Why don’t Baloch comrades attack LeJ-Jundullah-Taliban instead of killing innocent settlers and labourers?

Mourners gather beside body of a Pashtun miner in Quetta.—AFP Photo (12 Jul 2012)

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LUBP has previously published several posts highlighting and condemning attacks on innocent (non-combatant) civilians particularly those of Punjabi, Sindhi, Saraiki, Muhajir and Pashtun backgrounds in Balochistan. On numerous occasions, murder of innocent civilians is proudly claimed and shamelessly celebrated by Baloch nationalists in Pakistan’s mainstream and social media; their supporters and apologists remain blind and silent.

We have published a very high number of posts also highlighting that the Baloch nation has been grossly wronged by the Pakistani State, particularly highlighting and condemning the brutal kill and dump policy of Pakistan army against Baloch nationalists.

We also understand and support the Baloch nation’s right of self-determination and self-defence. However, what we have never supported and will never justify is the murder of innocent non-Baloch civilians by Baloch insurgents. We are not alone in this position. Human rights groups (including Human Rights Watch) and Baloch tribal leaders (including Sardar Ataullah Mengal etc) too have condemned such atrocities by Baloch militants.

Those who try to rationalize murder of innocent Saraikis, Sindhis, Punjabi etc by Baloch militants as legitimate reaction to “Balochistan’s occupation” by Pakistani State should explain: What’s wrong with the ‘reactionary’ Taliban then? Taliban’s violent attacks too (if one is to believe Tariq Ali, Imran Khan and Ejaz Haider) are a reaction to the US occupation of Afghanistan.

Baluchistan Republican Party claims murder of 5 Sindhis and Saraikis on 27 August 2012. Shame! http://t.co/TbCFDNjv

بولان کے علاقے ڈھاڈر میں بالا ناڑی کے مقام پر نامعلوم افراد نے پنجاب کے علاقے صادق آباد سے کوئٹہ آنے والی ایک مسافر بس کو روکا اور مسافروں کو اتار کر بس کو نذرِ آتش کر دیا۔ اس کے بعد مسلح افراد نے خواتین اور بچوں کو الگ کر کے مرد مسافروں کو وہاں سے بھاگنے کو کہا اور جیسے ہی مسافر جان بچانے کی خاطر وہاں سے بھاگنے لگے تو مسلح افراد نے ان پر فائرنگ شروع کردی۔ اس فائرنگ کے نتیجے میں تین افراد موقع پر ہلاک اور پانچ زخمی ہوئے جنہیں فوری طور پر سول ہسپتال سبی منتقل کر دیا گیا۔ فائرنگ کے اس واقعے کے بعد ملزمان فرار ہونے میں کامیاب ہوگئے۔

Passengers were forced to step down from buses, segregated on the basis of ethnicity, Saraiki/Punjabi/Sindhi men were separated from women and children, they were asked to run, and then sprayed with bullets. This is reported in detail by BBC Urdu.

How is the above incident different from the Mastung massacre of Shia by Brahvi-Baloch Deobandi militants working in LeJ (most probably sponsored by Pakistani State)?

Sarmachars yesterday said “Bolan Highway under control of Baloch freedom fighters”.. to attack buses bound for Punjab/Sindh?

Previously, in July 2012, at least 18 innocent laborers were gunned down in Turbat.

In June 2012, seven Pashtun mine workers were killed.

It’s the Punjabi, Saraiki, Pashtun, Urdu speaking settlers who are being attacked in Balochistan.

Shame on those who are attacking innocent settlers and other non-combatants in Balochistan. Double shame on their apologists who want LUBP to stop writing on Baloch insurgents violence against innocent non-Baloch settlers and also some Baloch nationalists’ support for sectarian terrorists of Jundullah (a close ally of LeJ). In no circumstances is it possible to harass LUBP. We will continue to condemn violence against innocent civilians in Balochistan and other parts of Pakistan. Selective morality is not an option we will ever consider.

This is no Gandhigiri to speak of secularism and pluralism but kill innocent non-Baloch settlers and travellers. Disgraceful. Gandhigiri refers to Baloch insurgents and their proponents claim that they are secular, pluralist, tolerant people.

