Blasphemy of Chief Qazi Abu Arsalan by Bilawal – by Riaz Malik Al Hujjaji

Today has been a very upsetting day for me. For days, PTI Sipah Sahaba Taliban supporters like me were hoping that Bilawal’s Urdu accent would suck so that we can then crack jokes on this for the next three decades in our drawing rooms. The problem is that Bilawal’s Urdu is better than Hazrat Imran Khan. Today Bilawal was showing off his Urdu, almost mocking us Honda Civic Society wallas of an opportunity lost. Hai. And if this was not enough, Bilawal criticized the Twin Pillars of Ghairat that is our Judiciary and our Taliban. The floor supporting the Pillars is the Media and the Roof being supported all this is our Pak Fauj. This is our Beloved Temple of Ghairat which Bilawal tore apart. Tears are streaming down my triple chin but there was still one hope.

Why, Oh, why did Bilawal use the national stage to gives odes to PPP and ANP leaders like Sindhi Sorcerer Benazir Bhutto, Salmaan Taseer, Shahbaz Bhatti and ANP’s Bashir Bilour. These are the Bad politicians (as opposed to Dolls Of Ghairat like Comrades Sharif and Hazrat Imran Khan). Bilawal used these politicians to throw mud at our Beloved Sipah Sahaba Taliban.

I was hoping that the Den of Liberal Fascism-Dom aka LUBP would write a wholly headed post full of blind praise for Bilawal. I would then share it with the fine folks from Honda Civic Society and we would mock it in our cyber drawing rooms. But even they had to disappoint by writing this nuanced article:

Bilawal’s speech at Benazir Bhutto’s fifth death anniversary offers hope but misses out on crucial issues (

O ye Ghairatmands, do you realize that our Qazi ul Qudhat aka Abu Arsalan was taken to task by Bilawal. How will Hamid Mir clear up this mess? If Qazi ul Qudhat falls, who will protect our Doctor-inventor-scientist-bureaucrat-business Arsalan Bin Iftikhar? If Abu Arsalan and his Supreme League of Justice Party flops, who will protect Malik Ishaq and Hafiz Saeed and Lal Masjid and other friends of the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden? Without the political support of Qazi ul Qudhat, our Dolls of Ghairat (DOGs) like Comrades Sharif and Hazrat Imran Khan will wither! And without Qazi ul Qudhat Abu Arsalan, will I still be able to enjoy my Spartan repast of 18 Samosas per day at a fixed price… Please critisize this article which I am copying now because once Qazi ul Qudhat falls, we will lose the best price fixer and Jihadi Protector in Pakistan’s history.

Bilawal’s speech at Benazir Bhutto’s fifth death anniversary offers hope but misses out on crucial issues

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