West, beware of Islamism, the Salafi Deobandi mix – by Abdul Qadir

832007_saudi_in_the_classroom Islam is an ordered and cogent way of life. As with most organized religions, it draws its power from its philosophy and capacity to firmly control its followers’ beliefs and deeds. To this end, the intensity of mainstream Islam is comparable with, for example, Catholics, Protestants, Jewish and other religious followings of but a few decades ago. Mainstream Islam largely poses no internal threats to Western societies. To its extremes; Islam also is comparable to the aforementioned religions, of four or five centuries ago. What is surprising is to what extent countries like Britain and Canada have invested in bringing Islam firmly to the forefront of their politics. This brand of multiculturalism is not feasible in the longer run. 



The origin of the anti-integrationist strain among Muslims in the West was the amalgamation decades ago of Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood political activism with Saudi-based Salafist fundamentalism. At the same time the West also fuelled Islamism in the world to counter Communism. Like most immigrant communities, many Muslims in the West sought to stay together, to speak their own languages, and maintain their own family and clan structures and faith. The misleading ideals of multiculturalism in countries like Britain, Canada, and France meant that, unlike most immigrants to the US, they did not arrive knowing that they would have to integrate rather than simply transplant their own culture here. Hence, the creed of multiculturalism not only permitted people to raise their own cultural ghettoes but meant that many –mainly women– were held captive in them. This romance with Multiculturalism has now outlived its utility, if there was any. Multiculturalism allows tolerance of intolerance conducing to the ideological subversion of our institutions and democratic practices.

The hard-line takeover of Birmingham schools reminds us that some of the Western governments enamoured by the misconceived notions of ‘multiculturalism’ still harbour a blind spot for ‘Islamism’ in their midst. The malaise runs much deeper than meets the eye. For example, what were the parents of children in those schools doing when their children were being warned about white prostitutes, hearing staff refer to non-Muslims as Kaffirs, being told that Christmas was nothing to celebrate? The answer is that the parents of these children either share the same views or are in thrall to their local communities and Imam and will do as they are instructed. And then what about the Muslim politicians in Britain? Unless I am living on Mars, I have not heard any furore from them condemning what was going on. 

The Western governments will do well to remember that once, the Middle East too was multicultural. Now only one ‘religion’ dominates. It is still a geopolitical project based on conquest, sadism, and intimidation. These schools in Birmingham were clearly not preparing children for a modern, inclusive Britain. According to a recent survey 30% of Muslims in Britain believe the death penalty is just for those that apostate. These Muslims now exist in Western societies as a smaller identity group who do not truly believe in the Western values and has a clear vision of what it wants and what its interests are and who they are and has no qualms about lying, cheating, fraud, deception, to achieve its aims while duping the host group into believing that there are no other groups.

There should be no such thing as “faith schools”. It is a euphemism for indoctrination. All schools should teach reason and evidence as the basis of knowledge. Especially, to allow the Islamists to flourish is hypocrisy of the highest order. The reason the Pope or the Church of England no longer rule anywhere is because great minds of Europe’s past enlightened us all to just what a load of rubbish they were making people swallow. Whereas the scholars in charge now of Islamic theology are determined to take us back to the dark ages. The relentless anti-freedom, anti-woman, pro-sharia message being preached in madrassa schools in countries like Britain and Canada every evening and every weekend will lead to a lot of grief. Under no circumstances should Muslim schools exist. These schools operate on the principle that Islam must be promoted at all costs and by their very nature favour segregation. The state itself should be clear as to what constitutes the dividing line between tolerance and appeasement. That currently is not the case in countries like Canada and Britain.



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