To Baloch militants: Attack army, FC, agencies, LeJ, Jundullah if you want to. Why are you attacking innocent settlers, washer-men, mine workers, teachers?

Violence against innocent non-Balochs in Balochistan must be condemned as forcefully as we condemn murder of Balochs by Pakistan army. Silence and selective morality of media persons, civil society and rights activists too must be condemned.

It is, however, inaccurate to compare Baloch insurgents with the Taliban. Balochs have been wronged by the Pakistani State. Taliban are evil by design. However, the freedom fighters must shun Taliban-type tactics.

Murder of innocent Pashtuns, Sariakis, Punjabis in Balochistan is a disgrace. Must be condemned clearly & urgently. No ifs & buts.

#StopKillingSettlers in Balochistan. Enough is enough.

We condemn indiscriminate killing of Punjabi, Saraiki travellers in Balochistan, and hope our Baloch friends too will condemn this brutality

We can’t imitate idiot Tariq Ali who justifies Taliban’s violence against civilians. Must condemn violence against settlers in Balochistan.

We can’t claim to be secular and keep denying or understating #ShiaGenocide by LeJ & Jundullah in #Balochistan due to ethnic fraternity!

Will our Sarmachars brothers care to campaign against #ShiaGenocide by radicalised Baloch militants of #JundullahLeJ supported by the ISI?

In almost all incidents of #ShiaGenocide in Balochistan, ISI-sponsored Baloch recruits of LeJ are involved. No more silence on this!

Instead of attacking Pashtun mine workers & Punjabi settlers, Baloch fighters should attack ISI-sponsored LeJ terrorists. #ShiaGenocide

We don’t see the media persons and bloggers making a hue and cry about attacks on settlers in Balochistan. Because they are poor people and no one cares about them.

It would appear that ife isn’t tough enough for coal miners making a dangerous but honest living for their families.

Killing the already suppressed and poor people is no way forward.

Isn’t this Government supposed to provide protection to all the citizens notwithstanding their ethnicity or faith? PPP government has blood of innocent Balochs, settlers, Shias, Ahmadis etc on its hands. It must take urgent action all killers and their supporters before its too late.

Appendix: Some recent incidents of Baloch insurgents’ attacks on innocent civilians

27 August 2012

Attack on passenger buses, innocent Punjabi and Saraiki civilians killed.

مسافر بسوں پر فائرنگ

ڈھاڈر بلوچستان میں نامعلوم مسلح افراد کی مسافر بسوں پر فائرنگ کے دو مختلف واقعات میں چار مسافر ہلاک اور آٹھ زخمی ہوگئے ہیں۔ ہلاک ہونے والوں کا تعلق صوبہ پنجاب سے ہے۔

مقامی حکام کے مطابق اتوار اور پیر کی درمیانی شب ضلع بولان میں مسلح افراد نے مسافر بسوں پر فائرنگ کر کے چار افراد کو ہلاک کر دیا۔

بولان کے علاقے ڈھاڈر میں بالا ناڑی کے مقام پر نامعلوم افراد نے پنجاب کے علاقے صادق آباد سے کوئٹہ آنے والی ایک مسافر بس کو روکا اور مسافروں کو اتار کر بس کو نذرِ آتش کر دیا۔ اس کے بعد مسلح افراد نے خواتین اور بچوں کو الگ کر کے مرد مسافروں کو وہاں سے بھاگنے کو کہا اور جیسے ہی مسافر جان بچانے کی خاطر وہاں سے بھاگنے لگے تو مسلح افراد نے ان پر فائرنگ شروع کردی۔ اس فائرنگ کے نتیجے میں تین افراد موقع پر ہلاک اور پانچ زخمی ہوئے جنہیں فوری طور پر سول ہسپتال سبی منتقل کر دیا گیا۔ فائرنگ کے اس واقعے کے بعد ملزمان فرار ہونے میں کامیاب ہوگئے۔

ڈھاڈر سے مقامی صحافیوں کے مطابق ایک دوسرے واقعہ میں کوئٹہ سے پنجاب جانے والی ایک اور بس پر بھی گذشتہ شب نامعلوم افراد نے فائرنگ کی ہے۔ جس کے باعث ایک مسافر ہلاک اور تین زخمی ہوئے ہیں۔

