List of non-Hazara Shia Muslims killed by ASWJ-LeJ terrorists in Balochistan – by Marya Mushtaq

Shia Muslims cover the graves of some of 73 victims of a Jihadi-sectarian attack in Quetta in September 2010

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While Pakistani and international media pays attention to Shia Hazara victims of the ASWJ-LeJ terrorists, the plight of non-Hazara Shia remains ignored.

Media and rights groups hide the fact that statistically a non-Hazara Shia is more like to be killed than a Hazara Shia in Balochistan. Many non-Hazara Shia face double jeopardy in Balochistan because they are Shia and settlers. BLA and LeJ gladly kill them. Non-Hazara Shia of Balochistan lack the larger community support, political network and media coverage available to Hazara Shias. Non-Hazara Shias of Balochistan are equally ignored by Shia groups (eg MWM, SUC – despite the fact that Allama Maqsood Dhomki who currently heads MWM Balochistan is himself a Baloch Shia) as well as by Hazara ethnic groups e.g., HDP etc. This is a classic case of double jeopardy.

Here is an incomplete list of non-Hazara Shia victims of the ASWJ (Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, also known as Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan or Lashkar-e-Jhangvi) terrorists, killed in Quetta and vicinity in last few years.

Non-Hazara Shias are diverse and a very small community; don’t ignore them. Their dead too deserve to be acknowledged and remembered.

600/500,000 and 300/20,000 is the answer to the question whether it is Hazaras genocide in Quetta or Shia genocide in Quetta. Of the 900+ Shias killed, 600+ are Shia Hazara, their population is estimated to be 500,000. At the same time over 300 people killed were non-Hazara Shias. Their maximum population is estimated to be 20,000 only. Death ratio (due to target killing) in non-Hazara Shias of Quetta is 1.5 per cent whereas the same ratio in Hazara Shias is about 0.15 per cent. Apologies for this statistical comparison but the aim is to empirically demonstrate that Shias of all ethnic backgrounds are being killed by ASWJ-Taliban terrorists.

The Shia Muslims of Balochistan, especially those in Quetta, have been under the attack of state-trained-and-sponsored Lashkar-e-Jhangvi/Sipah-e-Sahaba/Taliban terrorists. While on the one hand, the Shias have been mercilessly massacred by the brainwashed footsoldiers of the Saudi-ISI Jihad Complex, on the other hand, there has been a vicious propaganda by establishment friendly individuals (e.g., Ejaz Haider, Abdul Khaliq Hazara, some human rights activists) to misrepresent the Shia genocide in Balochistan as an ethnic issue, in which only the Hazaras of Quetta are being targeted.

This post does not intend to create any distinctions of differences among the martyrs of Balochistan, but only to prove that the ISI/Media propaganda about the ethnic reasons for this pogrom is a blatant lie. The malicious intentions behind this propaganda have been exposed previously, but it was necessary to provide a list of names of the non-Hazara Shia martyrs to support what had previously been argued.

Presented below is an incomplete list of 130+ non-Hazara Shia martyrs of Balochistan (mostly Quetta). The actual figure (300+) is certainly more than this, but the following were ones whose names as well as details could be retrieved and are therefore being presented. It may also be mentioned that non-Hazara Shias make up at least 30% of all Shias martyred in Balochistan.

The list includes martyrs from Urdu-speaking, Punjabi, Saraiki, Pashtun, Baloch and Brahvi ethnicities, who were killed not because they belonged to any specific ethnic group, but only because they were Shia. This also proves that the Hazaras of Quetta too are targeted by the terrorist ISI-proxies only because they are Shia, and relatively more martyrs belong to the Hazara ethnic group because they make up the majority of the Shia population in Balochistan (especially Quetta).

