engineers, Manawan Police Station, FIA building, SIU office, GHQ, Parade lane mosque, Karsaz bombing, BB assassination, Marriot bombing, fostering terrorists in the heart of Capital i.e Lal Masjid, Swat, Buner, Bajawar, FATA, all these are examples of Intelligence failures. But our intelligence agencies were neither questioned for any of these deadly attacks, nor they have offered resignations for the failure.

General Pasha! its the time to clean up the mess and if I say this in the very softest terms, “Clean your institution of the rogue elements, those who facilitated Osama Bin Laden in a safe house for many years causing embarrassment to the people of Pakistan “



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