Am I a Zionist? – by Irfan Qadri

Dear LUBP editors: I will really appreciate if you could publish the following note and the exchange. Thank you. Irfan

As a Pakistani Muslim of Sunni Barelvi origin, I have always supported human rights of Pakistan’s persecuted and target killed communities including but not limited to Shias, Sunni Barelvis, Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus etc. I have not only condemned Pakistan’s military-dominated government’s atrocities against its own citizens but also condemned Saudi Arabia’s treatment of Sufi Sunnis and Shias, Iran’s treatment of the Bahais and the Balochs, USA’s double standards in Bahrain and Syria and Iran and Saudi Arabia, Hamas’s violence against Israeli civilians and Israel’s apartheid against its own Arab citizens and out of proportion violence against Palestinians.

It is my principled view that Shias of Pakistan have been hurt not only by the ISI & proxies, but also by those Pakistani Shias who remain blind followers of the policies and agendas of the Iranian clergy-led regime, eg, in terms of the DPC style anti-Semitism, Xenophobia, condemnation of NATO supplies, silence on Zarina Marri (Baloch) but support for Aafia Siddiqi (Farhat Hashmi and Al Qaeda supporter).  For the life of me, I can’t understand Iran’s criminal silence on Shia genocide in Pakistan at the hands of Pakistan army-sponsored ASWJ-Taliban terrorists.

Here’s one example of the morality (or lack thereof) of a website which calls itself Political Shia – Pakistan but behaves more like Political Shia-Iran or the Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC).

I happened to cross-post links to two LUBP articles on the facebook page of the said website. Their response was revealing. I am providing the entire exchange below and want to ask LUBP readers: Am I really a Zionist?

Irfan Qadri
The blocks on minority Web sites bode poorly for the basic right to free speech in Pakistan – by Huma Yusuf

Irfan Qadri
Israeli President Shimon Peres wishes Muslim world a blessed Ramadan | LUBP

Political Shia – Pakistan
‎Irfan Qadri only you can be a fool enough to consider shias as minority

Political Shia – Pakistan
and only you can be fooled for accepting Israel’s wish for ramadan

Irfan Qadri ‎
Political Shia – Pakistan What minority? Who said that?

Irfan Qadri
In the meanwhile, keep enjoying your friendship with Hamas and Muslim Brotherhoold which have already stopped Ashura in Gaza and Egypt.

Irfan Qadri ‎
Is Political Shia Pakistan being moderated by a new person, who lacks basic manners? If he does not know how to read, must learn how to write. In the editor’s note in the above published link, it was clearly stated that Shias are not a minority. Political Shia – Pakistan must offer an apology if he has some morality left.

Syed Haider H. Shah
‎” Last but not least minority is not an appropriate word to describe Pakistan’s Shia Muslims. ” – in the 2nd paragraph

Political Shia – Pakistan
‎Irfan Qadri hating israel doesn’t mean we support their stooges like Muslim brotherhod

Irfan Qadri ‎
Political Shia – Pakistan You have deleted your comment and not offered an apology. You have deleted my comment too. Is that how a Shia of Imam Ali behaves. Stop behaving like a Shia of Muawiya. Restore my and your comments or I will publish the entire exchange!

Political Shia – Pakistan
‎Irfan Qadri comments have been deleted to avoid inconvenience to other readers, if you have issues with the page contact by messages

and welcoming israel on our page is not allowed

Irfan Qadri
No the exchange was public. You were publicly rude without reading the post on Shia website. You must offer a public apology.

Political Shia – Pakistan
‎Irfan Qadri what about an apology for supporting a zionist cause?

Syed Haider H. Shah
I’m sorry but I cannot see where anybody is supporting Israel or a zionist cause.
P.S I’m a proud Shia.

Irfan Qadri
Political Shia – Pakistan Truly you are a dishonest person with a a twisted mind. If I posted LUBP’s balanced post on Israel President’s message, this means I am supporting a Zionist cause? What else is bigotry and fatway baazi? Still you refuse to apologize on calling me a fool because in your words I believe Shias are a minority. This conversation is over. Given that you are likely to delete this exchange I am am glad it is saved as a comment on LUBP, and will request them to take a notice of this exchange by those they are trying to support.

Political Shia – Pakistan
‎Irfan Qadri
Iran infected !!!