ڈھاڈر انتظامیہ کے مطابق واقعہ میں ہلاک ہونے والوں کی لاشیں شناخت کے بعد اپنے اپنے علاقوں کو روانہ کر دی گئی ہیں جبکہ واقعہ میں ملوث ملزمان کی گرفتاری کے لیے لیویز اور فرٹیئرکور مختلف پہاڑی علاوں میں چھاپے مارنے کا سلسلہ شروع کیا ہے لیکن تاحال ملزمان کی گرفتاری میں کامیابی نہیں ملی ہے۔

اس واقعہ پر ٹرانسپورٹروں نے شدید احتجاج کیا اور رات گئے کوئٹہ سکھر قومی شاہراہ کو بند کردیا۔ اس بندش کی وجہ سے مسافروں کوشدید مشکلات کا سامناکرناپڑا۔ تاہم سوموار کی صبح ڈھاڈر کی مقامی اتنظامیہ کی یقین دھانی پر ٹرانسپورٹروں نے قومی شاہراہ پر ٹریفک کے لیے بحال کر دی۔

بلوچستان میں مسافر بسوں پر فائرنگ کے متعدد واقعات پیش آ چکے ہیں

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/urdu/pakistan/2012/08/120827_dhadar_bus_firing_zs.shtml

بلوچستان کے اکثر علاقوں میں اتوار کو بلوچ قوم پرست رہنماء نوا ب محمد اکبر خان بگٹی کی چھٹی برسی کے موقع پر شٹرڈاؤن اور پہیہ جام ہڑتال رہی۔

اس موقع پر سیاسی جماعتوں نے احتجاجی مظاہرے کیے جبکہ کسی ناخوشگوار واقعے سے نمٹنے کے لیے حکومت نے سخت حفاظتی انتظامات کر رکھے تھے۔

نواب محمد اکبر خان بگٹی چھبیس اگست سنہ دو ہزار چھ میں ڈیرہ بگٹی اور کوہلو کے درمیانی علاقے ترتانی میں ایک فوجی آپریشن کے دوران ہلاک ہوگئے تھے۔

اتوار کو ہڑتال کی کال بلوچ ری پبلکن پارٹی اور جمہوری وطن پارٹی نے دی تھی جبکہ بلوچ نیشنل فرنٹ، بلوچ نیشنل وائس، نیشنل پارٹی، بلوچستان نیشنل پارٹی، مسلم لیگ (ن) اور عوامی نیشنل پارٹی نے بھی ہڑتال کی حمایت کی۔


Five dead in gun attack on Pakistan buses

Gunmen shot dead five people in attacks on two buses as rebels in Pakistan’s troubled province of Baluchistan staged a strike to mark the anniversary of a tribal leader’s death, officials say.

There was a “complete strike” in provincial capital Quetta and several other districts on Sunday, local police chief Wazir Khan said, with shops and markets closed and traffic brought to a standstill.

The halt was called by Baluchistan Republican Party (BRP) leader Brahmdagh Bugti to mark the sixth anniversary of the death of his grandfather Akbar Bugti, a rebel chieftain killed in his mountain hideout during a military operation in 2006.

In the southeastern district of Bolan, gunmen opened fire on two buses late Sunday, killing five people including two women, police official Iftikhar Bugti said.

BRP spokesman Sarbaz Baluch claimed responsibility for the shooting.

“We had launched an appeal for a complete strike and the buses bound for southern Sindh and central Punjab provinces had ignored our appeal. We therefore opened fire on them,” he said.


