PML N’s Rana Sanaullah: The point person for violence

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While some opportunistic for-hire “liberals” aka Nawaziafa Liberals continue to misrepresent the thuggish PML N as anti-establishment, the facts on the ground convey a very different reality.  Rana Sanaullah is the PML N point person for settling political issues through violence by misusing the Punjab police or his ASWJ-LeJ allies.  ASWJ-LeJ are the PML N’s thug team and Rana Sanaullah is the facilitator.

Bokhari is harsher in his criticism of the Punjab government. He alleges that the Punjab government has struck a clandestine ‘deal’ with the militants, whereby they allow militants room to operate in return for not launching attacks in the province. “What do you make of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s statement when he said that the Taliban should spare Punjab, because the PML-N and the Taliban have a shared enemy: the once American-backed dictator Musharraf.

When the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf dharnas began, those banned militant outfits that have strongholds in Punjab, organised rallies in support of the PML-N government.”

There appears to be some credence in accusations made against the Punjab government for being soft on extremists.

According to an official document, the Punjab government gave Rs61.35 million in aid to the chief administrator of Muridke, the headquarters of the Jamaatud Dawa.


And yet, Pakistan’s Fake liberal mafia continues with its kid gloves treatment of PML N.

After being identified as one of the key persons responsible for the Model Town Massacre, Rana Sanaullah continues to orchestrate violence.  This video links him the recent murder of a PTI protestor by PML N thugs.

PML N Worker Imtiaz trapped badly by Samaa News… by zemtv

Rana Sanaullah campaigning with ISIS affiliated ASWJ-LeJ chief Maulana Ludhyanvi

Rana Sanaullah campaigning with ISIS affiliated ASWJ-LeJ chief Maulana Ludhyanvi

While PML N’s Interior Minister, Chaudhary Nisar denies the presence of ISIS in Pakistan, another PML N minister publicly campaigned for the Deobandi banned terrorist group, ASWJ-LeJ which is now considered an ISIS affiliate!

Following video footage and pictures of the perpetrators of violence in Faisalabad confirmed the fact that Takfiri allies of PML (N) and Rana Sanaullah were actively engaged in terrorist acts and attacking PTI workers. Following footage shows one particular Hafiz Imran, an active terrorist of ASWJ and a close associate of Rana Sanaullah, attacking and firing at PTI workers. He is resident of Samnabad, Faisalabad.

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کالعدم سپاہ صحابہ کے دہشتگرد تحریک انصاف پر حملے میں ملوث نکلے