No talks with Taliban terrorists: Raja Nasir of MWM takes apart pro-TTP arguments of Ansar Abbasi and AVM Shahzad Chaudhry – by Ahad Hussain

No talks with Taliban terrorists: Raja Nasir of MWM takes apart pro-TTP arguments of Ansar Abbasi and AVM Shahzad Chaudhry – by Ahad Hussain

Tonight with Moeed Pirzida

I watched Moeed Pirzada’s talk show recorded on 29th October 2013. The debate was about talks with Taliban and the participants included MWM’s (Majlis-e-Wadat-e-Muslimeen, i.e., Muslim Unity Forum) leader Raja Nasir Abbas, defense analyst Air Vice Marshal (retired) Shehzad Chaudry and the notorious pro-Taliban news editor Ansar Abbasi (Jang Group).

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Debate started with Moeed Pirzada asking why MWM is opposing talks with Taliban despite the national consensus (referring to almost all religious and liberal parties agreeing upon talks with Taliban in Nawaz Sharif led All Parties Conference). Raja Nasir staid that a State action should be designed in view of three factors, i.e., Morality, Constitution and Islamic Jurisprudence. Raja Nasir said that it’s against all these three factors to negotiate with terrorists who are bombing schools, mosques, markets and churches. He highlighted that it will open a door for any private militia to become a stakeholder in a country’s foreign and domestic policies. Raja Nasir also claimed to have support of Sunni Ittehad Council which has already declared Talibans the Khwarij of this era. Khawarij or Kharijiites were a7th century  band of utlra-religious Takfiri Salafi fanatics who declared all other Muslims infidels to enforce their narrow puritancial Islamist agenda.

Moeed turned to Ansar Abbasi calling him an Islamic history expert, and as usual Ansar started with his arguments saying that “I agree it is un-Islamic to negotiate with terrorists but it was also un-Islamic to give bases to USA attacking Afghanistan”. He claimed that state policies of pro Americanism turned these people (Deobandi and Salafi-Wahhabi Jihadist) into Talibans. Raja Nasir replied then Takfiri Deobandi and Salafi-Wahhabi militants should attack America, why are they attacking Pakistani churches and mosques? Ansar agreed that it was wrong of Taliban to attack Pakistanis.

Then, as is the usual characteristic of anti-Shia bigots who are only good at distraction and cross-blaming, Ansar went on saying that Iran having good relationship with USA after Ahmedinejad. (Are Shia Muslims anywhere on earth answerable to Iran’s action?) Ansar Abbasi also subtly said what would Raja Nasir do if the US starts attacking Iran, using Pakistan as its base.(As a Pakistani Shia Muslim, I can ensure Mr Abbasi that we don’t have terrorists camps in Pakistan, nor will we go around blowing up mosques, markets, schools, churches or kill polio workers to enforce our political or religious agenda on govt and people of Pakistan.)

The surprising factor was Air Vice Marshal Shehzad Chaudry’s support to Ansaar Abbasi’s weak arguments of negotiating with Taliban despite the fact that Taliban terrorists have killed thousand of soldiers and officers of Pakistan army, navy and air force. This reflects the fact that Saudi-funde pro-Taliban ideology has made strong inroads into at least some sections of Pakistan armed forces. AVM Shahzad Chaudhry appears to be infected by General Hamid Gul’s pro-Taliban, pro-ASWJ-LeJ ideology, which is injurious not only to Pakistan but also to Pakistan army.

There was a point in the show where Ansaar Abbasi being a so-called Islamic expert asked Raja Nasir sarcastically of when Imam Ali took any action against any Khawarij ? To which Raja Nasir replied “in the war of Nehrwan”.

Now this was more funny than surprising, Ansar Abbasi doesn’t know about the event of Nehrwan where armed Khawarij in a large group attacked the Islamic State and being Caliph, Imam Ali crushed this Khawarij fitna after a full scale war with many casualties. However, this also points out the fact that the war of Nehrwan needs to be highlighted even more today so we that could educate moderate Muslims on how to deal Islamically with big bearded, Quran-reciting terrorists, who pray all night but feel no remorse in killing innoent non-combatants.

