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Editor’s note: The Salafi Wahhabi and Deobandi enemies of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUHP) family want to antagonize the peaceful Sunni and Shia mourners of Imam Hussain a.s. by inserting  their hypocritical narrative in the midst of Aushra of Muharram. Are we to logically believe that millions of Hussainis are gathering worldwide in the face of Salafi Wahhabi and Deobandi terrorism, sacrificing their children in the name of Imam Hussain, for any other reason than the love of the Prophet PUBHP and his progeny?

If  the problematic allegation that the Shi’as were responsible for killing Imam Hussain (as) were true then it begs an even more troubling question, why did the majority Ahlul’Sunnah (Sunnis) not come to his aid? After all they were in the majority, there were millions of such individuals, what was their position at that time?

Dawn News (AFP) published a strory on Iraq Ashura which contained misleading content about ‘Why Shi’ite observe Muharram Rituals’. The following lines are based on a particular Wahabi Ideology which is intended to mislead the readers and defame Shia Islam and mutilate its image.

“To mark the occasion, modern-day Shia devotees flood Hussein’s mausoleum, demonstrating their ritual guilt and remorse for not defending him by beating their heads and chests and, in some cases, making incisions on their scalps with swords in ritual acts of self-flagellation.”

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Correction: “Why Shias Mourn”

The commemoration of Ashura is observed to propagate and keep alive the message of Imam Hussain, of remaining steadfast against the the evil of the time and raise voice against injustice and oppression.

Matam (self-flagellation) is a way of demonstrating the reverence for Imam a.s and his household. Thus honoring their memories and informing people about them in accordance with the advice of the Prophet (pbuhp), and provide Muslims with what they need for guidance.

All of you are requested to record your protest against this irresponsible act of a reputed newspaper of Pakistan



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