The inspiration behind PTI’s Hum Dekhain Gay – by Riaz Malik Al Hajjaji

The inspiration behind PTI’s Hum Dekhain Gay – by Riaz Malik Al Hajjaji


My Dear Mummy Daddy Khanistas,

May 11 is approaching faster than the latest intellectual nugget to emerge from Dr. Shahid Bin Al-Masood Al-Haq. Are you as energized as me after seeing PTI’s advertisement “Hum Dekhain Gay”?

Here’s a link to the video:

I have renamed it as “Dekh Loonga Bachu” (an idea that I have borrowed from the facebook wall of a liberal fascist hehehe).  The same can be said for the PTI advertisement which seems to be inspired by this brilliant scene from the 1979 Cult classic film, “The Warriors”.

[youtube id=”zL0ipXUD-uU” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

After seeing this brilliant ad by PTI, all I wanted to do was to steal my neighbour’s well preserved Grey Nichols bat and start intimidating my gardner who supports the Krruupt party of Sindhi RAW agent Bhuttos – just like Imran Khan intends to do with those whom he called “phainta” in one of his rallies.  I wanted to twirl this bat and stand in solidarity with ASWJ-LeJ (Sipah Sahaba) as they, ahem, taught a lesson, cough, cough, to the Rafzis, Qadianis and Currantas of my Lahore.  I mean, can you imagine, the gall of these minorities asking for the right to practice their religion and lead their lives …. With Freedom!!! And Dignity!!  Don’t they know that this is against the beliefs of the Islam of Amir ul Momineen Mullah Omar Deobandi – tacitly endorsed by Hazrat Imran Khan?

I want to be just like those boys in this PTI ad who are twirling bats and intimidating an unarmed patwari.

Sure, sure, some of you may be saying I am promoting violence by posting this clip from “The Warriors”. Your arguments are just as baseless as those liberal fascists who are saying that “Hum Dekhain Gay” aka “Dekh Loonga Bachu” is promoting vigilante violence by romanticizing this kind of ridiculous moral policing.  Some might say that it is reminiscent of the innocent Burqa Warriors of Lal Masjid brandishing ballas in the streets of Islamabad.


PTI’s election campaign for 2013 was actually started in 2007 by Ghazi Abdul Rashid Deobandi Shaheed and Mother of the Nation, Umme Hassan (‘Ballay Ballay, ni taur Takfeeran day’ fame). Canadian cousin Farhat Hashmi was also a big inspiration for this campaign. In fact, they got so busy with this Ballay-Baaz campaign in 2007 that they forgot to participate in 2008 elections. Honest mistake and can happen to anyone. Now the Ballay-Baaz Khanistas have come full circle to bludgeon their way to victory in 2013 elections.

This is all liberal fascist propaganda because encouraging the formation of self-righteous gangs armed with heavy wooden objects against unarmed civilians is the Way of Ghairat.  As for me, I am so happy that Faiz and Jalib are finally being understood as the resistance poets advocating on behalf of ….. the Sipah Sahaba, Taliban and their supporters.

In solidarity with Faiz, Jalib, Ludhianvi and Imran Khan,

Riaz Bin Malik Al Hajjaji

Stamp on bat

14 responses to “The inspiration behind PTI’s Hum Dekhain Gay – by Riaz Malik Al Hajjaji”

  1. i don’t really understand what you want to convey here…. you apparently wants to associate imran khan with the talibans and his political strategy with “mullah ki sayasat” but you haven’t gave any solid reasoning or arguments for your view…. using bat in an advertisement does not make imran khan a “danda bardar” of lal masjid… similarly using Lion does not make Nawaz Sharif a Lion who in reality is no more then the wicked mouse from my childhood story that i used to hear from my mother… and similarly again…using an Arrow in an advertisement does not show any hint of accuracy in governing the country by PPPP….. your observations in this essay are apparently shallow and meaningless and your thoughts……. biased……

    • So you only believe in spurious associations or lack thereof! Well I guess you need to use your walnut a bit more to understand other types of reasoning and logical conclusions.

