Myths and Realities of Terrorism – by Rusty Walker


Myths and Realities of Terrorism:

Territorial Claims
No captured land in an on-going war belongs to Taliban in Afghanistan. Neither Taliban nor ISIS should be negotiated with. No ISIS-claimed territory belongs to ISIS in an on-going war.

The recently absurd claim of (Pakhtun) Afghans to Pakistani soil of KP, is somewhat naïve, if not silly, at best. Historically, “Paktunistan” was a passing ideal, once a historical region crossing both frontiers, starting in Afghanistan and traced across the artificial Durand Line. All this was populated primarily by Pashtuns, as was Punjabi the land of the Sikhs at one time. But, in current history, it is Pakistan territory, it is not the property of Afghanistan.

“Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PMAP) Chairman Mahmood Khan Achakzai on Thursday said that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province is an area of Afghans and they are allowed to live there without any fear and hesitation, reported Afghanistan Times.

While they should not be harassed, they have at least as much right to populate Pakistani regions as the ISI-protected Taliban arriving in 2001, who killed off the local tribal leaders, and imposed Taliban Sharia Law, beheaded Shia, murdering men, women and children; establishing radical Madrassas, and, perpetuate on-going Shia genocide. Law of the Land, by government authorities, backed if necessary by Pakistani Army (not talk, but) showing power, and control over security forces of the dubious ISI, is what has always been lacking in Waziristan/FATA/KP (and, Baluchistan) regions. Certainly, TTP got the attention of the Pakistani Army when it murdered children and faculty in Peshawar; It should be more pro-active.

Opposing Pakistan’s policy regarding Afghan refugees, Achakzai said that he would not permit anyone to harass Afghan migrants in their “own land.” ….Own LAND!?

Myth of the name “ISIS”
Pathetic and decadent ISIS is called Daesh, the true Arabic name of ISIS/ISIL, used by Arabs, and some of the U.S. Generals, and CIA – it thus deligitimizes the groups claims.

ISIS is not a “state.” Daesh is the Arabic name for the terrorist organization. [I will write, ISIS for common understanding only] ISIS has been randomly active by relatively small force of numbers, given the world’s armies, a mere handful of ideological comrades. If nothing else, here is what this pathetic blood-thirsty network have proven:

a. Outrageous, criminally murderous acts on innocents receive the greatest global press. This does nothing to move their cause forward. They are immoral. They do not represent Islam.

b. Being the “bad boys” of global groups with online propaganda, draws youthful disenfranchised and frustrated youth into their Islam-cultish ideology; also, middle class, though educated are susceptible to allure and ISIS-false-claims. Daesh lie.

c. Daesh proclaiming a Caliphate (state), by including it in their name (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is enough for the press to accept its name; unwitting global acceptance comes by applying the name – it should be called Daesh as it has no Caliphate, and occupies land temporarily during on-going battles.

d. Thus, “Daesh” does not have a “state” in Iraq or Syria, because they claim so – they occupy small regions, and scatter in the presence U.S. deployed drones. wither under U.S. Special Forces, and even some U.S.-trained Iraqi troops.

e. Drones target ISIS, as they do Taliban; both routinely and cowardly hide amongst non-combatants. Real count of non-combatant casualties are minuscule by any standard of war, and by far the lowest of any global war.

f. Contrary to popular belief spontaneous suicide bombs DO NOT terrorize the world- it galvanizes nations’ commitment to their destruction. It makes us more cautious. Its result is increasing security. Proof is that people still attend large events, Soccer, Rock concerts, Disneyland, and continue to travel on Turkish and English International flights.

g. The cowardly suicide bombers only elevate the level of hate and will ultimately contribute to their demise, in the eventual resolve to rid them. Japanese Kamikaze pilots in WWII died for their Emperor and country against war combatants. ISIS blow themselves up with innocent men, women and children out of an ignorant rejection of traditional Islamic Jurists’ interpretation of “Jihad”-  instead, die for a cult-driven fallacy.

h. Their desultory, deadly attacks have the unlikely result of linking sworn enemies into allies with something in common – Russians join US-Turkey-Jordan-Britain and Europe join Middle East-South Asia -et. al. who all combine to share one thing in common: Hatred of the ideology of ISIS and commitment to their destruction.

i. The pivotal irony: ISIS and Taliban could easily be destroyed given the combined commitment of those nations opposed to them. But, this has not occurred. Obama (and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State) wanted a legacy of ending the “War on Terror”-the result of which caused a myopia towards the growing threat. and political expedience over war strategy. Pakistani security forces and elements within the Pak Army protect Haqqani Network, all Taliban, ASWJ/ LeT as “Strategic Depth” against India and coveting Kashmir even so long after the failed General Zia legacy.

j. The combined strength of Taliban could be overwhelmed by a determined Pakistan Army. ISIS, al Qaeda and related networks, are woefully undermanned and under armed to prevail against a determined assault against them- this just has not happened. “Oh,” you say, “what about the Bush efforts, Obama’s bombing, and Drone attacks?” incorrect strategy.

