ISI mobilizes fake civil society to defend Pakistani generals

Save General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kyani and General Shuja Pasha rally organized by ISI near the Parliament in Islamabad.

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Questions for General Pasha (Part I)

To the honourable generals of Pakistan army – by Rashid Aurakzai

Nawaz Sharif’s commendable stance on Pakistani generals’ Abbottabad debacle

The Abbottabad Debacle is a major embarrassment for Pakistani generals, ISI and their right wing and (fake) liberal proxies. The ‘discovery’ of OBL in the heart of Pakistan army’s garrison town has once again highlighted the collusion between Pakistani generals and jihadi organizations including but not limited to Al Qaeda and Taliban. It also exposed that the army and its spy organization ISI are the real owners of Pakistan, and the civil population and their elected representatives have no or very little say in national policy making.

The world wants to know who helped to harbor Osama bin Laden. International media is claiming a large percentage of terrorist activities all around the world are sponsored by Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency ISI. Afghanistan government repeatedly said that Mullah Omar is on pakistani soil. India for its part says that the Mumbai attack planners are also here. Some in the US Congress threaten to suspend $1.5 billion in annual aid to Pakistan. However, military officials in Pakistan are angry that US operated on Pakistani soil without their permission.

The world wants to understand how Osama bin Laden, the FBI’s most-wanted man, was able to hide in a Pakistani garrison town without the country’s security and intelligence apparatus knowing his whereabouts.

While Pakistan’s security and intelligence establishment’s chiefs claim they didn’t know that Osama bin Laden was lurking around the house at the end of a narrow dirt road just north of Islamabad, a stone throw away from key military installations, they really feel humiliated, embarrassed and chagrined.

The willingness of the Pakistani security establishment to go after terrorists has long been questioned. The ISI have long been playing the ‘Double Game’ and helping the various terrorist networks mainly Taliban, a gang of brainwashed extremists that has killed thousand of Pakistani citizens. It has been seeing a strategic value in tolerating — and sometimes supporting and sheltering — militant groups that it hopes may help it in the future against India or serve as a hedge against potential instability in Afghanistan.

As one saying goes here: “Every country has an army, Pakistan’s army has a country.”

Pakistan’s 600,000-strong army has financial muscle flexed across industries from oil and gas to cereals and real estate — it even set up its own airline. Its Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency is so pervasive it is described as a “state within a state”.

After the Abbottabad Debacle, ISI has activated its civil society proxies in various cities to revive the tarnished image of Pak army and its premier spy agency ISI. Pakistan’s ISI is the architect and orchestrator of all the narratives currently disseminated their spin doctors on the media.

The campaign to save General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kyani and General Shuja Pasha serves to increase pressure on PPP led civilian government to hesitantly support the Jihad Enterprise of Pakistan army.

Yesterday (Wednesday) we saw a rally where participants voiced their support for the Army and the ISI. The citizens of the federal capital under the auspices of Pakistan Citizens Forum took out a rally from National Press Club to the Parliament House to “condemn the propaganda” against the Pakistan Army and national institutions after the Abbottabad operation.

Pakistani folk dancers perform at a gathering in support of army and intelligence agency ISI in Islamabad.

ISI assets begin their act to ensure “supremacy” of their masters. Pakistani media outlets are currently busy in defending the image of the army and intelligence services, by spinning the news, diverting the debate from real issue, and coining the “conspiracy theory” that the Zardari government was responsible for the May 2 assault for having let U.S. forces inside Pakistan. The media spin doctors of the ISI are suggesting as if  the army is a group of humble soldiers following the directives of their civilian leadership. Now it’s obvious that the right wing media is attacking and defaming civilian government on behalf of security establishment. For more proof please read today’s “Jang editorial page” which is full of pro-army and Taliban apologist articles.

Two key friends of the ISI: Imran Khan and Altaf Hussain

ISI’s agents in various political parties, Imran Khan, Ch Nisar Ali Khan and new born ‘Judas’ Shah Mehmood Qureshi have joined the chorus of those demanding resignations from President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, while completely ignoring the chiefs of army staff and the ISI.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) is serving its masters in its traditional style, by conducting a so called countrywide referendum over the Abbottabad operation. Just like other ghairatmand political parties, MQM is raising questions over national security and sovereigntywhile ignoring most important question that who was harbouring Osama in Pakistan?

Nawaz Sharif offers a careful stance while not compromising his links with the ISI.

Furthermore, there is a fake fight going on between Pakistan Muslim league N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif (MNS) and Pakistani establishment. Currently the media is projecting MNS as a real opponent of the establishment and a real democrat. The establishment is once again using him to put pressure on PPP. This game will help and serve to improve MNS’ democratic credentials, find low level scapegoats, revive COAS and ISI chief’s images and will put PPP led government under control. Watch Hamid Mir’s Capital Talk: Nawaz Sharif aur Pak Fauj aamne saamne?

Liberal proxy: Mujh ko pehchaan lo main hoon kaun?

Not only right wing journalists and anchors, but better camouflaged liberal proxies too are quite active in coining new conspiracy theories to save their bosses.

Geo/Jang Group’s group adviser political affairs, Mr Najam Sethi in his late night talk show on 11 May, after Mian Nawaz Sharif’s press conference, generously extended his support to Sharif’s stance. No critical words of caution. It seems that both are stressing this point over and over, that Osama Debacle is a intelligence failure and institutional weakness, and that no single individual is responsible for this episode, and somehow punishing any head or individual is not something the nation has wanted or asked for.

Connecting the dots will offer the opportunity to understand the whole episode from Mian Nawaz Sharif’s press conference to Hamid Mir’s Capital Talk to Nama Sethi’s Aaps ki Baat.

ISI’s proxies in business industry are also very active in defending their real masters. The Hashoo Group’s chairman Mr. Sadruddin Hashwani said that Pak Army and ISI are the finest in the world. Hashwani also said the Pakistani nation could live without US aid, but not without strong and honest leadership.

ISI is also using it’s proxies in the Judiciary to put pressure on the PPP to meet its demands. For example, the Lahore High Court on Thursday ordered President Asif Ali Zardari to stop political activities in Presidency. See, for example, Another great decision by SLOP.

Pakistan's biggest political party. Most organized and disciplined. For sure, best in the world. It has proxies in all segments of life.

Pakistanis hold placards as they march during a rally in favour of Pakistan’s army and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in Karachi on May 14, 2011. The chief of ISI offered to resign in parliament following the US raid by US commandos who shot dead Osama bin Laden, sources said. AFP PHOTO/RIZWAN TABASSUM (Photo credit should read RIZWAN TABASSUM/AFP/Getty Images)

Pakistani demonstrators hold placards in support of army and intelligence agency ISI in Islamabad on May 12, 2011, after the crisis over Osama bin Laden. About 300 supporters of Pakistan's main opposition leader on May 12, rallied against the government and America in the town where Osama bin Laden was shot dead by US Navy Seals. AFP PHOTO/Farooq NAEEM (Photo credit should read FAROOQ NAEEM/AFP/Getty Images)



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