7 July 2012

تربت:اٹھارہ ہلاک شدگان کی شناخت، لاشیں کراچی روانہ

بلوچستان کےعلاقے تربت میں مسلح افراد کی فائرنگ سے ہلاک ہونے والےاٹھارہ افراد کی لاشیں کراچی روانہ کردی گئیں جو غیرقانونی طور پر ایران جا رہے تھے۔

ہلاکتوں کا یہ واقعہ جمعہ کی شب ایرانی سرحد سے نوے کلومیٹر دور پاکستانی حدود میں ہورشولی کے مقام پر اس وقت پیش آیا تھا جب غیر قانونی طور پر سرحد عبور کرنے والے افراد کی گاڑیوں پر موٹر سائیکلوں پر سوار نامعلوم افراد نے فائرنگ کر دی تھی۔
سنیچر کو حکام نے بتایا ہے کہ ہلاک ہونے والے تمام افراد کی لاشیں سول ہسپتال تربت منتقل کر دی گئیں جہاں پانچ افراد کی لاشوں کو شناخت کے بعد کراچی روانہ کر دیا گیا ہے۔

ڈپٹی کمشنر تربت اسلم ترین نے معطلی سے قبل کوئٹہ میں ہمارے نامہ نگار ایوب ترین سے بات کرتے ہوئے کہا تھا کہ ان گاڑیوں میں غیر قانونی طور پر ایران جانے والے افراد سوار تھے۔

انہوں نے بتایا کہ یہ واقعہ تربت کے علاقے ہور شولی کے مقام پر پیش آیا۔ ’یہ علاقہ نہایت دشوار گزار اور دور دراز ہے۔ اس علاقے میں عام گاڑیاں نہیں چل سکتیں کیونکہ یہاں کچی سڑکیں ہیں۔ یہاں صرف موٹر سائیکلیں اور جیپیں چلتی ہیں۔‘

ڈپٹی کمشنر اسلم ترین کے مطابق انسانی سمگلرز پہلے تربت سے پاک ایرانی سرحد کے پوائنٹ مند کی جانب ان افراد کو لے کر جاتے تھے لیکن ماضی میں چند واقعات پیش آئے ہیں جن میں ان گاڑیوں میں سے آباد کاروں کو اتار کر ہلاک کیا گیا۔

’ان واقعات کے بعد ہم نے سکیورٹی سخت کردی تھی۔ اب یہ سمگلرز سرحد کے ساتھ ساتھ واقع ہور شولی کے علاقے میں واقع راستے کو اپناتے ہیں۔‘

اسلم ترین نے بتایا کہ انسانی سمگلرز ان افراد کو دو پک اپ گاڑیوں اور ایک لینڈ کروزر میں لے کر جا رہے تھے۔
گوادر سے مقامی صحافی بہرام بلوچ کے مطابق ہلاک ہونے والوں میں سے تیرہ کا تعلق صوبہ پنجاب اور پانچ کا تعلق افغانستان سے ہے۔

واقعے کے بعد چھ افراد تین موٹر سائیکلوں پر فرار ہونے میں کامیاب ہو گئے۔


12 July 2012

Seven Pashtun mine workers killed in Balochistan


Coal mine department’s official Ali Ahmed told The Express Tribune that after the killing of seven mine workers in Sorange area in July, most of the coal mine workers went on a strike. “Some of the workers came back and started working but the majority of them have not resumed work because of the deteriorating law and order situation in Balochistan,” he said. “Some banned militant organisations had already threatened workers with attacks if they worked in the mines. That’s why they are avoiding coming to work.”
The official said that seven more coal mine workers are still missing from the Pir Ismail area of Ziarat. “More than a 100 coal mining companies have shut down operations due to non-availability of workers,” he said. In Quetta and its surrounding areas, at least 90 coal mines are present but only 20 of them are operational, he revealed.
Ghulam Rasool, a mine worker, told The Express Tribune that the money they make barely makes ends meet. “After 12 hours of duty I only get Rs200 to 300 and no other facilities or bonuses are provided.
Between 2005 and 2012, at least 310 coal mine workers were killed and dozens others injured in major incidents. At least 46 were killed in 21 incidents in 2010 alone. In 2011, some 92 workers were killed in 33 separate incidents and in the current year till June, 26 died in 24 separate incidents.


QUETTA: Police on Thursday found the bodies of seven coal miners who were kidnapped last week in Pakistan’s insurgency-torn southwestern province of Baluchistan, officials said.

The miners were abducted on July 7 in the Soorang area, 25 kilometres east of the provincial capital Quetta, and their bullet-ridden bodies were found dumped on a roadside in the hills of nearby Degari, administration official Zafar Bokhari told AFP.

The Baluchistan Liberation Army, which is fighting for independence from the federal government, had claimed responsibility for their kidnapping but there was no claim for their deaths, Bokhari said.

