Hamid Mir slaps Dr Shahid Masood and Shaheen Sehbai

How many politicians have to die to please you enough?

We previously wrote that enemies of democracy taunt President Zardari for what they term as his cowardice to refrain from exposing himself in public meetings. The main aim of the Mullah Media Alliance (Pakistani Taliban Union of Journalists) here is to help their foot-soldiers by “facilitating” Zardari’s death in a suicide attack. Asadullah Ghalib has previously written on this topic, which can be read here:


Today, Hamid Mir has written on this topic. Taking note of the ANP’s sacrifices in the war on terror, Hamid Mir mourns the death of an ANP MPA Dr Shamshir Ali Khan in a suicide attack in Swat. Mir also condemns those persons (such as Dr Shahid Masood, Shaheen Sehbai, Irfan Siddiqui, Ansar Abbasi, Talat Hussain etc) who usually criticise President Zardari and other politicians for what they term as their cowardice to remain protected in their ‘bunkers’. Mir asks such anti-democracy lobby the following question: “How many politicians have to die to please you enough?”:



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