List of Shia martyrs of Balochistan (mainly Quetta):

Year 2001

  1. Syed Abid Abbas Naqvi: August 2001: He was an engineer in the Comm. & Works Dept. Abid Naqvi, a Punjabi Syed, was killed in the presence of his Dr wife whom he had just dropped off at her work place. Instead of entering her office she had to bring her husband’s dead body (the one who just had dropped her off .
  2. Syed Arshad Hasan Naqvi: 13 Sep 2001, Prof Atiq Naqvi of Balochistan univrsty,was injured & son Arshad was killed on Sariab Road Quetta.They were Urdu speakers not Hazaras. On Sep 09, 2004, 3 years later, sadly Prof. Naqvi himself was murdered.
  3. Abdul Khaliq Bangulzai

Year 2002

  1. Mohammad Essa Saqib: Sports Officer, Univesity of Balochistan was killed, he was a mix of Pashtun/Kandahari

Year 2003

  1. Haji Abdul Ghafoor
  2. Syed Niaz Hussain Shah
  3. Mirza Riaz Hussain
  4. Syed Tanzeem Haider Naqvi
  5. Syed Wilayat Hussain
  6. Syed Baqir Raza Kazmi
  7. Syed Mustafa Haider Zaidi
  8. Sheikh Mazhar Hussain
  9. Sheikh Nazar Hussain
  10. Sheikh Mohammad Taqi
  11. Mustafa Ahmed
  12. Mohammad Hussain Jaokaar
  13. Syed Tasauwur Ali Taunswi
  14. Qamar Abbas
  15. Mohammad Saleem Bangash
  16. Syed Mohammad Taqi
  17. Syed Mohammad Asghar Shah
  18. Ikhlaq Hussain Bangash
  19. Ramzan Ali
  20. Zawar Hussain
  21. Mohammad Muneer Hawaldar
  22. Mohammad Ayub
  23. Arbab Ali
  24. Ain-al-Hussain
  25. Syed Anwaar Hussain Shah
  26. Mohammad Shareef
  27. Haider Ali
  28. Dilawar Abbas
  29. Ali Ahmed Sindhu
  30. Tanweer Hasan Bangash
  31. Syed Fazal Hasan Shah
  32. In 4 July 2003 attck on Prince Road Shia mosque (Friday prayers), more than 65% of the killed were non hazara Shias! Several Punjabi and Urdu speaking Shias were among the dead & injured. The mosque is located in a non-Hazara area.

Year 2004

  1. Hasan Raza
  2. Shabbir Ahmed
  3. Khuda Bakhsh Bangulzai
  4. Peer Syed Bhooral Shah
  5. Mohammad Akbar Chalgarri
  6. Syed Aalam Shah
  7. On Sep 09, 2004, , sadly Prof. Atiq Naqvi was murdered by the ASWJ-Taliban. 3 years ago his son was killed while he had survived the attack.
  8. Ashura 2004 Muharram procession was a religious one comemorated throughout the world; and yet ISI local stooges try to give that attack an ethnic colour. The victims of Ashura 04 included many non-hazara Shias but racist bigots fed by #ISI keep calling them Hazara victims.

Year 2005

  1. Abdul Salaam Lehri
  2. Hussain Bakhsh
  3. Mohammad Rafeeq
  4. Faqir Miandad
  5. Yaar Mohammad
  6. Abid Hussain
  7. Muneer Ahmed
  8. Tahir Raza Rizvi
  9. Syed Anwaar Zulfiqaar Abidi – 10 August 2005
  10. Ayaz Ali Bangash, 13 Sep 2005
  11. Ejaz Abbas Jafferi – 14 Sep 2005
  12. Tahir Abbas
  13. Mureed Abbas Taunswi, 26 Oct 2005
  14. Allama Badruddin Maikho
  15. Syed Haider Raza Rizvi, 09 Dec 2005
  16. Syed Ejaz Hussain Kazmi
  17. Syed Tahir Hussain was killed in Quetta – 18 July 2005


  • 04 May 2006, Maulana Maula Bux Jaffry, Mohammed Amin were killed

Year 2008

  1. Ghulam Mustafa Qureshi: July 7, 2008, Ghulam Mustafa Qureshi advocate was killed on Jan Mohammed Rd Quetta, in a non-hazara area where he lived.
  2. Mohammad Hussain
  3. Gul Khan
  4. Allama Mohammad Hasan Zakiri, 21 Nov 2008, killed in Bloan area. He was a Quetta based scholar.
  5. Riaz Hussain Toori
  6. May 30, 2008, 5 young cricketers were gunned down in Jinnah Town, Samungli Rd, in a non-hazara area, they were not hazaras but Kandharis.

