Breaking: Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (Balochistan) publishes beheading video of two Shia Muslims

LeJ-ASWJ terrorists (Balchistan Wing) behead two innocent Shia Muslims

Source: Adapted and edited from Long War Journal (Bill Roggio)

The al Qaeda-linked Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) has released a gruesome video on jihadist internet forums that shows the beheading of two Shiite Muslims abducted form Quetta a few weeks ago. In a statement that accompanied the video on one of the forums, a jihadist said the LeJ (banned Pakistani terror group) is part of al Qaeda and the Taliban.

The video, titled “Revenge,” was released today, first on the Jamia Hafsa Urdu forum and then distributed on other jihadist forums, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which obtained the video.

Condensed version

In the video, two Shia men (Syed Haseeb Abbas Zaidi and Noor Ali) are filmed for nearly half an hour before they are brought outside and seated on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs. Standing behind them are four masked Lashkar-e-Jhangvi fighters; two are holding a red banner with crossed swords.

Two of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi fighters then pull out knives, and proceed to behead the two Shia men. The victims’ heads are then placed on their laps. The jihadists then wipe their knives on the clothes of the slain men.

The video is a slap on the face of ISI-touts in Quetta who claim that only Hazara Shias are being killed due to their ethnicity. Both of the Shias killed in this video are non-Hazara Shias of settler (Muhajir and Sindhi) backgrounds. This shows how radicalized anti-Shia Balochs (a tiny minority in majority of peaceful, secular Balochs) are now a part and parcel of Shia genocide. Instead of denying or understating their presence, Baloch tribal leaders, political parties and activists must boldly condemn them and refuse to provide them safe shelter in their areas. In the latter part, the video also gives strong warning to moderate Sunni traders and scholars including moderate Deobandi scholars Maulana Sherani (JUI) and Hafiz Hamidullah for their reconciliatory and unity stance towards Shias.

Here is why Hafiz Hamdullah was issued with warning by the ISI-sponsored LeJ terrorists:

A jihadist on the Hanein forum, who posted in Arabic, said the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi “is allied to Taliban-Pakistan and has a close relationship with it,” according to SITE, which translated the message.

“Most of the operations against the Shi’ites [in Pakistan], if not all of them, are carried out by this group,” the jihadist continued.

He also said the group carried out a suicide attack in Afghanistan against Shia last year, presumably a reference to the Dec. 6, 2011 attack that killed more than 50 Shia worshipers outside a mosque in the capital of Kabul. The Lashkar-e-Jhanghvi al Almi claimed credit for that attack [see LWJ report, Suicide bomber kills scores in attack at Kabul mosque].

LeJ-ASWJ militants have killed at least 19000 Shias in Pakistan as a part of slow motion genocide of Shia Muslims. Pakistan army, judiciary and government seem to have given complete freedom to Jihadi-sectarian assets of Pakistan army which are killing Shias, Sunni Barelvis, Ahmadis etc with impunity.

The jihadist at the Hanein forum also said that the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi “is the Omar Brigade of Taliban-Pakistan as the Omar Brigade of al Qaeda Organization targeted Badr Brigade and others among the [Shi’ites].”

The Lashkar-e-Jhangvi is an anti-Shia terror group that has integrated with al Qaeda and the Taliban in Pakistan’s tribal areas. The Lashkar-i-Jhangvi has an extensive network in Pakistan and serves as al Qaeda’s muscle for terror attacks. The group has conducted numerous suicide and other terror attacks inside Pakistan. In particular, the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi is well known for carrying out sectarian terror attacks against minority Shia, Ahmadis, Sufis (Sunni Barelvis), and Christians in Pakistan.

The US designated the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi as a Foreign Terrorist Organization in 2003. In 2010, the US added two of the terror group’s top leaders, Amanullah Afridi and Matiur Rehman, LeJ’s operations chief, to the list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

In February 2010, the US killed Qari Mohammad Zafar, a senior Lashkar-e-Jhangvi leader as well as a leader of the al Qaeda and Taliban-linked Fedayeen-i-Islam, in a drone strike in North Waziristan. Zafar was behind multiple terror attacks in Pakistan and was wanted by the US for murdering a consular official in Karachi.

Although Pakistan has added Lashkar-e-Jhangvi to its list of terror groups, it has been lax in dealing with the terror group and LeJ’s parent organization, the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan. Last year, a Pakistani court ordered the release of Malik Ishaq, a Lashkar-e-Jhangvi leader who is thought to have been involved in the March 3, 2009 assault on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, among other attacks. While Ishaq was supposedly in prison from 1997 until July 2011, he plotted numerous terror attacks in Pakistan.