The argument continued and both pro-Taliban participants (Ansar Abbasi and Shahzad Chaudhry) tried to justify talks with terrorists despite accepting it being unislamic and immoral.

Something funny was the fact that Ansar Abbasi ask Raja Nasir to leave Islamic arguments aside and be more pragmatic in dealing with this issue. Raja Nasir corrected Ansar again and again when he claimed that Taliban are a reaction to Pakistan’s pro-US policy to which Raja Nasir pointed out that they (Deobandi and Salafi Jihadist) have been Pakistan army’s strategic depth created for Afghan war and now they have turned against Pakistan. The MWM leader also highlighted that being biggest victim group suffering Shia genocide and a proud son of soil, he asks armed forces for a cleanup operation countrywide to get rid of the Taliban menace without considering them something useful in Afghanistan’s future.

Meanwhile, both Shehzad Choudry and Ansaar Abbasi kept on supporting negotiations with Talibans “hoping” that it may bring peace in Pakistan. Raja Nasir said that he can’t support negotiations with known terrorists, only because of Ansar and Shehzad’s “hope” of it bringing peace.

Although, the program ended but it is a never ending debate and we have to select sides. Clearly, Nawaz Sharif-led APC parties and the military establishment are pro-talks with Taliban terrorists vs a comparatively new party (MWM) which is brave enough to voice their opinions against Takfiri Khawarij terrorists. The decision is yours.

Disclaimer: This post is purely my own view and has nothing to do with LUBP, so don’t go about registering FIRs against LUBP or any other social media blog. Seriously, let police do something meaningful against Taliban terrorists and those who promote, humanize and normalize pro-Taliban-ASWJ clerics.


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  1. Ahad Hussain @ahadhussain 1m
    @MirMAli @PkpolitixTv @MoeedPirzada What a show ! great stuff !
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    Ahad Hussain @ahadhussain 1m
    Raja Nasir takes on 2 Taliban supporters and screw them using logic, Islamic rules and history. Loved it.
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    Ahad Hussain @ahadhussain 5m
    @wazirmabbas enjoy… …
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    Ahad Hussain @ahadhussain 10m
    Ansaar Abbasi: Kya Hazrat Ali nay kharji pay attack kiya?
    Raja Nasir: Jang-e-Nehrwan may kiya !

    Seriously Ansar, get your history right !
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    Ahad Hussain @ahadhussain 21m

  2. No talks with Taliban, says MWM

    2013-10-28 01:21:34

    KARACHI: Leader of relatively new Shia party Majlis-i-Wahdatul Muslimeen (MWM) Allama Nasir Abbas said on Sunday that no talks should be held with the Taliban.

    Speaking at a conference in Karachi’s Nishtar Park, Abbas said the terrorists are free to move about and no action was being taken against them.

    “There should be no talks with the Taliban…we will always support the oppressed,” Abbas said.

    The MWM leader said the ruling Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) was afraid of confronting the terrorists and of tackling them.

    At the same occasion, MWM leader Amin Shahidi said engaging the Taliban in a dialogue would be unconstitutional.

    “Having talks with the Taliban means having talks with those who reject the constitution of this country,” Shahidi said.

    He further stated that the 180 million people of Pakistan were being deceived in the name of dialogue.

    Speaking about the security situation in the month of Muharram, Shahidi said there have always been dangers.

    He said attempts to stifle the ulema and threats to stop processions during Muharram are being received by them.

    Sectarian tensions have plagued Pakistan substantially during the past few years with an escalation in Takfiri Deobandi attacks against the country’s Shia Muslims, Sunni Barelvis and Ahmadis.

    Must not negotiate with Taliban, says head of Shia political party

    KARACHI: Majlis-e-Wahdat-ul-Muslimeen (MWM), the leading political group for the Shia community in Pakistan, said Sunday that there should not be any negotiations with the Taliban, Express News reported.

