ASWJ-LeJ organised a gathering to celebrate the anniversary of bombing in Alamdar Road and Hazara Town


Editor’s Note:  Many of Pakistan’s commercially motivated (fake) liberals misrepresent Shia Genocide in Hazara specific ethnic terms or false Sunni-binary.  The list of people who obfuscate Shia genocide and Sunni Sufi genocide by Deobandi takfiri terrorists include and are not limited to Jibran Nasir, Tarek Fatah, Raza Rumi and their flatterers and friends on social media. The Shia faith identity for which the Hazaras are being targeted is deliberately left out; thereby diluting both the (hate) ideology that motivates Shia Genocide as well as obfuscating the identity of the perpetrators, the Deobandi militant group, ASWJ-LeJ. The ASWJ-LeJ themselves are very clear about why they are targeting Shias – it is because the Hazaras are Shias and part of the larger Shia faith community that is unacceptable to Takfiri Deobandi organisations like the ASWJ-LeJ.  The ASWJ refers to other Shia majority areas (Parachinar) where they have conducted similar operations against Shias in this note.  

The ASWJ-LeJ define themselves in theological terms but in order to both dilute their genocide and hatred and to dilute the sympathy for the Shias, Pakistan’s Fake liberals misrepresent ASWJ-LeJ as a nationalist group out to target one ethnic group, i.e., the Hazaras.  The Shias who are being targeted in the rest of Pakistan on a daily basis, including non-Hazara Shias; their suffering is simply misrepresented in intellectually dishonest Sunni vs Shia binaries. 

Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ), the political wing of Lashkar e Jhangvi (LeJ) organised a massive mass gathering to celebrate the anniversary of January and February bombing in Alamdar Road and Hazara Town last March/April. All the important and known figure of the notorious organization including Ahmed Ludyanavi and Ramzan Mengal can be seen in this gathering. This gathering was held in Railway Hockey ground which is situated on Zarghoon Road adjacent to Jinnah Road, where all the important government offices are situated.
In this gathering Ahle Sunnat wa Jammait’s workers proudly accept the responsibility of the bombings in which around 200 innocent Hazaras were killed including Children and Women.
The speakers in this gathering vows to continue their large scale bombing on Hazaras. I believe that the recent suicide attack in Hazara Town is series their pledge to eliminate the Hazaras from Balochistan. This gathering provides a clear indictment that both government and law enforcement agencies are complacent in this inhuman and barbaric act of Genocide. This video invites Hazara to consider the question of their survival more seriously




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