Tufail Haider, a Shia Muslim accused of blasphemy, killed by Deobandi police officer





Tufail Ahmed is one of 50 or so Shia mourners that were arrested by the police while PMLN sponsored ASWJ encouraged the Police to torture and kill the Shia mourners.  Tufail Ahmed was killed using axes for cursing the killers of Imam Hussain a.s., those who killed the grandson of holy Prophet pubhp and the killers of Umul Momineen Ayesha, the wife of the holy Prophet pubhp.Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.24.54 AMWhile the Takfiri Deobandi (ASWJ) perpetrators of Wahgah border blasts roam free to attack mourning processions of Ahlul Bait, the mourners are mercilessly butchered in Shabaz Sharif dungeons.

SARGODAH: Police officials in Gujrat allegedly killed a man by beating him to death with axes, Express News reported on Thursday.

The man was held at Civil Police Station for reasons not known as yet.

A common occurrence, police torture continues nationwide.

Just last month, an individual on a Rawalpindi-bound train was beaten to death by police after a fight broke our between him and another passenger.

While on October 4, police allegedly tortured a woman to death during a raid in Sargodha.




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