So, Pakistan does not have technology to jam an illegal FM radio station in Swat?

BBC Urdu dot com:

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Ghost Of TK said:

The mystery of illegal FM transmitters in FATA.

I wonder how “Pak” Fauj will react once the “Islamic Emirate of Seraikistan” starts its FM transmissions from Jhang or some other city like that? Will we still hear the same excuses? “Oh ji jammer ni mil raa ji” “oh ji oh ho gaya ji” “Oh ji aay ho gaya ji!” …. fvcking faggots!

Also, the backbone of this “taliban” sh!t is made up of disaffected seraiki youth. This is what you get when you ignore legitimage development and educational concernes of portions of society. They strike back with a vengeance your incompetent a$$ just can’t find the time to cope with!

What a waste of a nation!