  2. Imran Khan took a bold stand against Shia killings, this should not be forgotten.

    • How do you equate his “Bold stand against Shia killings” with his more cowardly stance of being Pakistan’s chief political Taliban apologist. Imran Khan is a liar and hypocrite for presenting the Taliban as an inevitable reaction while completely hiding the role of Pakistan army in fostering the Taliban. You do realize that Taliban and ASWJ-LeJ are the same group of ideologically like-minded people who just operate under different names. Very convinient and hypocritical condemnation.

      • We should credit what deserves to be credited. PTI has now all sort of people in its ranks, but unlike two ‘main stream parties’ they have no alliances with ASWJ in one form or other.
        True IK is not progressive. True Taliban, ASWJ, … etc. etc. are same — no basic difference — and he is soft on Taliban, but due to deep life style and other differences he is not ultimately acceptable to them and they are bound to collide. Deobandi Mullahs consider rule and “Sharia” as their divine right only, I expect them to collide. This is how I think.

        • Abdullah bhai, please get your facts straight. In NA – 73 Bhakkar, Najeebullah Niazi of PTI was addressing ASWJ rally (Check ShiaKilling Media). Azam Swati, senior PTI and corrupt to the core, met with Aurangzeb Farooqi and photo available. Ejaz Chaudhary was/is an important part of DPC. Please get out of your denial. Also, while MQM, ANP and PPP also have links with ASWJ, to equate them with PML N or PTI is being dishonest. There is a significant difference of degrees. Yes, PPP made major mistakes in mid-1990’s with ASWJ but that was 20 years ago. Also, media report of Ludhianvi alliance with one PPP candidate was false and contradicted by PPP candidate cousin, Fiza Batool Gillani on her timeline. Sadly, LUBP like mainstream media did not publish an English rebuttal of that story. At the main PPP rallies, the Narae Haideri slogan is still used. Please get over your hatred for PPP and your blindspot for PTI. No one is blameless but some are clearly more than others. Pakistan is not just Punjab and just in the last one hour, the Taliban through ASWJ have done another bomb blast in Karachi – this time targetting MQM. And Imran Khan is their main apologist. Did you see his disgusting and revealing comments on Shaheed Mohtarma??

        • Also, Shia and Barelvi parties have once again aligned themselves with PPP. You think that does not make them persona Non gratta for ASWJ

          • Thank you Arbab for some facts about PTI. I did not know them. I am not PTI’s fan. Yet I continue to believe that even if a “sinner” says a right thing he/she should be bucked up and encouraged. The war against Takfiri Whahabi-Salafi- Deobandi offensive will be a long drawn one, it will last for decades.
            I am sorry, my views about PPP are very strong. I supported PML(N) at a stage when they were fighting against LeJ, but Sharifs have changed, so are my views. Among significant Pakistani parties, I have respect for ANP only, they have never comprised with the terrorists and have been paying a very heavy price for it. Bravo ANP.

  3. Imran Khan is likely to cause fissures in the establishment. He is dividing PML(N)’s vote bank and he is not a Saudi client!

    • Imran Khan is a ISI pithoo and by that default, he is serving their interests and therefore the interests of Saudi Arabia. He is too stupid to know it.

      • By temperament he can’t go along with military establishment and that is what I have in mind when I say ’cause fissures’.

    • Bhai, Imran Khan is the establishment. He rarely, if ever, discusses the army’s continual role in propping up the Taliban. The whole world is now familiar with his dishonest spin about the Taliban. You are free to your opinion and I am to mine. Please don’t mind me but people like Imran Khan who lie about the Taliban make me sick.

  4. Khan aaj kall Fazal Rehman aur Sharifoon ko khob phainto laga raha hai.