Evidence of Ansar Abbasi’s lies about General Shahid Aziz – An analysis


GHQ had strongly opposed handing over Pakistanis to US

ISLAMABAD: Lt Gen (retd) Shahid Aziz, who served as the Chief of General Staff (CGS) from Oct 2001 to Dec 2003, revealed that the Army as an institution was in complete dark about what was going on between Washington and Islamabad on the war on terror and the GHQ and top Army commanders had strongly opposed the handing over of Pakistanis to the US, but Musharraf did so on his own.

Shahid Aziz confirmed that though the office of the CGS in the GHQ was considered to be the nerve centre in the Army, the GHQ did not know most of the controversial things Musharraf did, including the handing over of Pakistani nationals to the Americans.

All attempts to get an official version of the Pakistan Army through the director general of the ISPR could not succeed until the filing of this report.

The retired general told The News on Saturday that while the Pakistan Army used to catch the targeted foreigners and locals and handed them over to the ISI for interrogation, they were handed over to the Americans without the knowledge of the Army.

The Army, he said, had made it clear that no Pakistani would be delivered to the US authorities while the problematic Arabs would be deported to their respective countries.

“We did not know for a long time that the Pakistani nationals were being handed over to the Americans by the ISI,” he said, adding that it caused a lot of resentment in the top echelons of the Pakistan Army when they found this was happening. He said that Musharraf had got the ISI engaged to collaborate with the American CIA without the knowledge of the rest of Pakistan Army.

Musharraf, during his rule, had also allowed the US drones to use the Pakistani airspace for intelligence sharing besides permitting the American intelligence agencies, the CIA and the FBI, to recruit their agents in the tribal belt of Pakistan, he said.

Shahid Aziz disclosed that the drones were permitted to use the country’s airspace despite strong opposition from the GHQ, but still General Musharraf granted this permission.

Interestingly, the same drones have carried out most of the US-led coalition strikes inside Pakistan, killing hundreds of people, including innocent women and children. He disclosed that during his tenure, there had been no agreement between the Pakistan Army and Washington on the war on terror, rather Musharraf was directly dealing with the Americans.

Shahid Aziz, who enjoyed an exceptional reputation in the Army, disclosed that when initially consulted after 9/11, the top commanders had decided that the Pakistan Army would remain out of the conflict.

However, later because of compromises by Musharraf, the Army was dragged in and the situation was such that one hand of the Pakistan Army did not know what the other hand was assigned or doing.

Musharraf had compartmentalised the Army to such an extent that even the CGS would not know many things directly assigned by the Army chief to other departments.

Shahid Aziz, who also served as the chairman NAB but resigned early last year when asked to close the special NAB cell probing corruption cases against Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari, explained that since the former Army chief was also in the government, the Army as an institution was not consulted on many things that were being agreed between Islamabad and Washington.

After 9/11, he said, the Army was told that Washington did not want foreigners like Arabs, Uzbeks, Tajiks, etc in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

When the issue was discussed in the GHQ, he said, the Army decided to ensure that these foreigners, most of them had settled in Pakistan, were forced to remain quiet.


Analysis by Saleem

Ansar Abbasi is such a sold-out animal and a Liar that he openly said on Hamid Mir TV discussion program (something I heard myself) unashamedly, with his makruh smile on his cursed face, that Journalists should have their own opinions and agendas when reporting, and should promote that agenda using whatever means, including lies, misreporting, twisting the facts, etc. According to this rascal, he believes that lies are acceptable from Journalists to change public opinions according to their liking.

He was giving his comment after one journalist commented that since last few years, many journalists in Pakistani media were doing bias reporting and were spreading misinformation to misguide the public, something journalists should not do, as their job is to bring truth to the people and let the people make their opinions. Ansar Abbasi made comments to justify the role of journalists who were lying, misinforming, twisting facts and doing bias and selective reporting, so that to misguide people and make them change opinions.