Well-Meaning, but Failed Strategies:

Regardless of the debate, good/or bad of our presence there – we were there; there to assist. The U.S. pulled out too soon:

The Iraqi and Afghanistan forces were trained, but not to the level that U.S. forces could leave. This was voiced to Pentagon and JCS by commanders on the ground. Also, multiple administration appeasement strategies, and the decision to commit small forces (that are prevented by their Western governments from engaging the combatant’s) provided inefficient tactical and strategic commitment against this evil but scattered insurgency. Pulling out U.S. troops created the vacuum for Taliban’s latest emboldened terrorists ceasing of Afghan territories, and Iraq’s loss of land to ISIS.

Political Failure in favor of election and legacy
Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, were more concerned over their political legacy, than protecting Ambassador Stevens and Embassy personnel, and CIA contractors, all of whom called asking for assistance in Benghazi, while the U.S. Ambassador was missing. The Embassy on fire, yet no help was sent. The order: “Stand Down,” sent three times. This, at the same hours Clinton chose to have a meeting on spin, of a “video tape” on Mohammed as the reason for the attack, eventually aired publically by Susan Rice at the UN, and Clinton to the family members of Special Forces Killed, “We’ll get the person responsible for those tapes,” she lied to the wives at the funeral.  Although during the same time Secretary Clinton had called the Egyptian President and Chelsea, her daughter, saying it was a “terrorist attack of al Qaeda origin;” in this way, protecting the president’s image of having rid what he claimed was the “JV’ Team (Not the main players of a professional team), al Qaeda (13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi, 2014, Zuckoff and Annex Security Team” and subsequent interviews with Special Forces Contractors on the scene). Survivors were injured but survived to tell the real story. A true political travesty of shame.  There is no partisan bias in substantiated facts.

Origins of radical terrorism:
Wahhabi/Salafi: Taliban, ISIS, al Qaeda, Al-Nusra Front/Jabhat al-Nusra, ASWJ, Le T, Boca Haram, et. al. have the same ideological root stemming from the Islamic radical teachings of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703-1792). An eightieth-century cleric and scholar, and, Deobandi Terrorists: equally radical (purist) scholar Shah Waliullah Dehlawi (1703-1762) from Deoban, India, origin of first Madrassa of Durul Uloom Deoband.

I should add that they all immediately set upon and murdered opposition in their villages and beyond, and began the destruction of Muslim temples to Mohammed (PBUH) and any Mosques or Holy Sites that opposed their belief, such as the egregious blowing up of the monumental, historical Buddhas of Bamiyan, Persian Art, now gone forever by the Taliban’s whim, and that destruction continues today across Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

Terrorists are nothing more than an “Islamic Cult”
The movement can be considered an “Islamic cult.” It was inspired by a personalized notion of “purist” Islam. The Wahhabi-Salafi/Deobandi ideology, extended by radical Mullahs was in opposition to traditional Islam views of religion as a pact between man and God. Based on interpretation of the Quran, ISIS rejects Mohammad and Hadiths, in so far as Allah (SWT) is believed the only answer, and is diminished by prophets.

Irony of their Fake Claims
The irony of murdering innocents, is that this turns the world against them.
In traditional Quranic teaching, there can be “no compulsion [or force used] in religion.” From the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), peace and tolerance were practiced between different religious groups. Contrary to this, the “Wahhabi/Salafi & Deobandi” ideology is built on the concept of political enforcement of religious beliefs, rejecting as Kafir any differences in faith, and thus, worthy of destruction. In this ideology the Quran’s rejection of suicide or murder of Muslim-on-Muslim crime is allowed, and excused as “Jihad” by those that share this ideology. All these “Islamic cults” target and murder Shia, Sufis, Hindus, Christians as they would atheists.

Timidity of Super Powers Create a Dangerous World
Though, Putin has recently publically admitted that the “The U.S. is the only Super Power,” the timidity of the United States administration towards terrorism, Russia and China have resulted in a more dangerous and escalating world, and increased terrorism. In the Syrian-Iraq rebels, infiltrated by ISIS, conventional bombing, with the aversion of a strong Special Forces strategy, allows chaos and civilian deaths. None of these regions can be won from 30,000 feet air assault.

