Dial “D” for Deobandi – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji

Dial “D” for Deobandi – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji

In his most recent interview, we have reached a curious moment when Zaid Hamid is more explicit and clear in his condemnation of the Taliban than our Good Liberals. Actually, when Sunni Barelvis like Zaid Hamid and Sahibzada Hamid Raza of Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) start using the “D” word to identify the Taliban’s Deobandi ideology, it really makes their apologists nervous.


Therefore, I present my Yazeedi Salute to Shia Killing Media and Jinnah liberals on not using the "D" word to specifically describe the creed of the Taliban and ASWJ.  This vague condemnations and non-specific terminology stands in direct contrast to the factual and specific discourse of Sunni Barelvi mushrikeen such as Hamid Raza and Sarwat Ijaz Qadri and Shia Rafizis such as Raja Nasir Abbas.  These Mushrik Barelvi and Kuffar Shia Rafizis have united with Nasara, Hunood and Sardar Ji types in a united platform against Deobandi Taliban.

This is how Sunni Ittehad Council of Sunnis critisized the Deobandi Sipah Sahaba Taliban. The following are images only but the video clips can be reviewed on the SIC facebook page.



To ensure the victory of the Taliban, it is my appeal to all Pakistani, India, Chechen and Saudi Musilmeen to delete the "D" word from the dictionary, vocabulary and even memory when it comes to identification of Deobandi terrorism in Pakistan.  Please don't use the "D" word to specifically identify the belief system of the Taliban and show the connections between the Deoband Ulema establishment and ASWJ/TTP. Never ever refer to Darul-uloom Deoband’s glorious fatwas about Sunni Barelvi mushrikeen and Shia Kuffar Rafizeen.

Good Liberals such as Nasim Zehra and Sherry Rehman would have us believe that using the "D" word is outright sectarianism while for Ansar Abbasi and Javed Chaudhry types, the killing of Shias and Sunni Barelvis is justified as holy Jihad.

Behave like a good "Jinnah" Liberal and use sweeping terminology like "Sunni" or vague terms such as “Islamists”, Takfiri or Khariji.  Or act like a nervous, Khamenai wannabe Shia Mullah and refer to them as "Wahhabis" or “Yahoodis”. We all know that "Ahle-Hadith" who are Pakistani Salafis/Wahhabis also don't refer to themselves as "Wahhabis".

Just don't use the "D" word.

Mullah Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid, Munawar Hasan of Jamaat Islami, Mufti Naeem of Karachi, Ludhyanvi, Sami-ul-Haq and Taliban Mujahideen are not shy about using the "D" word on TV to describe their Deobandi beliefs and that of the "majority of the Taliban" but Good Liberals must never highlight this fact because this may lead to sectarianism.

As Ansar Abbasi recently said, there is no sex, ooops, sects in Islam. The only pure sect is Deobandi, all other are conspiracies of Yahood, Hanood and Nasara.

You see, for many decades, Good "Jinnah" Liberals helped Good Ghairatmands in fudging the issues. For example, when Ahmadis and Shias are killed in 2014, they were blamed by some Good Liberals/Tonga Commies as "reaping what they sowed" by supporting the creation of Pakistan in 1947. Shias, Hazaras (notice how I cleverly separated the two) and Ahmadis are killed, some Good Liberals blamed them for being misogynist. This way, the Good Liberals were able to portray the Taliban as "secular nationalist feminists". Refer to this picture and see how "liberal" "progressive" "secular" champion justify #ShiaGenocide and #AhmadiPersecution. Also notice how he separates Hazaras from Shias.


Other times, Good Liberals created further confusion by referring to Shia Genocide as a "Shawarma - Chilloo Kebab" proxy war and all Shias as Iranian Fifth Columnists who were intent on converting Pakistan into Rumi quoting, Gaaz chomping nation of doctors, lawyers and professors. Which is why Shia professionals of these categories were killed by ASWJ - Pakistani had an excess of qualified professionals you see. This theory became difficult to justify as ASWJ-TTP were also killing Sunni Barelvis, Hindus, Ahmadis and Christians.

How many Proxy wars were we supposed to invent. But Good Liberals/Good Ghairatmands figured a way out of this too. It must be said that in "Blaming-the-victim" tactics, Good Liberals are even better than my Jamaat-e-Islami comrades.

Yet at other times, Good Liberals differentiated the Shia victims on the basis of ethnicity. So Hazara victims of ASWJ-TTP in Quetta had nothing in common with Bihari and Punjabi victims of Abbas Town in Karachi who had nothing in common with the Pashtun victims in Parachinar. Thanks to these dilution tactics, Good Liberals like Nasim Zehra and Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy were able to deny Shia Genocide.

At times, the "Fascist Storm Troopers" of LUBP became too loud and we had to accept that Shia Genocide was on. This is when Good Ghairatmands (Hamid Mir) and Good Liberals (Najam Sethi, Nadeem Paracha, BBC, Dawn) pulled off their best tricks.

It was decided to fudge the identity of the victims as well as the perpetrators and at times, put both victims and perpetrators in the same category. Thus Sunni Barelvis were being killed by Sunnis without using the “D” word to clearly identify the Deobandi groups.

Another tactic was to delink the Shia victims from Sunni Barelvi victims from Ahmadis from Christians. So while ASWJ/TTP was killing all of them, they were placed in different categories. Shias were being killed by LeJ while Sunni Barelvis were being killed by Unknowns even as TTP took credit. Christians were being killed by "members of a banned organization" and Ahmadis, they are also being killed by “Na-Maloom” individuals.

The English language and Urdu script has many characters and infinite possibilities for acronyms for essentially the same group of Deobandi organizations, who are our Strategic Asses, oops, assets.