LUBP supports Taha Siddiqui’s Right to Free Speech

LUBP supports Taha Siddiqui’s Right to Free Speech and condemns the threat against him. We are used to harassment, intimidation and slander on Social media by those who cannot counter us with arguments or facts but can only sling vile and silly allegations at us. That is why we support Taha Siddiqui’s right to free speech even if some of us may disagree or have disagreed with his stance. The right to Free Speech is what informed debate is all about and after our own members are threatened, slandered and abused by dubious sycophants and Courtier Liberals, we can appreciate the threat being faced by Taha. Taha has raised a valid point about our Colonial attitudes towards our own people as well as our selective sense of outrage. It is a point worth reflecting on.

Taha Siddique



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