Absurdity in our times – to which hesitant nations and terrorism contributes:
It is an absurdity that extends to global proportions, as the weak, starved-citizens of a bankrupt and oppressive nation of North Korea is threatening the US and any se-going vessel in International waters, and allowed a nuclear testing against UN proliferation policy. At least as absurd is China rapidly piling sand onto reefs in the South China Sea, creating a fake island, with seven new islets, thereupon challenging International shipping lanes. American public’s insistence on a reversal of the Bush overreach, while, understandable, resulted overreach in the opposite direction, in Obama’s appeasement and deference, has combined to make the U.S. look weak. How is this dangerous? The U.S. is far from weak. The US when forced into war, when it determines an existential threat, or attack, will decimate its enemy.

This is not empty patriotism, it is factual, and is a component of why the world is more dangerous than in the Cold War stand-off of “mutual assured destruction.” (Kennedy proved that MAD was no deterrent if the US is challenged).

Immigration of Muslims to the U.S.
The question of Muslim Immigration – concerning the open immigration policies in Germany and ensuing troubles in Germany, France and Turkey, and subsequent attacks in all those countries including the U.S., questions arise in the U.S. on vetting immigrants for possible terrorist ties. Specifically, in the first six fiscal years of Obama’s presidency (FY2009 – FY2014), his administration issued 832,014 green cards to migrants majority-Muslim countries, the most of which were issued to migrants Green Card Totals, FY09-FY14:

Pakistan (102K), Iraq (102K), Bangladesh (90K), Iran (85K), Egypt (56K), Somalia (37K), Uzbekistan (30K), Turkey (26K), Morocco (25K), Jordan (25K), Albania (24K), Afghanistan (21K), Lebanon (20K), Yemen (20K), Syria (18K), Indonesia (17K), Sudan (15K), Sierra Leone (12K), Guinea (9K), Senegal (8K), Saudi Arabia (9K), Algeria (8K), Kazakhstan (8K), Kuwait (6K), Gambia (6K), United Arab Emirates (5K), Azerbaijan (4K), Mali (4K), Burkina Faso (3K), Kyrgyzstan (3K), Kosovo (3K), Mauritania (3K), Tunisia (2K), Tajikistan (2K), Libya (2K), Turkmenistan (1K), Qatar (1K), Chad (1K)
-Senate–Subcommittee on Immigration & National Interest.

In light of this, Senate letters were sent to Department of Justice, Department of State, and Homeland Security, by U.S. Senators, thus requesting information to provide details on immigration histories of terrorists convicted in the US. The Obama administration chose to ignore repeated requests – who were they and from where do they come? The refusal prompted Senators to do the research themselves: “Senate –Subcommittee on Immigration & National Interest.”

Convicted terrorists by country of origin:

  1. Pakistan (62)
  2. Lebanon (28)
  3. Palestinian territories (22)
  4. Somalia (21)
  5. Columbia (20)
  6. Yemen (20)
  7. Iraq (19)
  8. Egypt (17)
  9. Jordan 16)
  1. Afghanistan (10)
  2. Saudi Arabia (9)
  3. India (8)
  4. Syria (70
  5. Spain (7)
  6. Morocco (6)
  7. Indonesia (5)
  8. Kuwait (5)
  9. Iran (5)
  10. United Kingdom (4)
  11. Turkey (4)

Immigrants (if vetted) Are Welcome in the U.S. by Republicans Democrats in Congress:

Immigrants are important to the US, no different from the message imparted within the Statue of Liberty. In the areas of Science and IT from South Asian countries in particular we have been blessed, and they have been helpful. Further, if they are educated in the U.S. and stay as productive citizens it can be mutually valuable. The point must not be lost, the U.S. welcomes new comers. It should not welcome those connected to terrorist organizations.

U.S. new issuing of a Muslim stamp

At first I was incredulous during these times. However, after research, I realized, I annually wish good tidings upon my Muslim friends during Ramadan. The U.S. postage stamp commemorates the Islamic holidays of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. We should have no issue with this if we insist on a Christmas stamp and have no objections to Jewish or Irish or Polish or Native American, et. al. Commemorative stamps.

Incidentally, the stamp was created and issued long before Barack Obama became President.

Do not expect a U.S. iconic stamp commemorating Christmas, from Iran, from whom we concluded a frightful deal, as our flag still burns; nor from our allies in Middle East or South Asia, still smarting from perceived slights fro Bush to Obama and back into history. It is a far too long a story for me to publish here.