The miners were from the Swat valley, which is part of the northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, he added.

Local police said the miners had been shot dead overnight.


The Baloch Liberation Army,which Pakistan says is headed by London-based formerBalochistan education minister Hyrbyair Marri, had owned responsibilty for the abductions last week on his web site run from London.

Marri is also closely allied with a second deadly militant outfit called the Baloch Liberation Front, which is active in Mekran. The B.L.F. has killed 20 people in July alone, including 14 Punjabis, five Pashtuns and one Baloch. (Source: Ahmar Masti Khan)

AJ Khan:

Balochistan Government which encourages ethnic cleansing of the non Balochs in Balochistan by turning a blind eye to such happenings. They let these crimes happen and encourages them in private meetings. They are extremely bias in the policy formulations, policy execution, jobs distribution, allocation of funds and quota policies.
After killing and extradition of thousands upon thousands of settlers, killing hundreds of Hazaras they have started testing the pulse of Pashtuns.
Mine owners should also be held responsible for the safety of their labour force. They should hire the services of security companies when working in high risk areas.
These government paid anti Pakistan elements should be taken to justice.


“settlers”???? Is this an allusion to ethnic Punjabi’s? If you don’t express yourself clearly this problem will persist. If we don’t speak up against fascism – in this case the fascist thinking of the BLA and their supporters – it will consume us all.
First they dragged out Punjabis from the Buses and shot them in cold blood. Nobody spoke up. These Punjabis are poor and who cares was the thinking. Then they went for the Hazaras. Only a few spoke up. They are Shias and minority so who cares was the flawed logic. Fascists of BLA were encouraged by the indifference and cowardice of Pakistanis. The Baloch leadership (Sardars and Nawabs) did nothing to condemn the killings. Other ethnic groups kept silent. From the ANP to the MQM no one condemned. Let them shoot Punjabis and Hazaras. BUT this thinking will consume all other ethnic group too – now pushtuns. And the logic will end in Baloch killing Baloch. If you don’t speak up against fascism it will consume you. Speak up Pakistanis if you dare.
This type of Ethno-Fascism is also found in Karachi and other areas where ethnically based murder i rampant. There are other fascism in Pakistan apart from the BLA.


Khalid Javed

Its so sad taht these so called liberationists can turn so wild & inhuman to kill these poor, innocent coal miners to achieve their political objectives. Government has miserably failed in protection of fundamental rights of its citizens. Need some iron fist to get rid of these terrorists.

Tufan Khan Achakzai

This is the most coward act . The blood of these Pashtuns labors which has got nothing to do with the political aspirations of the Baloch has been spilled unnecessarily. The killewrs are known and history will remember this tyrany which will have long term effects on the life in Balochistan.
They will surely be made answerable. Pashtuns must stand up to the occassion.


29 June 2011

“Almost all non-Baloch are on their hit-list.”

Nearly 1,200 settlers are estimated to have been killed across Balochistan, mostly in what are referred to as hit-and-run incidents and grenade attacks on their businesses and homes. According to Balochistan Punjabi Ittehad, some 200,000 people have fled Balochistan since early 2008 when the violence against various ethnic groups excluding Pashtuns peaked. Other estimates put the number at 100,000. In any case the migration has been significant.

Muhammad Khalid of Balochistan Punjabi Ittehad says “the militants began to target the Punjabi settlers after Nawab Bugti was taken out by the military (in August, 2006). Before that there were occasional incidents in which Punjabis were targeted”.

The settler killings increased soon after the Feb 2008 elections. It was the time when the Baloch militant organisations such as Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) began to paint such slogans as ‘down with Punjabis’, ‘Long Live Azad Balochistan’, etc. “My own election billboards were sprayed by the BLA activists with these slogans,” says Anwaarul Haq Kakar, a young PML-N leader whose National Assembly constituency in Quetta mostly comprises Punjabi settlers.

“A vast majority of settlers killed in the beginning were service providers from Punjab running barber shops, laundries and tailoring shops. Later the militants also began to target teachers, doctors, lawyers and other professionals,” says Mohammad Amir, who is also associated with the Balochistan Punjabi Ittehad.