Shows whose language you are speaking in you zionist


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  1. I am disappointed but not at all surprised by this exchange.

    Both ISI and IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) have infected some Pakistani Shias. They have lost their ability to critically think and independently act.

  2. I am glad that Mr. Rusty Walker has (on a different thread) appreciated and endorsed Mr. Irfan Qadri’s position. Mr. Walker is one of the key supporters of Shia cause in the U.S. Is he too a Zionist as per Iranaia Mullahs infected Shias?

  3. Irfan Qadri is a dirty Zionist agent. Political Shia zindabad. Iran zindabad. Murda bad Amreeka, Murda bad dushman e vilayat e faqih

  4. Yes, Lets all be pro-Israel for a change. Maybe Wahabis and their terrorist slaves will spare us for siding with their masters.

  5. The blind followers of Iranian Mullah Regime have always set their ties and foes in accordance with the Iranian Foreign Policy. They are as much responsible for the genocide of shias as Saudi Puppets. The biggest example is MWM (The shia form of DPC). These stupids put large billboards of Khomeni and Khamenaei through out the country on every 2nd religious event. What is the point? are shias of Pakistan impotent? Dont they have a leader of their own? I saw resistance against the placement of Khomeinis Billboards even in Afghanistan this year. Shias of Afghanistan staged protests and a massive social network campaign against Iranian Proxies and Iranian Policies in Afghanistan. Pakistani Shias must recognize that Iran and Pakistan are two different states with different priorities and different ground realities otherwise i dont see an end to the misseries of shias in Pakistan

  6. Ali Changazi,

    Don’t give misinformation to people here…… You are stupid person who always blaming Iran for interfere in Pakistani shia matters…Give me a single example that any Irani Officials protest to Pakistani Govt for target killing of Shias in Pakistan since 1980…Never Never…

    Iran is not interfering any matter of Pakistan shia’s but you stupid person always trying to blame Iran for killing of Pakistani shia’s…..

    For God sake, Mr Ali Changazi…. the killing of Shias specially Hazara shias are due to the silent of you people like you and your stupidity… if you people United in Quetta than no body can kill Hazara innocent Shias……..

  7. Sadly i just saw a condemnation Statement of Iranian Supreme Leader on the killings of Muslims in Burma. He also felt the pains of Bahrain Muslims. Do i need to mention the Heart touching statements of Mr Khamenai over Palestinians and Lebanese Muslims? 😀
    Yes i never witnessed any condemnation from Iranian Mullah Regime over the “”3 Decades long persecution of Shias in Pakistan””.
    Its all dirty POLITICS in the name of Religion. Thousands and Thousands of Hazaras were massacred in Afghanistan by taleban regime I didn’t see any pain in the eyes of Iranian Mullahs (they called it ethnic violence :D)
    S. Hussain Brother you are an emotional person that is why you cursed me in you last comment. But if you had a slightest of common sense and enough of an open mind to accept Harsh Facts you wouldn’t have posted that childish and emotional speech 🙂

  8. The blasphemy/hate literature against the holy figures of Sunni Muslims are all published from IRAN. They are preaching Hate through their literature which provides the saudi proxies (SSP and LeJ) with a reason to persecute the shias of pakistan.
    Right after the iranian revoultion Mr Khomeni announced to expand the revolution throughout the muslim world. The establishment of Hezbollah in Lebanon and Tehreek e Nifaz e Fiqa Jaffirya in Pakistan were all part of that plan. Now think for moment a country with 70 to 75 % Sunni Population you fund and establish a group of ignorant mullahs for the Nifaz of Fiqah Jafirya? wasn’t this interference? Saudi Arabia retaliated quickly and formed Sipah e Sahaba to counter the iranian influence over pakistan and thus our country became their Battle Field and our people (sunnis and shias) became their assets

  9. Dear Changezi sahib, I completely agree with you that 120 Shia Muslims of Khairpur, Sindh who were preparing for Islamic revolution in Iran and distributing pamphlets in support of Ahmadinejad and hate literature of Shariati against Sahaba deserved the punishment in 1963, after all 1963 and Iranian revolution in 1979 has gap of just 61 years..