Even though I knew that many crooks on payroll of corrupts calling themselves journalist are actually liars and agents, but it was most surprising for me to see one of these rascals openly defending lies, misinforming, misreporting, twisting the facts, and fulfilling agendas. I felt puking on his face but I decided not to make my TV dirty because of this rascal whose face looks cursed anyhow (Allah kee her ayesay jhotay per lanat hotie hay jo dusroon ko misguide karnay kay liya jhoot bolta hay. … and if anyone do not believe me, try to look at his face carefully)

Just look at his reporting and think. I am sure that only someone with no brain would accept what he wrote … about his interview with Shahid Aziz. Read carefully, think and one would find that most of that interview is BS, full of lies and ridiculous claims. Discussed in GHQ … Army … all this BS Ansar Abbasi writes for pea brained Pakistanis to misguide them and fool them … but problem is that … it seems this Rascal liar Ansar Abbasi does not know the difference between GHQ, Army and Army Chief … because when we talk about Army we talk about Army Chief … and when we talk about GHQ we talk about office of the Army chief. Musharraf was Army Chief … so his person (and no one else) was not only representing Army but GHQ was his office. If he use to discuss anything with others in army, it was not required but a courteous gesture. If Musharraf had decided anything, he did not needed to explain to others, and thus whatever army or GHQ decided, it was Musharraf decisions and no one else. Now think of these facts and read the above interview to find it not only absurd and ridiculous, but something funny too.

Fact is that, Musharraf was first army chief who use to discuss things with his corps commanders, else all past army chief in Pakistan never even use to discuss anything with their juniors, neither they need to. Second is that, Musharraf was first head of state as well as army chief who discussed many things with corps commanders about government, that no past rulers ever discussed. It was greatness of Musharraf that he use to take all on board, else such things has never happened before in Pakistan neither anyone could expect same from Gen Kiyani or any future Army chiefs (not only in Pakistan but anywhere in the world).


Well, I have never seen a Journalist except this guy Ansar Abbasi who was proudly justifying on TV that it is fine for a journalist to be bias, do selective reporting, promote agendas and try to change public opinions, instead of doing unbiased reporting. So, when I see someone giving respect to him or his reporting, it amazes me


For you, all Liars, corrupts and crooks in Pakistan are most upright, honest, decent and patriotic in the country … as long as he BS against Musharraf or those you want.

Meray Bhai, I do not know what value you have but just imagine, you are calling a person ‘honest’ whom I saw saying on TV that journalists should have agenda and should be bias in their reporting. This guy, Ansar Abbasi believes on lying and misguiding innocent people who read or hear him. Is that honesty? But then, I should not say much as there are many who love dishonest liars and get misguided by them. For instance, there are people who love NS and his team of liars, considering NS as great leader, knowing that NS was lying blatantly that he went to Saudi Arabia without any deal. Some support this liar and say that he made deal under duress. What a beautiful duress it was that he left prison to live in Palace, still … obviously excuses of these people are ridiculous.

It is obvious that Nawaz is liar and was blatantly lying when he claimed that he left for Saudi Arabia without deal, because he was not under duress when he was claiming that he left for Saudi Arabia without deal as he claimed that from Saudi Arabia and London. If he was not liar, he should have at least said that he did went to Saudi Arabia because of deal, though that deal was under duress


There are many journalists who are blatant liars and on payroll of corrupt politicians, but I never said anything about them other than that they lie and do propaganda (or regarding Shahid Masood that he is Sazishi)? Only exception is Ansar Abbasi, and even him just after recent program I saw on TV with him in the program. Why is that? It is because no journalist I have seen came on TV defending their lies and agendas of misguiding masses except Ansar Abbasi. That is the reason I wrote that he is Rascal. So you should not blame me that I am upset of him because he was anti-Musharraf. Actually, I am not even upset with him, as he is not worth to get upset. Only thing is that I have no respect for him because he is not only liar and on payroll of corrupt politicians, but he openly admits that he is bias in his reporting and have agenda.

