From banks of the Nile to the land of Talagang – by Dr. Zulfiqar Ali


Ali Wanis

Dear Ummah,

My name is Ali Wanis. I am a Salafist member of Egypt’s parliament. As you know that Yahood o Hanood are totally, totally afraid of us. It is us, whom some people call fanatics, that no one, including “yahood o hanood’, knows how we may behave.

Because we have won in Egypt (thanks to Almighty Allah, Amreekah and Army) and also because our brothers Mullah Omar and Zawahiri are fighting the infidels in Pakistan, Zionists and Hindu Banyas have increased their conspiracies against the bulwarks of Islam i.e. me and brother Qari Saeed Alvi of Talagang.

It was because of this, Iqbal said:

Neel ke sahil se le kar ta bakhak e Talagang
(From the banks of the Nile to the land of Talagang)

I am an MP from Noor (light) Party of Egypt and Brother Qari Saeed Alvi is chief of Sipah e Sahaba (ASWJ) Talagang.

You will see how Yahood O Hanood play in synchrony.

اتوار 22 جولائ 2012 ,BBC
مصر میں ایک مذہبی جماعت سے تعلق رکھنے والے ایک رکن پارلیمان کو عدالت سے ’فحاشی‘ کے الزام میں سزا سنائی گئی ہے۔

Here, I was taking my niece to college in my car. She attends night classes, which start after Isha. I was taking her to her lessons. It was night. Those Zionists had reprogrammed my GPS. So instead of going to her Madarasa, it took me away from Qahira (Cairo). May God’s Qahar (curse) be upon them.

While Yahood were doing it on the banks of the Nile, Hanood were doing their dirty work in Pakistan.

Qari Saeed Alvi, Deputy President of ASWJ-SSP Talagang

لڑکیوں کو موبائل فون کے ذریعے پھنسانے والا سپاہ صحابہ کا قاری سعید گرفتار ہو گیا
اسلام ٹائمز: مدعیہ فرح ناز بی بی نے آن لائن ویب سائٹ کے نمائندے کو بتایا کہ قاری سعید اُسے پانچ ماہ سے فون پر تنگ کر رہا تھا، قاری سعید کو گھر بلانے سے قبل ہم نے اہل محلہ کو آگاہ کر دیا تھا کہ جو شخص فون پر تنگ کرتا ہے، اسے آج بلایا ہے، اہل محلہ بھی اس بات کے گواہ ہیں کہ مذکورہ شخص ہمارے گھر آیا ہے۔

One girl sent SMS to brother Alvi and asked about some complicated issues of religion. He tried to clarify her confusion by SMS. Because ‘issues’ were complicated, girl asked Brother Qari Saeed Alvi to explain them face to face. Only and only for the sake of Islam did he agree going there. This was not only told by him, but was also confirmed by brother Zaid Hamid. Like my GPS, brother Alvi’s SMSs were also tempered and made to look if he was doing something sexual. Shame on you SAFMA!

I was only being kind to my niece but Zionist police says that I was caressing her. They accused me of something I even do not know the meanings of. I told them that she was my niece. They did not believe me. Then I said that she was my fiancée. They still did not believe me. They wanted me to show them her identity. I said that it was against Islam to have photo. They then demanded the DNA sample. How can I agree to that Jewish test?

What Yahood were doing here, exactly same was being done by Hanood there. Hanoodi police accused Brother Alvi of sexual advances on a girl. How can he make sexual advances towards a female? Don’t they know he studied in a Madarsaa? Shame on you Asma Jehangir!

For more than a month, my niece cum fiancée is in jail. They want to put me in jail too, but I have gone underground. It is so heartening to know that real Islamic judges have given bail to Brother Alvi. How I wish that Justice Sharif can also represent me like he is doing for Qadri. Shame on you Justice Kantju and Irfan Qadir!

This is the last battle before the Ghazwa e Hind. You can confirm this from Brother Zaid Hamid. So I and Brother Zaid want all Ummah to unite against this conspiracy.

I called my old friends in Jang group. Ansar Abbasi (God bless him) said that he will do anything for the sake of Islam. He works for the most credible news ‘agencies’ as you may know. When I saw this in the Daily News of Sunday July 23rd:

Ex-MP gets 18 months jail in “JAPAN”

CAIRO: An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced Ali Wanis, a Muslim cleric and ex-lawmaker, to 18 months in prison after he was found guilty of committing an “indecent act” in a car with a female university student.

I became convinced that they can do anything for the sake of Islam. May God give Mir Shakil U Rahman one more bungalow in Dubai.

I phoned Brother Ansari to thank him. He said that Omar the Third Abu Arslan Hazrat Iftikhar, aka Mullah Omar e Sani (even though you are a kaafir, but thank you Faisal Raza Abidi) was also on board.

He has already promised to take Suo Motu against Vladimir Putin, David Cameron and Kim Jong-un.

Chief, Tere Jansaar
Multan main gai haar.

“Wanis, who is a member of the ultraconservative Salafi Nour Party, has denied news reports of an “indecent act” and alleged that Nesrine was his fiancé and that she was sick and he was helping her wash her face”

Dr. Zulfiqar Ali with guidance from Ali Abbas Taj



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