    Also why Imam khomeini was hypocritically crying on Arif Hussaini’s martyrdom and saying “Today I lost one of my dearest sons…”

    I don’t trust Syed Khamenai when he says this for Pakistani Shias as I only trust Pakistani liberals and PPP (including you, the great brelvi bhai who penned this piece) who stand up and fill streets against any minor injustice against Pakistani Shias..

    I find it absolute interference in Pak matters and spreading lies about Pak liberals and PPP when Grand Ayatollah Saafi Golpayegani says “they cut heads and limbs off the Shia and no one utters a word. Do not do as we should [in helping the Pakistani Shia] and we will have to answer to God.”

    We must keep trust in Islamic brothers in Saudia, liberal friends in Pakistan and Brelvi brothers who can’t sleep in night when they hear about Shias suffer more hunger when their Iftar is delayed by 10 minutes by bloody Iranian mullahs and their infected Aytullahs in Najaf, Karbala and Beirout…!

    Also I must not forget to thank Honourable Abdul Nishapuri for giving you platform to spread this light of knowledge and wisdom…!

  10. @M Baloch

    Where did Syed Khamenei condemn Pakistan army-sponsored Shia genocide in Pakistan? Usually he is bold in criticism of Saudi Kingdom, USA and Israel. Why such silence on Pakistani generals who have killed more Shias than Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Israel?

    Even Munawar Hasan and Imran Khan too offer vague condemnation of Shia massacres. How is Iran different?

  11. @Kamran Sahib:
    Do you know something about Tehran Friday leader Syed Ahmad Khatmi and his statements about Pak Shias and military.

    But I see your point, according to your criteria Faisal Raza Abidi (supporting Pak Army, ISI in every statement) is great person and his service against ShiaGenocide are Kosher for criticalPPP also PPP is ideal party since it called generals when found any opportunity but Khamnai is an ISI stooge same like IK, Munwar Hassan …

    Also in real world there are some thing called nature of conflicts, equating Bahrain and KSA’s Shia movements with Pakistan and demanding same reaction demands a cup of Doodh-patti tea in Iftaar…!

  12. @M Baloch

    I condemn Faisal Abidi’s silence on Pakistan army’s role in Shia genocide. Would you condemn Ayatollah Khamenei’s silence on Pakistan army’s dirty role in Shia genocide?

    Stay focused on the topic instead of wiggling out and deflections.

  13. Ah, so I am wiggling out, thank you for informing but I never said FR Abidi is silent. FR Abidi is NOT silent, he is supporter of the institutions, should I send you links?

    Syed Khamenai has official post and many things to do for Iran and world Shias beside issuing statements. But you want me to condemn a person for whom I am not sure all aspects of the issue are clear or not just because you condemned Abidi’s SILENCE, sorry dear..!

  14. @M Baloch

    “Syed Khamenai has official post and many things to do for Iran and world Shias beside issuing statements”

    Ah, Pakistan’s Shias, world’s largest target killed Shia community don’t deserve a clear, unambiguous statement from the “Naib-e-Imam”. Don’t their killers, the Yazids of today, Pakistan army generals deserve to be condemned?

    I rest my case.

  15. @M Baloch

    Take that from someone who has met Khamenei, he knows no shit about Pakistan. He and his closest aides, 2 of whom happen to be my relatives, were celebrating the victories of Islam in Egypt and Tunisia when Shias in Pakistan were being slaughtered. They are least bothered about us, they have bigger/fantastic battles to fight, in which they will easily use us as bait.

    Iranian regime’s criminal silence and its attitude of taking Shias of Pakistan for granted cannot be defended. And your defence of the indefensible is incomprehensible.

    You can try to absolve Khamenei of criticism by posting a cautious 9 year old statement that actually says nothing of substance in front of those who either do not know Persian language, or cannot read the Persian Calender. It has been 9 years since that statement was issued. Much has happened since then.

    And yes, if Khamenei claims to be ‘Wali Amr-il-Muslimeen’, he is under the obligation of being cognizant of our condition and committed to its improvement. But he cannot even dare to issue a statement in order not to irk the murderous Pakistani state, which Iran – in all its characteristic stupidity – thinks can be wooed away from Saudi Arabia and the US.

    If he cannot even dare to issue a statement, better have some self-respect and not claim being the vicegerent of Imam Mahdi (a.s). But what to expect of those who even tried to substitute Imam Mahdi (a.s) with Khomeini.