Year 2009

  1. Syed Saqlain Haider Naqvi
  2. Syed Iqbal Haider Zaidi
  3. Ghulab Shah
  4. Mehtab Shah
  5. Rahim Shah
  6. Jalil Shah
  7. Abdul Qadir Shah
  8. Jalil Ahmed
  9. Dr. Abid Iqbal Zaidi, 9 March 2009 (Dr. Abid Raza)
  10. Mumtaz Ali Soomro
  11. Dr. Aslam Mirza: 13 Oct 2009, Dr Mohammed Aslam Mirza owner of a pathological lab, in a sunni area, was killed.
  12. 21 Agust 2009, assassination attempt on Maulana Maqsood Ali Domki’s life.
  13. 3 March 2009, Haji Mukhtar,his sons Liaqat Ali, Zahid Ali, Nasim Ali & Hayatullah wer killed on Saryab Road, every human soul killed by religious thugs is a big tragedy, but Haji Mukhtar needs special mention . Haji Mukhtar lost not 1 son, 2 sons, 3 sons but four adult sons, losing his own life at the hands of ASWJ-LeJ. No family can parallel their loss yet their painful tragedy gets obfuscated by the misleading slogan of Hazara killing.  Anyone intrested in chronicling #ShiaGenocide in Balochistan will have to start with the tragedy of Haji Mukhar family. Follwed by that of A. Khaliq Banglzai,a shia convert,whose dead body was not allowed to be buried according to Islamic rituals
  14. 10 Jan 2009, Dr Saqlain Naqvi was murdered in Sibi
  15. 2 Feb 2009, factory owner/business man Iqbal Haider Zaidi was gunned down on Sirki Road
  16. 2 Feb 2009, Syed Hasim Raza was killed in Chaman Housing Society, He was a Punjabi Syed.

Year 2010

  1. Mohammad Hussain
  2. Mumtaz Fatima
  3. Zawar Hussain
  4. Murtaza
  5. Salman Ahmed
  6. Mohammad Abbas
  7. Mehmood Ali Dost
  8. Master Abdul Qadir Mohammadshahi
  9. Takri Abdul Samad Lehri
  10. Babu Mohammad Hasan Dehwar
  11. Dr. Qamar Hussain Zaidi
  12. Ahsan Ali
  13. Hasnain Ali
  14. Abdul Ali Mangi
  15. Haji Gul Ahmed
  16. Haji Mushtaq Hussain
  17. Chaudhray Wilayat Hussain
  18. Syed Ramiz Haider Naqvi
  19. Syed Qayadat Hussain
  20. Raja Anwar Hussain
  21. Syed Arif Hussain
  22. Riaz Hussain Lashari
  23. Syed Baqir Hussain Naqvi
  24. Munawar Kalachi
  25. Yaar Mohammad Chalgarri
  26. Ejaz Hussain Toori
  27. Shaheed Mohammad Sarwar Bangash
  28. Abid Ali
  29. Wajid Ali Bangash
  30. 2 July 2010, Ustad Ali Mohammed, Presidnt Kashmirabad Trust Mosque Quetta, was a non-hazara shia, lived in a sunni area & killed by ISI
  31. 6 June 2010, Ahsan & Hasnain. They were Kandharis.
  32. 22 May 2010, Dr Qamar Hussain Zaidi & Murtaza
  33. 14 May 2010  Abdul Samad & Babu Hussain Alizai, killed in Mastung, they were Baloch Shias not Hazaras, Mastung is the HUB of ISI assets
  34. 16 April 2010 Arshad Zaidi (a bank manager) s/o Ashraf Zaidi, president Balochistan Shia Conference was killed.  Ashraf Zaidi’s killers & subsequent suicide attack on civil hospital Quetta were claimed by LeJ.
  35. 12 Jan 2010 Dr Nadir Khan s/o Dr Akbar Khan(ex-Principal Bolan Medical College) was ambushed twice but survived with serious injuries, left Pakistan
  36. 3 Sep 2010, suicide attack on Mezan Chawk, Quds Day rally, many victims wer non-hazaras! It was an ISI orchestrated attack, more were killed in the firing after the bomb attack. Many more ppl were killed by subsequent firing of security forces, more than 70 ppl had died, the attack & subsequent firing were #ISI orchestrated. In Quetta during Ashura abt 20% non-hazaras make procession participants, yet some racist ISI stooges tried to ignore them!

