Not every Deobandi who is killed by ASWJ-TTP terrorists is a moderate Deobandi


Is there a moderate Deobandi cleric?

If one carefully reviews speeches or statements of almost all top Deobandi clerics, such as Taqi Usmani, Hanif Jalandhri, Sami-ul-Haq, Ahmed Ludhyanvi, Adnan Kakakhel, Tahir Ashrafi etc, the answer is no. For example, the Tablighi Jamaaat’s Maulana Tariq Jameel’s hate video about takfeer of those people who allegedly insult Sahabas (read Shias) is widely available.

shia majusi are all kafir by molana tariq jameel by majouse

Ditto for official hate fatwas against Sunni Barelvis/Sufis, Shias etc issued by India’s Darul Uloom Deoband, the alma mater of all Deobandis.

In recent years, in addition to murdering tens of thousands of Sunni Barelvis, Sufis and Shias in Pakistan, a handful of Deobandi clerics too have been killed by Deobandi terrorists of ASWJ-TTP (Sipah-e-Sahaba, the urban face of Taliban). This then gives a misleading impression that perhaps those Deobandis killed by the ASWJ-TTP hit squads are moderate or non-Takfiri Deobandis.

Nothing could be further from truth. Not every Deobandi who is killed by Deobandi ASWJ-LeJ is a moderate Deobandi. Maulana Hasan Jan of Peshawar was as much a Takfiri bigot as was Maulana Nizamuddin Shamezai of Karachi. They were killed only because they refused to exactly follow the given agenda or discourse of a powerful actor (agnecies or non-state actors) at a given time. Or because they tried to violate their ‘contract’ and were given a taste of their own medicine through their own radicalized children. At times, there were also issues of distribution of money and other resources.

In the next few years, Deobandi ASWJ-LeJ terrrorists may kill Ludhyanvi, Malik Ishaq, Taqi Usmani, Mufti Naeem etc. All four of them are Takfiris.

Agency-moles such as Khalid Khwaja and Colonel Imam too were killed by Deobandi TTP-ASWJ. That doesn’t make them anti-Taliban or moderate Deobandi.

Recently, Pakistani agencies neutralized Sirajuddina Haqqani’s son in Islamabad and TTP’s deputy chief Asmatullah Bittani in FATA. Neither of the slain was a moderate Deobandi.

A few years ago, Pakistani intelligence agencies killed Azam Tariq, head of ASWJ-LeJ in a meticulate operation on Motorway. That doesn’t make him a moderate Deobandi.

In November 2012, pro-Taliban journalist, Hamid Mir too was “allegedly” attacked by TTP in Islamabad who had planted a bomb beneath his car. That doesn’t prove that he is anti-Taliban or that he doesn’t suffer from hatred of Sunni Sufis, Barelvis, Shias and Ahmadis. Sometimes the attacks are nothing more than a warning – to remind the target to tightly follow the given agenda – and at times they are faked to repair the dented credibility of their own partner. Of course, the attacks on Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Fazlur Rehman were either fake or mere warning shots by their handlers.

In summary, in addition to killing Sunni Barelvis, Sufis, Shias, Christians etc, Deobandis also kill some of their own leaders for the sake of power, money or politics. That doesn’t make the slain Deobandis humanitarian heroes or philanthropists.

For all practical purposes, the Deobandi cult of Pakistan, Afghanistan and India is an irreversible violent Wahhabi, Khariji mutation, and has no link with peaceful Sunni Hanafi, Sufi or Barelvi Muslims.

In the shape of Saudi-funded Deobandis, Pakistani and Afghan nations are currenlty dealing with pure evil. This cult can be dealt with only through forceful state operation such as Operation Zarb-e-Azb and the de-Deobandization of all hate madrassas and mosques of the Deobandi cult.



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