    Stop sacrificing our brothers at the altar of your stupid religiosity, please. The heartless and stupid Iranians wouldn’t understand, at least you can, since you know the situation here. Stop adding further to their delusions.

    A secular, democratic country is the only possible and acceptable dispensation for us. The Wilayat-e-Faqih dunces need to realize this and stop acting as Iranian stooges everywhere in the world.

    P.S. Before you brand me too as a Zionist, let me clarify that I follow the tradition which was against Zionism and Imperialism even when Islamists were giving them a lap dance. Anti-Zionism and anti-Imperialism is my legacy, my heritage, which has been subject to heist by the opportunist Islamists.


  16. I don’t know about land loving people but true shias are without borders and only love ahl-e-bayat(as) no matter what. We have survived for 1400 years with help of Imam(as) without being Imperial slave and that is going to stay that way no matter what !

  17. Dear Ali,
    Firstly, I never called anyone Zionist nor ISI agent, so I don’t know how did you conclude it from my comments?

    I don’t have relatives in Pakistani Shia clergy, advisers to Syed Khamnai are far distant, please explain them your furstration. But I know one thing, when my presidient was visiting his chateaous in France, it was Syed Khamnai crying and appealing people to donate for Pakistanis:

    If you get chance to visit home town of Shia, secular, liberal, pragmatic, your representative presidient Asif Zardari, please ask people has they got Iranian adonation or Pak govt.’s support and you are asking me to support these criminals?

    Who has deputed Syed Khamnai or Khomeini as Naib Imam? For your kind information, Imam khomeini even never used Ayatullah for himself, as this is title of Ahalbait AS in Quran? What is legitmacy of Wali Faqih or Wali amr muslimeen to Pakistani Shias, his legitmacy is from the votes of Majlis Khobergan, when he is not elected by Pakistani Shia nor most of Pakistani Shia follow him for religious guidance (TAQLEED) and you are saying that he should come and save us.

    I wish you best for your dreams of secular, liberal and democratic Pakistan but from Undals to Usmania and from secular Saddam to liberal Mushrraf (let me not remind you about Zardari or BB ‘s love for Azam Tariq & Taliban, its recent history) no one spared us, no one, in words of Dr. Shariati, “When chirstians and jews’s lives were safe in Salahdin and heir ancestors’ kingdoms, Shia blood was flowing in Furat and Nile”; these corrupt, incompetent, bloody mullahs who stood for us and gave their life from Shahid awal to Shahid Baqir Sadr! I trust them because of their noble history, when you find 1/10 of such in you seculars, please let me know I ll change my religion…!

  18. Yes, Syed Khamenai doesn’t know shit about Pakistan but far better than Pakistani PM Junejo when he was asked where is Gilgat, he replied “It is near Balochistan” or current lot of seculr, democratic, liberal PPP leadership who need translaters to understand what their people are saying, Junejo was much better than them..!

  19. @M Baloch

    Even I am surprised how you assumed I was an advocate of either BB or Zardari. No, my name is not Babar Awan.

    Secondly, my comment was strictly related to the incumbent Iranian regime. The manner in which you dragged in Shaheed-e-Awal and Shaheed Sadr and presented them as martyrs of the present Iranian regime requires genius.

    I not only respect the Shia scholars, but I have spent half my life reading them on all subjects. Do not look at things in black and white. I can be a liberal, and at the same time be religious.

    I also scrolled back to see where I had asked you to change your religion. No where did I ask you to change your faith, may be I only asked to open your eyes, but you conveniently assumed I was out of the fold of faith because I maintained a support for a democratic and secular dispensation. I am not surprised.

    I give a damn about Junejo, Zardari, or anyone else from the lot for that matter.

    If Khamenei is elected by the Majlis-e-Khobragan, and is answerable to either them or the Majlis-e-Negehban, both of which are Iranian bodies, he – or his advocates who abound the earth – should categorically state that:

    1. Wilayat-e-Faqih is not a divine designation. Wali-e-Faqih is fallible.
    2. Someone who doesn’t believe in Wilayat-e-Faqih is not an apostate. For your information, Javadi Amoli (whom I respect as a philosopher) has declared WeF being a part of Imamat in Usool-e-Din! Surprised?
    3. Wilayat-e-Faqih’s jurisdiction does not extend beyond the borders of Iran.