Similarly, I call PMLN as party of liars but I have not labelled any other party as party of liars, because even though leaders from all parties lie, still they are not as blatant Liars as leaders of PMLN. Even in PMLN, I have never taken name of their leaders as Liars, crooks and thugs except Nawaz. Similarly, I only took name of Nawaz, Ahsan Iqbal and Ishaq Daar as Liars, why? It is because I have heard them lying blatantly and continuously on TV. I do not name any other leaders as liars because I have not heard others lying blatantly and continuously.

Hence, when I name someone, I have reasons for that, that is nothing to do entirely with my own personal feelings or whim. As for some people here on this forum, including Spock the righteous, they call names and abuse others just because of their own whim.

So what do you guys have to say about this?

Source: Jang Group Online


Ajju says:

^^^ It seems like the said general is actually pro-Mush but Ansar abbasi presented his own views as general’s views by twisting the interview. Classic yellow journalism.


Saleem says:

Brother, thank you for the clarification of Lt Gen Shahid Aziz, exposing Rascals like Ansar Abbasi. Obviously many must have missed the clarification (as I would have if you did not put it here), and obviously Rascals like Ansar Abbasi and many others like him have succeeded in doing propaganda full of lies, but still it is nice to expose them and their true stinking faces. InshaAllah, these people and their partners, who lie and do propaganda to misguide innocent people, would burn in hell forever.

Read what Rascal Ansar Abbasi wrote … read what I wrote about Ansar Abbasi, that this guy is crook and misguide people with twisted reporting, lies and agenda. Now, here is what clarification came from Shahid Azia. Why clarification was needed is obvious, because Ansar Abbasi is rascal and twisted the interview. Purpose of Ansar Abbasi was to misguide innocent readers, and obviously those who trust this Rascal (unwittingly) and had no opportunity to read what Shahid Aziz Actually said, would get misguided.

Things to note from what Lt Gen Shahid Aziz said (against lies what Rascals like Ansar Abbasi propagates) is that: It was policy of president Musharraf that Musharraf vigorously emphasised to all that … no Pakistani would be handed over to Americans, plus Pakistan would try to send all foreigners first their own country (actually, what I know is that Musharraf gave general amnesty to all foreigners if they surrender and want to live in Pakistan. Only those foreigners were attested who did not surrendered, and when arrested their country were approached to take them and when their contrary declined to take them than only they were handed over to Americans). Shahid Aziz also said that when we learned of Pakistanis in Guantanamo Bay, we felt remorse. According to Shahid Aziz, the possibility of these Pakistanis in Guantanamo Bay is that they must have got arrested in Afghanistan.

Lt Gen Shahid Aziz also said that at no point military was unaware of anything that was related to Military and military was involved. He also said that decision to ditch Taliban was made with careful consideration and taking all pros and con into equation, something only those could understand who were in the position at that time. Throughout Lt Gen Shahid Aziz not only defendend President Musharrad decisions but appreciated it showing high regards of the decisions and role or President Musharraf throughout. He also said that Pakistanis should be thankful of President Musharraf that he steered Pakistan out of crises getting us 7 valuable years after 9/11 and made Pakistan stronger strategically today. He further said that Musharraf only cooperated with USA to certain limit, and never cooperated beyond that limit.

Now it is sad and disgusting that a Liar and a Rascal like Ansar Abbasi twisted everything what Shahid Aziz said and did all to misguide innocent Pakistanis so that he can fulfil his agenda of maligning an honest man. From what Shahid Aziz wrote and the reality, one can judge the character of this disgraced person Ansar Abbasi, and people like him in Journalism as well as in other places. Worse is that, many Pakistanis are becoming victim of such propaganda and lies by number of thugs like Abbas Ansari in Journalism and becoming misguided.



Aalsi says:

LOL. Looks like Ansar Abbasi has been exposed as a not so credible journalist. Rather than writing objectively, he is twisting facts to possibly show his personal dislike for the former president Great Pervez Musharaf, the greatest Pakistani leader since Quaid-e-Azam.




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