According to Pakistani journalist Amir Mateen, there is some evidence that LeJ has the support of Pakistan’s security agencies and that almost all of the LeJ terrorists nabbed in Balochistan are radicalized Baloch militants. Shia activists have demanded Baloch tribal and political leaders and nationalists to take strict action against ISI-sponsored anti-Shia terrorists within their own community.

The video shows how much impunity such terrorists are allowed to operate by Pakistani State. For Pakistan, to not even prosecute LeJ-ASWJ terrorists, which Pakistan’s ISI sponsors, shows that the ISI don’t really care about Pakistan’s own citizens, as long they can use such Jihadist mercenaries for cross-border operations.

Comment in Urdu from

گزشتہ دنوں کوئٹہ میں لشکر جھنگوی کے ہاتھوں زبح ہونے والے شہید حسیب اور شہید منظور کی ویڈیو شیعہ کلنگ کو موصول، ویڈیو کو نشر کرنے کا فیصلہ

کوئٹہ میں گزشتہ دنوں اغوا ہونے والے شیعہ مومنین کی بیہمانہ طریقے سے قتل اُن تمام جمہوری طاقتوں اور ہیومن رائٹس کے چیمپینوں سے سوال کررہا ہے کہ ہمیں کس جرم میں قتل کردیا گیا؟

اس ملک کی عدلیہ ناکام ہوچکی ہے اس ملک کی عدلیہ اس دور کی ضیاالحق ہے جسے دہشتگردوں سے محبت اور امن پرستوں سے نفرت ہے۔ ہم کو اس عدلیہ سے کوئی اُمید نہیں اس کا انجام وہی ہوگا جو ضیاالحق کا ہوا۔

خدارا جاگو! کب تک ہم پاکستان کو اس قتل غارت کی آگ میں جلاتے رہنیگے۔


The following text is from terrorist website on which the video was released by LeJ Balochistan

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi::Presents::1st Official video Release ::Revenge::
بسم اللہ الرّحمن الرّحیم

لشـــــــکر جھنگوی بلوچستان
کی جانب سے
پیش خدمت ھے

ویڈیو فلم
بلوچستان میں
علماء اور عام مسلمانوں کا

یاد رھے کہ بلوچستان کراچی اور پاکستان کےدیگر علاقوں سمیت ہر ملک میں رافضیت (شیعہ)دین حق کے غلبہ کے راستے کی آڑ بنی ہوئی ھے
لیکن اللہ کے فضل سے اور پاک پروردگار کی مدد سے مجاھدین پوری دنیا میں عامّۃ اور خصوصا پاکستان میں اس غلیظ طبقہ شیعہ کو خوب سبق سکھاتی ھے ۔
اللہ مجاھدین کے نشانوں کو ٹہیک اور درست فرمائیں
اور اس غلیظ و زندیق طبقے کو مزید مجاہدین اسلام کے ہاتھوں مروا کر مومنین خصوصا مجاھدین کے سینوں کو ٹھنڈک و راحت بخشیں ۔
یہ ویڈیو بھی مجاھدین کے واروں میں سے ایک وار ھے اور مومنین کے سینوں کے لئے یقینا ٹھنڈک کا زریعہ


Download link,s

351 MB…as-al-adil.mpg

210 MB

156 MB

اپنی نیک دعاؤں میں مجاھدین اسلام
کو ضرور یاد رکھیں

والسّلام وعلیکم ورحمۃ اللہ

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Video Link of Forced Fake Confession and Beheading: Warning – Graphic

A viral video has made rounds online where a Quetta bus carrying Shia pilgrims was stopped by Takfiri Deobandis in Mastung (September 2011), and where all Shias (including Hazara and non-Hazara Shias) in the bus were rounded up and shot dead in cold blood. Upon closer inspection of that video, it turns out that the killers of those Shia pilgrims were not speaking Pashtu or Punjabi – as the common stereotype about LeJ-Taliban is – but Brahvi mixed with some Balochi. Brahvi speaking people are an integral part of the Baloch nation.

In recent times the Baloch city of Mastung – an traditional stronghold of Baloch politics – has become a hotbead of anti-Shia killings and many deadly acts of terror have been carried out against Shias in and around Mastung where the local language is both Brahvi and Balochi. It seems that the Deep State has now successfully infiltrated the secular Baloch movement while some Baloch activists remain either in denial or silence over these atrocities.



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