    As far as I am concerned, I might not care about a certain Wali-e-Faqih who I know is not only misinformed about the world, but even about Iran. I have stories to share if we ever happen to speak one-on-one :). But many of people who serve as Inquilabi cheerleaders do believe in absoluteness of Wilayat-e-Faqih. They need to be informed that while they may continue believing in Wilayat-e-Faqih as a political system, it is not replicable or extendible to Pakistan. Its jurisdiction and legitimacy ends with Iran’s borders. Beyond that it may merit respect, but nothing else.

    And no, I have no hopes of Iran, and I do not desire their help either. But I do have issues with a few stupid/paid Mullahs who serve as Iran’s agents in Pakistan and fool the common people. I don’t want Iran’s help or its money, but I do not want its propaganda and propagandists either! I am not ready to see my people being sacrificed either in the name of Pakistan’s murderous foreign policy, or Iran’s stupid and opportunistic foreign policy.

    I am concerned about Shia lives, and I will point fingers at al those who are either responsible for it or are silent spectators. The list includes a lot of people, but as far as the Iranian regime is concerned, it is not only shamelessly silent on our genocide, but also indirectly responsible.


  20. Dear All, first of all we all have to be honest in knowing and understanding the facts .

    1. Pakistans ruling elites, military, business sector, intelligence agencies, politicians are all under solid US influence. US calls the shots with Saudi help.

    2. Iran today is the only true independent government standing up to world hegemony despite many challenges, attack by saddam (supported by west )

    3. Pakistani Shias are being punished for supporting the islamic revolution. A revolution that has clearly brought Islam in a great position as a hope and salvation for the masses.

    4. US and Saudi had to create and fund a version of islam that will be abhorrent to all. hence wahabi fitna.

    5. On other hand the new world order pushes the masses towards liberalism and fake slogans of democracy etc.

  21. I see your point, secular, democtratic and liberal forces are headed by Hafiz Saeed and Moulana Fazul Rehman, Zardari and PPP have nothing to do with them and of course why you will support PPP when Syed Khamenai is instructing Rehman Malik to

    By quoting few persons and practices of some other ill informed you have told me how much you know about Wilayat Faqih. Syed Khoi or Syed Sistani or Syed Fadaullah does not support it as Iranian political system but for himself he is jurist he holds power of Wali Faqih for his followers

    It is better to read things in context and opening one’s own eyes before advising others and despite everything you ll not stop cursing Iraian as this is not our first encounter so …
    Peace from my side and keep your march ahead of spreading your knowledge and wisdom, I am sure your half life of reading works of great scholars and teachings of Ahalbait AS had something more than that and Ramzan is month of reflection on one’s actions and deeds…

  22. @ M Baloch

    In order to be secular does one necessarily have to support PPP? Are you really so thick or playing it? I can be secular, religious, critical of Wilayat-e-Faqih, as well as critical of PPP at the same time. I disown PPP and Wilayat-e-Faqih both. You are a strange man!

    Secondly, Wilayat of a Faqih in the general sense is different. I repeatedly used the term Wali-Amril-Muslimeen (used for Khamenei) for the very purpose to clarify what I was referring to. Something you perhaps deliberately ignored. I was not speaking against Taqleed, or limited Wilayah of a Faqih. In fact, the manner in which other faqihs you have named explain Wilayat-e-Faqih razes the edifice of the intellectually rickety Iranian system.

    And do not be a ‘you know what’ by playing both sides that Ayesha, Muaviya and Imam Ali a.s were all correct. On the issue of Wilayat-e-Faqih as expounded by Ayatullah Khomeini, either he, or Ayatullah Khoei can be correct. Make your pick. Don’t play both sides. Stand somewhere at least.

    And you should have checked who Ayatullah Javadi Amoli is before calling him ill-informed. He was the only person I had quoted.

    And don’t be perturbed, I can stop ‘cursing’ Iranians, but first they need to learn to stay in their limits, both in terms of religion and politics.

    Finally, let me assure you, this is our first encounter. Do not whimsically take me for someone else.

    P.S. I wish you considered Ramzan, or any other month, the month for reflection on beliefs and thoughts too.