Salman Taseer’s murder and the footsoldiers of media – by Qudsia Siddiqui

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The LUBP has been following Samad Khurrum’s hectic efforts (on Twitter and Facebook) to discredit the anti-Mumtaz Qadri Fatwa posted on our site (which was sent to us by a reader in India on condition of anonymity because of threats to his life).

Now we have two more opinions and statements from progressive, tolerant and moderate scholars from across the border.

In his stirring article, Blasphemy and the Islamic Way, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan has this to say:

“It is on the record that, during the Prophet’s time, there were some non-believers who used to use abusive language against the Prophet of Islam. The Prophet of Islam never suggested any legal punishment for those persons. He simply directed them to one of his companions, Hassan bin Sabit al-Ansari, who would respond to their blasphemous statements and remove their misunderstanding by means of argument.

Islam suggests capital punishment for only one offence, and that is murder. Except in the case of murder, there is no such severe legal punishment in Islam. If ever there were any case of such punishment being meted out, it must have been in obedience to an executive order – an extremely rare exception – and not carried out under any general law of punishment.”

This supports the fatwa posted on LUBP which even provided the Quranic verses in support of this moderate and well reasoned opinion.

Furthermore, here is another instance where moderate and progressive Muslims from across the sectarian divide have issued a statement that opposes the fatwa issued by our establishment sponsored Islamofascists:

“The signatories said they were shocked as much by the killing as by the “cynical and vocal support” extended to the killer by extremist sections in Pakistan. Governor Taseer was one of the “liberal and democratic voices in Pakistan who have been fighting for the repeal of this reprehensible law.” Further, “We are worried by the trend of increasing religious intolerance in Pakistan and feel that if not fought with resolve and courage, it might lead to a deathly silence in Pakistan for a long, long time to come. While concerned for the safety of democratic and progressive voices, we are equally worried for the general wellbeing of the common people of Pakistan and express our solidarity with them.”

We have other instances of scholars and ulema from minority sects and do not wish to reveal them for obvious reasons.

If Samad went through so much trouble in EXCLUSIVELY and SELECTIVELY going after a fatwa based on the Quran and in condemnation of the murderers of Shaheed Taseer, we shudder to think what would be done with the opinion of Muslim minorities?

This is particularly the case in view of Samad’s efforts to prove that Taseer’s murder “is a hate crime and nothing else. The security guard who shot the governor was not funded by a terrorist organisation or a political group.” Critical readers of Pakistani media are quite familiar with such narratives and their origins.

Interestingly, Samad does not question any information or the data provided by his mentor Hamid Mir, the Taliban informant and spokesman, on the “reaction” of the drone attacks and the USA war on Taliban and Al Qaeda. Samad does not investigate the role of the military establishment in the so called Lawyers Movement for the restoration of his hero, Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, whom he rendered a medal on behalf of the Harvard University, where he was studying on American tax payers’ money.

Our saviour Chaudhry showed his true colours when he expressed concerns over the Parliament’s right to secularize Pakistan. Those (Almeidas, Walshes, Zaidis etc) who are insisting on the PPP to hastily repeal the Blasphemy Law, can they provide an assurance that their temple of justice will not take a suo moto action against it and will not hear to the arguments of lunatics like Shahid Aurakzai who had the courage to tear apart a copy of the Constitution of Pakistan before the honourable judges. Given the carefully engineered multi-pronged attack on the PPP from right and left, does the Party have enough numbers in the parliament to amend the law in question?

Will the likes of the wonder kid assure that next time they will come out of their homes and cyber cafes to cast vote in support of a secular and liberal party rather than having *** dreams about Imran Khan, Aitzaz Ahsan and other establishment crafted saviours?

Under normal circumstances, we would not bother to respond to someone like him. Nonetheless, our purpose is to alert our readers and other blogs to be careful of plants like Samad Khurrum.

We hope one day he can get over his visceral hatred of the PPP or his support for Taliban sympathizers like Hamid Mir and the destructive narrative spewed by him. Current events have proved that the support for the lawyer’s movement and the Jihadi Judiciary are a clear indication of how civil society too is responsible for Shaheed Taseer’s murder.

Nonetheless, we know that like Mumtaz Qadri, Samad Khurram is simply a foot soldier of those who want to drag Pakistan into the depths of darkness. Neither he, nor his media patrons like Hamid Mir and Cyril Almeida or his model, the Judas Aitzaz Ahsan, have anything of substance to say.

Speaking of Aitzaz, where is he these days? Just like he abandoned Asma Jehangir during the recent SCBA elections between her and two Jamaati sympathizers, he seems to have disappeared when his lawyer collegues are showering petals on murders. To read what Aamer Ahmad Khan has to say about Aitzaz and the other leaders of the establishment sponsored Lawyer’s Movement, one would certainly think so:

“We finally managed to get through to two of them: one simply said that we are free to call him a coward if we want to but he doesn’t want to comment on the issue at all. The other one went even further: he said he would not even allow us to report that he was contacted for his opinion on the issue.”

We wonder if one of these was Aitzaz and if so, which one. Similarly, we wonder how Cyril Almeida is taking to your lone gun theory given his rabid anti-PPP leanings and his narrative of blaming Shaheed Governor Taseer’s murder on President Zardari. You can inform him that the murderer agrees with you. The plan is well executed!

For now, we want to assure our readers and supporters that the fatwa posted by us is not alone. More brave Muslims are coming forward and saying:


If our humble blog can provide these brave souls with the weapons to counter the Islamofascists, then that is the least we can do. In that regard, we will not back down from calling out those who are doing their best to demean our efforts.

Today, it is becoming more and more apparent that the media has played a disgusting role in the tragic murder of Shaheed Taseer. From Mehr Bokhari who incited to Samad Khurrum whose efforts to reduce Taseer’s shahadat to just a hate crime by a lone wolf and his attack on the fatwa condemning the murderer are a matter of public record, our media needs a massive overhaul. Today, much of the media is an obstacle towards a moderate and secular Pakistan.



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