Year 2011

  1. Syed Ali Raza
  2. Syed Mohammad Hussain
  3. Dr. Mumtaz Haider: 4 April 2011, Dr Mumtaz Haider, Prof. Bolan Medical College, killed. He was an Urdu speaking Shia from Karachi. Before Prof Dr Mumtaz’s murder Hzara Democratic Party activists were harrassing them in the Hazara area because theirs was a religious family. Shaheed Dr Mumtaz family moved to Karachi after paying ransom for his dead body which #ISIcriminals dumped for them. Dr Mumtaz’s family is now in Karachi, hopefully one day they will join twitter to tell their story.
  4. Arif Hussain
  5. Syed Qalb-e-Abbas Naqvi
  6. Zaigham Abbas Kazmi
  7. Syed Aun Raza
  8. Danish Ali Baltistani, 29 Nov 2011, Lecturer at Balochistan University. He lived in a non-Hazara area.
  9. 31 Aug 2011 Eid Fitr’s intended but failed attack on Eidgah when bomber blew himslf up abt a 100 mtrs away, killing a 12 shia/non-shia people. Had he managed to hit Eidgah, 100s would have been dead, many non-hazara shias because Alamdar Road Eidgah is the main traditional Eidgah where non-hazara Shias attend in large numbers.
  10. 23 June 2011, 4 Shia pilgrims (zaireen) returning from Iran were killed, 11 injured at Hazarganji Bus adda
  11. 30 December 2012: 40 Shia pilgrims killed near Mastung in a bomb attack on 3 buses going to Iran


  1. 3 June 2012: 6 Yousafzai-Qandhari Shias were killed in Quetta (Welding shop attack). Their clan had joined PkMAP. But their killing proves it is Shia Genocide. Whether in PkMAP or HDP, Shias will be killed!
  2. 19 March 2012: Yaqoob Shah and his son Naveed Shah, 2 non-Hazara Shias in non-hazara area were murderd in Killi Shabo, Quetta.
  3. 28 June 2012: 4 non-Hazara Shias killed in Hazarganji bus attack; several injured including a Punjabi female PhD student.
  4. 8 July 2012: Muhammad Ramzan (a Punjabi Shia) killed in Quetta
  5. 10 July 2012: Abdur Rasheed Babar (a Sindhi-origin school teacher) killed in Mastung
  6. 11 July 2012: Maulana Nour Ali and Syed Haseeb Abbas Zaidi (kidnapped from Satellite Town last month, beheaded bodies found with an LeJ note)
  7. 17 July 2012: Syed Ghulam Hussain and Noor Mohammad killed in Mastung.
  8. 30 August 2012: Zulfiqar Ali Naqvi, Additional session judge (shot while going to the court in his vehicle from his G.O.R Colony residence.)
  9. 26 Sep 2012: Muhammad Mohsin Raza Naqvi, Deputy Director geological survey.
  10. 21 Dec 2012: Dost Muhammad, barber, killed in Machh.
  11. 30 Dec 2012: Balochistan Mastung Bomb attack on 3 buses of pilgrims 40 killed 25 injured. The deceased and the injured belonged to Punjab and Sindh.

Year 2013

  1. 9 Jan 2013: Zawar Shah killed in front of his shop in Khuzdar.
  2. 10 Jan 2013: 60 non-Hazara Shias killed in twin attacks on Alamdar Road, Quetta, at least 60% of the total 98 killed were Qandahari, Baloch, Punjabi Shias
  3. 16 Feb 2013: 30 non-Hazara Shias killed in attack on vegetable market in Hazara Town Quetta. An additional 80 Hazara Shias killed too



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