West’s Jihadist assets – by Laleen Ahmad




Why is that civil liberties and freedom of expression in the West are sacrosanct, but Salafi-Deobandi and related hate mongers are allowed to operate freely? For instance, gays are legally protected against discrimination. There are legal safeguards in place against discrimination based on religion, race, sex, and age. Questioning the Holocaust in any manner is a very serious crime in many Western countries; it entails mandatory long imprisonments.

There are measures against national and international terrorism too. For instance, it is impossible for a Muslim, or non-Muslim, based in any Western country to travel to the Middle East and join Hamas or any other anti-Israel group and fight the Jewish state. It is also impossible for a Muslim to be allowed to travel to, say, Bahrain and fight against the tyranny which the Saudi-backed Bahraini government is. Examples can be multiplied, but the point is: Why will Western governments allow preachers and practitioners of rabid Islamist ideologies to be born and nourished in their societies? Why are Islamist militants allowed to go abroad to carry out extreme acts of terrorism? And: Why in the West only Salafi-Deobandi militants are allowed to flourish, but the same facility is not be available to, say, Irish and Ahmadi terrorists?

A visit to YouTube will show a long list of Salafi-Deobandi preachers and practitioners spitting all kinds of venom against the Shias, Sunni Sufis, Christians, and Ahmadis. Certainly, this is not a freedom-of-expression issue; this is freedom to hatemongering and plan mass murder.

The answer to the above questions has two strands: First, just like the Salafi governments of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the UAE, the Western-based Salafi-Deobandi outfits are the veritable arm of Western imperialism to control the oil resources in the Middle East. The Western-based Salafi-Deobandi terrorists can be dropped into any Muslim country if Western interests are ‘in danger’ (Remember the notorious Islamist screech: “Islam in danger!”?). This is what the West has done in Syria through al-Nusra et al and now in Iraq through the ISIS.

Second, it appears that the West has decided that it will not allow the radical Muslims within its borders to pose any danger. These very Salafi-Deobandis can be dangerous; they are potentially ‘the enemy within’. The solution to this problem is to create one sectarian problem after another in the Muslim world and allow the Western-radical Muslims go to the jihad to kill the ‘infidels’. Given the current state of affairs, it is the Shias who have ended up on the wrong side of the Western scheme of affairs, and are the ‘infidels’. Thus, the West has actively promoted anti-Shia Salafi-Deobandi hate mongers and has allowed them to travel to the Middle East to fight the Shia ‘infidels’. This is what has been happening in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq.

One must not ignore the Salafi-Deobandi ideology which is bloodthirsty and apostatizes anyone who does not fit in its framework. Saudi Arabia and the UAE have spent billions o petrodollars to promote Islamist radicalism in the world. But without the consent of Western governments, the Western-based jihadis cannot travel to the Middle East and kill innocent human beings with impunity.



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