Islami media committee – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi

In light of the recent attitude of the media which has been trying to play the role of wakeel-e-shaitaan by bringing the momineen and various other ahl-e-kitab into direct confrontation over various deeni and muashrati masail, there is need for saff-arai of jayyad ulema.

On top of all this, the Veena Malik affair has caused a lot of dismay to Muslims of Pakistan and world over. The way Veena Malik has spread bey-hayai, our maayen, behnayn aur betiyan are at a threat. As our faith also tell us to stay away from fahashi and bey-hayai and the way our media has been operating i.e. Showing raqs aur suroor kee mahafil, there is never a better time develop a terms of reference and provide them to a team of bain-al-firqa ulema-e-deen to present their guzarishat to help set and regulate the media.

Some of the major points in the terms of reference can be:

1. Jhoot kee rok tham aur ghalat bayani ka sad-e-bab
2. Islami taaleemat ka phelao through farman-e-Ilahi and baseerat type programs
3. Increase in time given to Hamds, Naats and Nohas
4. Special time for Qawwalis
5. Relay of live azan and namaz from Makkah and Madina Sharif
6. How the anchors can facilitate ulema belonging to different sects rather than make them fight
7. Programming to be bought from India to be vetted by the committee to ensure compliance to muashrati iqdaar.
8. Every match that Pakistan plays and is relayed live on TV channels, an ijtimaaee dua to be held after every power play when Pakistan bowls and before when Pakistan bats.
9. For sports where Pakistani sportsmen are to wear shorts (hockey, football, Aisam ul Haq playing tennis), appropriate technology to use graphic pants to cover legs.
10. Music videos can only be played after Ishaa prayers
11. Mobile company ads have to start showing deeni SMS being sent between boys and girls to tell them that unlimited packages aren’t there to flirt around.

These are some of the points that can be expanded further. The committee will be working in collusion with PEMRA and their sifarishat will be presented to make it the 20th or 21st Aaini Tarmeem.

It is also recommended that the committee will be made visit at least 12 countries to see how their electronic media is operating allowing for a taqabuli jaiza.

The committee should comprise of at least 75 jayyad ulema belonging to different schools of thoughts. The committee will not be headed by anyone and the secretary will be Chairman PEMRA.

It is also recommended that in light of their recent exposé of conspiracies against Blasphemy Laws and Pakistan Fashion Week, Meher Bokhari and Ansar Abbasi be made media coordinators for the committee which should be given the task to complete their recommendations before December 2012.

We are open to more suggestions to make it a worthwhile experience for Pakistani public.



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