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3 stooges
1. Where is a Drone where you need it?
2. Hamid Gul ISI linking the Salafi (Hafiz Saeed) and Deobandi (Sammy the mullah sandwich) Terror ideologues.
3. Gasp, where is the Deodarant when you need it.
4. Yeh, we killed 2 Shia Doctors today.
5. No matter how much they fight, both GEO and ARY still love us all.
6. Did you read that interview of Maulana Ludhianvi in the Friday Times.
7. If you are a misogynist, anti-Christain-Sufi-Shia bigot, raise ur hands.
8. Hold still and at the count of 3 say “we worship Caliph Yazeed Bin Muawiya.
9. The League of Extraordinary Murderers.
10. Sammy and Haffy, can I be your sandwich tonight.



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