Do we need parental guidance on blogging? An open letter to Pak Tea House and Pakistani blogging community – by Ali Raja

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Only thing sad about jokes is that they are always taken as jokes. One way or the other all the jokes are either a critical reflection of the society or a precautionary warning of what is to come ahead. What ever they are in a 19:20 proportion; all of them are heard, laughed at, passed on and forgotten. In vain goes the creativity of someone who had some other ends in his head. “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathan Swift or “Yes Minister” by Antony Jay, all were welcomed by roars of laughter but unfortunately this roar was loud enough to bury the “message inside” six feet under.

Let me touch another “laughed at”, “forgotten” joke.

“Once there was an old man and his son who left for a journey  with an ass along with them. The father was riding the ass and the son was walking aside. People criticized the father for being unkind to the child. The son started to ride the ass but was soon criticized for being disrespectful to the father. Both started to ride the ass simultaneously and were criticized for being harsh to the poor animal. They lifted the ass on their shoulder and were criticized for their stupidity. Finally the fellows decided to throw the ass down a river and proceed.”

For years and years we have laughed at the father and his son, and their stupidity but have missed the token of wisdom they had tried to toss. In their stupid little tale, they had actually given a cost free advice to intellectuals like us. “If you don’t know how to manage your ass, better throw it down the river rather than let others tell you what to do.”

It would be a waste of time writing on the blogging community of Pakistan, its role, its objectives and its achievements. This fact lies beyond any doubt that blogging in Pakistan has achieved more than what any one could dream off. In a very short span of time blogging has become a source of knowledge for the youth of Pakistan. From executive decisions to constitutional petitions, each and every aspect of our political life has been discussed on several Pakistani blogs.

Commoners like me got a chance to compare the point of view of intellectuals in an on going debate and decide for themselves what is just. Each and every person attained the same privilege and no one sided run down was seen.

Blogging in Pakistan has surely transformed itself into a third faction media and is giving a tough competition to the press and electronic sides of it. Blogging in Pakistan has attained a status that makes the Media-Tycoons gash their teeth over the Television and I still remember that besides differences within, the Blogging community stood side by side when oppressed.

Unfortunately it seems that the winds have now started to blow the other side. The performance graph now seems to have touched its peak and is declining back to dirt.

I still remember the 80’s when the rocket of World Wide Web took off from the ground. It took off well and then there was no looking back. Planets, stars and galaxies. The www world did not know where to stop. There seemed to be no pauses in this movie but that was not all going on over the set.

On one hand, when www was becoming a brand name for access to knowledge, on the other hand pornographers had just laid their hands over the new medium of distribution. Within days of its launch the Internet was flooding with material inappropriate for a gentleman and unbearable for a parent. Sensing what now lies on the computer, parents filled petitions over the Internet requesting a halt to this business but all in vain. They finally decided to keep their lads away from the computers and Internet. This wasn’t it, they moved to the courts of law and managed to obtain a verdict.

This is when Parental Guidance was enforced over the world wide web and websites were tagged as “sexually offensive” thus demanding the viewer to affirm his or her age and willingness. Alas!!! Those geniuses behind the Internet did not get that good old joke. Their ass went out of control and they did not throw it down the river thus making others decide for them.

Unfortunately some Pakistani blogs seem to have reached that brink of chasm too.

It is a stupid little story with an ugly outcome.

Two well respected, autonomous and liberal blogs LUBP and Pak Tea House happened to fall in a healthy discussion over the issue of “Sherry Rehman”.

Though a “Party Decision” was something “must follow” for Sherry Rehman but views started to erupt. On one hand there were people recalling her services for her party and democracy thus condemning all that had taken place. On the other hand there were people insisting party discipline as they were aware of the what Gulam Muustafa Khar had done in the past by violating party discipline. Both sides were well argued and well spoken. Both blogs wrote critical of each other which is very much a characteristic of a healthy debate.

