Phone interview with Dr. Syed Taj US congress contender – by Ali Taj

Today I caught up with Dr. Taj for a telephone interview when he was about to go for his Maghrib prayers. Although the name implies that he may somehow be related to me, yet the only relation I bear with him is of belonging to the Sub-Continent. He was very kind to take some time to talk about his congressional race for United States Congress from the state of Michigan (D). He believes in secular values and his own demeanor is a true representation of a “Desi”

Race for United States Congress from Michigan;

From among my friends who monitor congressional races, most are of the opinion that Dr. Taj has a pretty good chance of winning. He has been an elected official to the local city council and thus possess the necessary know how to participate in the congressional race. Dr. Taj believes that the United States is a land of immigrants. He intends to give America the Asian or more likely a Desi trend there – by making it a true melting pot of Desi- America aspiration and goals for the collective good of all Americans. I believe that all Desis, Pakistanis and Indians, in the United Stated, should give Dr. Taj their valuable support and inspire all fellow Americans to join them in this promising effort.

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Secular Values:

Dr. Taj believes that the secular values have helped him prosper in India, in England, and finally in the United States of America. He has risen from among the most basic associates, from being an intern to join the rank of those who lead, by becoming the head of the Hospital in Michigan. Dr. Taj views secularism as a pacifying force against aggravating practices of any given faith which tend to inflict the pursuit of happiness of aspiring societies of this nation regardless of their native origins. In all earnestness, he intends to contend the forces pernicious to the existence of secularism in the United States. I see in him the qualities of an ambassador at large for the people of the Sub Continent in the United States Congress. I’m sure that he will inspire others for tolerance and will indulge in bringing down extremism of all forms and will subsequently succeed in bringing the people of Pakistan and India closer together. We must never forget that the founders of both India and Pakistan desired for the twin countries to be the best friends.

Dr. Taj has genuine concerns about the civil rights and prosperity of various ethnic and sectarian sects of the Pakistani society. Particularly the Shias, Ahmedies and Hindus and Sikhs. He seems to refer to the beliefs of the founder of Pakistan who at the inception of that nation assured his people that they were free to go to their temples, mosques and churches in a free Pakistan. He intends to keep a keen eye on the prospects of an alternative media in Pakistan to

assure the flow of uninhibited news and information for the defense of the rights of those whose survival at present is gravely uncertain.

Definition of “true DESI”

According to Dr. Taj a “true Desi” would be someone who can only converse, but can also read and write his native dialect. According to Dr. Taj, not only is he the first “True Desi”, by his own definition.



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