The first ‘high-profile’ killing in Quetta was of the provincial education minister, Shafique Ahmed, in 2009, he says. It was followed by the killings of school and college teachers, university professors and others. Mostly Punjabis were the target but other ethnic groups were also hit — Urdu-speaking people from Karachi and Hindko-speaking settlers from Haripur in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In many cases, people tell this reporter, those hit by the insurgents had earlier received pamphlets warning them to leave immediately.

The target killing has created an atmosphere of fear and terror among the settlers in the entire Balochistan. While Quetta still hosts a substantially large population of Punjabi and other settlers, few remain in the Baloch areas of the province. Even in Quetta the settlers are afraid of going to areas such as Sariab Road, a Baloch-dominated neighbourhood. Many old Sariab Road dwellers, including Pashtuns, have sold their property and moved to non-Baloch quarters of the city for safety.

23 June 2012

بلوچستان کے دارالحکومت کوئٹہ میں نامعلوم مسلح موٹر سائیکل سواروں نے ایک دھوبی کی دکان پر فائرنگ کرکے آٹھ افراد کو ہلاک جبکہ ایک کو زخمی کردیا۔

کوئٹہ سے بی بی سی کے نامہ نگار ایوب ترین کے مطابق سنیچر کو کوئٹہ کے علاقے سریاب مل کے قریب نامعلوم مسلح موٹر سائیکل سواروں نے ایک دھوبی کی دکان پر اندھا دھند فائرنگ کردی۔

جس کے نتیجے میں دکان میں موجود آٹھ افراد ہلاک اور ایک زخمی ہوگیا ہے ہلاک و زخمی ہونے والوں کو فوری طور پر سول ہسپتال کوئٹہ منتقل کردیاگیا۔

سول ہسپتال میں ڈاکٹروں کے مطابق ہلاک ہونے والوں میں پولیس کانسٹیبل گل محمد، محمد اسحاق، محمد، شیر محمد، نصر اللہ، محمد عمر، عبدالحمید شامل ہیں۔ ڈاکٹروں نے ضروری کارروائی کے بعد لاشیں ورثاء کے حوالے کردی ہیں۔
واقعہ کی اطلاع ملتے ہی پولیس اور فرنٹیر کور کی بھاری نفری موقع پر پہنچ گئی جبکہ سریاب پولیس نے نامعلوم موٹرسائیکل سواروں کے خلاف مقدمہ درج کرکے ان کی تلاش شروع کردی ہے لیکن آخری اطلاع تک کوئی گرفتاری عمل میں نہیں آئی اور نہ کسی نے اس واقعہ کی ذمہ داری قبول کی تھی۔

پولیس نے واقعہ کو ٹارگٹ کلنگ قرار دے دیا ہے اور کہا کہ واقعہ میں ہلاک ہونے والوں میں سے زیادہ تر کا تعلق سندھ ، پنجاب اور بلوچستان کے نصیر آباد سے ہے۔ ہلاک ہونے والوں میں باپ بیٹا بھی شامل ہیں جومحنت مزدوری کے لیے نصیر آباد کے علاقے صحبت پور سے کوئٹہ آئے تھے۔


10 August 2012:

23 August 2012

There have been numerous similar attacks as well as others based on sectarian or ethnic motives. In targeted killings, teachers have been shot dead and abductions and disappearances have become a regular affair. The people of Quetta and many other parts of the province now live in a state of perpetual fear and avoid going out after dark. There is simply no law and order and no sense of security.

As a result of all this, settlers from other provinces who have lived in Balochistan for generations have been forced to pack their belongings and leave. The Hazara community of the city feel equally insecure given the chilling frequency of attacks on them. In desperation, many have restricted their movements and others have made attempts to leave the country. Little heed has been paid to their protests by the authorities.


Former deputy chairman of Senate Mir Jan Mohammad Jamali said that settlers and teachers were fleeing from Balochistan due to target killings. “Peace was destroyed in Balochistan after stakeholders expressed zero tolerance for harmony and brotherhood,” he said.


Haris Khalique said that many think that it was a liberation struggle going on in Pakistan. He said that Shia-Sunni conflict is also taking place and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi developed in Brahvi areas and killing Hazaras.




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