LUPB even published articles critical of itself from Pak Tea House team and argued on stances and counter stances.

This is when a guy with the name Yasser Latif Hamdani (aka YLH) jumped in. His arguments were very loosely packed and lacked literate touch but for the reason that he was a PTH editor, his articles were given place at the headline arena of LUBP and counter-arguments were placed.

Same happened on the 8th day of November 2010 when one of his PTH articles was given a place at the headline arena and its deconstruction began by the LUBP team and visitors. As I have already stated that YLH’s level of intellect is bellow average therefore he could not take a firm stance by what he had stated and indulged into a personal war.

In this self centered war, YLH completely forgot that he was actually arguing with a lady, and was representing his blog PTH. “Sarah Khan” one of the co-founders of the the blog and a very well respected Critical Analyst at the LUBP. In a trilateral discussion with “Sarah Khan”, “Ali Arqam” and “Muhammad Ali (my self)”, he steeped down to the very basic level of intellect that he owns. Stated below are some of the very valuable comments of a PTH editor from the post: The (misplaced) wrath of the LUBP hardliners – by Yasser Latif Hamdani:

Who appointed you Sarah Khan defender of the president’s honor. Was it your baap Shahi Syed?

Shahi Syed is your baap… and Ali Arqam Durrani is thoku

Teri bund mein lund bhenchod… tum madarchodon ko pata nahin hai kay tumhari meein kahan kahan gaandh maroon ga haramzado

Because Gashti kay bachon you know precisely your real auqaat… Bhen chods.

Laanti ki aulaad

Teri maaan ko lund kuti kay bachay… wahan sohrab goth mein apni gaandh marwatay ho

Madarchods I will teach you a lesson you will never forget…

Munafiq Mian Tufail is your baap ….

My family has fought against the Jamaaat Islami longer than Sarah Khan has been sucking Qazi Hussain Ahmed’s cock.

like Ali Arqam Madarchod

These are just glimpse of what happened over the LUBP. The core architect of this shit-hole was none other than a guy enlisted as a an editor of Pak Tea House.

I have no idea if it seems to be offensive to Raza Rumi and his team at PTH or are they in a habit of carrying a political debate in this manner but for us at LUBP and the blogging community it was the most shameful vulgar conversation one has ever entered into.

In case the PTH team and Raza Rumi are not habitual of such language in their every day conversation, I would like to tell them their dearest editor has not just erupted but has a habit of using such language with debaters and ladies. Here are some examples from his beautiful past:-

If third rate chttiyas like him….

I am giving you and that ass hole…

Those Kamminaies and Kuttys

It is very evident, Mr. Raza Rumi and PTH, that even you have not learned from that little old joke. You are unable to manage your ass and it has gone wild, braying at the top of his throat. In case you come to feel that his language was a bit “below moral grounds” I will request you to “throw the ass down the river”.

To Mr Raza Rumi, It is my sincere request that you remove his name from the PTH editors list and publish a disclaimer on your homepage announcing your dissociation with his level of conversation. You must state that his style and manner of debate is not an official style and manner of debate of PTH.

You must reaffirm that you still abide by the code of conduct you claim to have set in your blog which states that “Pak Tea House is a little corner in the blogosphere that will endeavour to revive the culture of debate, pluralism and tolerance.” As Mr. Yasir Lateef Hamdani does not fulfill this requirement therefore he does not reserve the right hold the editorial pen.

I will request all the Pakistan based Bloggers to “throw the ass down the river ass well”, and publish a disclaimer on their blogs condemning the incident, confirming their respect for women, affirming a commitment to civilized debate, and affirming that abusive behaviour will not be tolerated in any case by all Pakistani blogs.

It is about time that we bloggers throw our asses down the river and not wait for a time when parents restrict their children from pornogrphic websites and Pakistani blogs. We must not wait for a time when a court issues a verdict making “Parental Guidance: Offensive Material Expected” mandatory before our blogs.

I hope we learn from that little joke!




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