    Secretary General MWM Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari said this while addressing audience in the Azmat-e-Wilayat Conference at Nishtar Park today.

    Allama Ameen Shaheedi said on the occasion that negotiations with militants will only result in more terrorist attacks and more corpses to bury.

    The MWM leadership went on to denounce the ongoing operation against criminals in Karachi as a “mere show”. They said the Kashmir issue will remain unresolved unless a government truly representative of the citizens takes over.

    Jafari also criticised the judiciary for focusing on high-profile cases and ignoring those of the poor and helpless.

    Last month, Allama Jafari had said that Pakistani Shia Muslims were on the frontline in the nation’s war against terrorists and thousands have sacrificed their lives for the cause.

    He had claimed citing financial, logistic and military aid to the terrorists, that the US in connivance with the Saudi monarchy was using them as proxies to spread terror in Pakistan and across the world.

    Yes to talks for Chairman Ulema Council
    On the other hand, the Chairman of Ulema Council Pakistan Allama Tahir Ashrafi Deobandi (promoted by Najam Sethi and Raza Rumi) emphasised on Sunday that the Taliban should be negotiated with, and the talks supervised by the Prime Minister.
    Ashrafi, who hails from the Deobandi group of the larger Sunni community, was addressing the Istehkam-e-Pakistan Conference in Multan when he said talks should happen withing the parameters of the constitution. He demanded an immediate end to US drone attacks on Pakistan’s territory.

  3. پاکستان میں مسائل کی بنیاد کیا ہے ؟ ظالم کون ہے ؟دہشت گرد کون ہے ؟ اس سچ کو کوئی تسلیم نہیں کرتا . یہ تمام لوگ قوم کو گمرا ہ کر رہے ہیں …. مذاکرات کے نام پڑ قوم کو الجھا دیا ہے اور باقی تمام مسائل کو پس پشت ڈال دیا گیا ہے ،

  4. Raja Nasir is the only political voice expressing opinion of the oppressed people of Pakistan. One should ask families of armed forces people who died fighting Talibans whether they agree with Raja Nasir or Ansar Abbasi.

  5. Buhat khoob… kia mard-e-moin ki tarha baat ki raja sahab aap nay saaf – wazay aur khari…in dono munafiqeen ki tarha nahi na idher ki na udher kay ajatay hain bat karnay pata wata kuch hota nahi bantay hain expert…yeh log khud milay huay hain salay masl-e-hat kay kay naam per jab he tu taliban nay in logo ko khul kay election may hissa lainay dia kay yeh log aagae say samjho taliban he aagae yeh jangli wahshi darinday taliban nahi talib-e-shaitan hain in say in he ki zaban may bat ki jae tukray tukray kar do in kay kutto ko bhi nahi dalo warna yeh kutto per zulm hoga …

  6. excellent stance by Allama sahab. A hard hitting slap on the face of Ansar Abbas, orya maqbool jan and their likes

  7. Ansar Abbasi and Orya Maqbool are big liars and media wing of Terrorists….
    see he had no logic ….

    Abbasi sb,,,, don’t think that your counterpart is Dr Hoodbhoy…. even you don’t know the battle of Nehrwan….go back ti history and than come on talk shows to talk about Islam…… Islam ka alif bey pata nahi , apney aap ko sab se barha musulmaan samajtey hain…….. for God sake apney mafaad k lie islam ka naam laina chor dain abbasi sb………

  8. Dialogue with Taliban and acceptance of their demands means complete failure of the state, and its whole security apparatus.

  9. What a jerk that Ansar Abbasi is.
    I am sure now the MWM will not be allowed to come on TV for the logical arguments he gave.

  10. If MWM and Sunni Tehrik get united, they will become a force to be reckoned with! They can represent 70% of Pakistanis, i.e. about 45% Barelvi Sunnis plus25% Shias. They should definitely get together against the Khawarijs of today.

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