Christine Fair’s clear condemnation of Deobandi terrorists who massacred 70 Christians in Peshawar


After another horrible terrorist attack by Deobandi terrorists of Taliban (TTP) and Sipah Sahaba (ASWJ-LeJ) against Pakistani Christians in Peshawar, the condemnations and outcry in Pakistan’s mainstream and social media is mostly vague and meant to confuse further.

Aside from a handful of social media activists, the majority of the condemnations do not even bother to identify the Sipah Sahaba Taliban militants and their Takfiri Deobandi creed as the perpetrators of this horrible attack.

In this regard, it was refreshing to see the clear and blunt condemnation of Deobandi terrorists by Professor Christine Fair which we are copying below:


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The tragedy is that Professor Fair is mostly based in the United States. In the past as well, she has been one of the few clearly and explicitly raising the issue of the ongoing Shia Genocide by the same Takfiri Deobandi terrorists who are responsible for the latest atrocity against Pakistan’s persecuted Christain community.

Back in Pakistan, the condemnation is all over the place and typically full of half truths and vague statements. In fact, certain pro-ISI fake liberal bloggers and journalists (eg of The Friday Times blog) were busy in endorsing the abuse against Zulfikar Ali Bhutto – who was hanged to death nearly four decades ago by a pro-Deobandi military dictator. Others are abusing the same dictator Zia ul Haq who created and nurtured the Deobandi network that supplies the terrorist groups, and that is still being nutured and supported by Pakistan army and the ISI.

What is being left out is the present and the future. Professor Fair has correctly identified Hafiz Saeed of LeT/JuD as part of this hate mongering brigade although his focus of terrorism and violence remains largely confined to India and Kashmir. Hafiz Saeed’s Deobandi counterparts namely Hakimullah Mehsud, Malik Ishaq, Ahmed Ludhianvi etc remain focused on violence and terrorism against non-Deobandi non-Salafi communities within Pakistan.

Some Pakistani and foreign commentators use sweeping generalizations to blame all Sunnis – whose moderate Sunni Barelvi and Sufi sects are themselves the victims of these same Takfiri Deobandi groups. Most commenators simply use ever more vague and misleading terminology such as “terrorists”, “Islamists” or “extremists” thus effectively hiding the Deobandi and Salafi-Wahhabi dimension of terrorism in Pakistan and worldwide.

Not much is expected from Pakistan’s openly Pro Taliban right wing Urdu press. The Javed Chaudharys, Ansar Abbasis, Kamran Khans, Kashif Abbasis and Hamid Mirs wear their Taliban romance on their ISPR sponsored sleeves. Their views are disgusting but their Jihadist inclinations come across clearly. They are relatively more transparent in their anti-Ahmadi, anti-Christain and anti-Shia bigotry.

The more insidious lobby is the sophisticated English speaking types, those who use a dangerous mixture of truths, half-truths and lies to confuse the issue further. One does not need to look any further than the episode where a prominent Deobandi cleric openly used anti-Ahmadi and anti-Shia perjoratives on social media. But supporting him during that time was Raza Rumi (director of a pro-ISI thinktank) – a person often portrayed as a liberal champion. Instead of condemning the Deobandi cleric, Rumi used his energy to threaten and harass the same Shia, Ahmadi and Sunni Barelvi activists who raised this issue of hate speech.

The list goes on and on. The Sipah Sahaba Taliban hate mongers and terrorists are provided space in the same Friday Times blog that is edited and managed by the same group of “liberal” champions. The same TFT blog describes the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, as “anti-establishment”. This is the same Nawaz Sharif who leads PML-N, the coalition partners of the ASWJ Deobandis. The Sharif brothers have yet to condemn the Taliban by name and Shahbaz Sharif even requests the Taliban to spare them because of common ideology. They beg the Taliban to spare them and by implication, keep attacking other provinces and ethnicities. Shamefull!

Abuses by pro-ISI and pro-Taliban commenators are reserved for easy targets such as the PPP, ANP, MQM – themselves the victims of the same terrorism. Some fun is also poked at Imran Khan. The pro Taliban media, generals and Judges are rarely criticized, if ever. The army is presented as a reluctant partner who would tackle the Taliban only if the civilians ordered them – yes, the same “bloody civilians” who otherwise have always been circumvented by the same army.

By deliberately creating confusion, these fake liberals are even dangerous than the shouting Urdu media anchors. As Pakistan reels over another massacre by its Deobandi assets (Taliban and Sipah Sahaba), at least Professor Fair is calling it as it is.

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Examples of vague condemnation while hiding or obfuscating the Deobandi identity of Taliban-TTP and Sipah Sahaba (ASWJ-LeJ) terrorists:








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