Rehman Malik threatened a journalist?

In the world of cricket, spinners are known for spinning the ball on pitches and twisting, just like washing machines twisters which wash clothes perfectly. In Pakistan such techniques are used on the Media Pitch by Journalistic Machine who are an expert in twisting the stories, reports and news as per their personal wishes.

Yesteday at Karachi airport Senior Advisor to PM Mr. Rehman Malik landed in a light mood and was greeted by the media waiting for him outside the airport. Rehman Malik as usual started media talk and in all smiles and jokes. Soon after he started the press talk an incident happened when he quoted an example that the hands of this nation will reach the collars of ‘Qazi’ which means “Judges” and the Government leaders. He quoted the said example with the gestures which forced me to write this article on the biasedness of media.

The example contains the gestures of Rehman Malik which was captured by a photographer and was used against Rehman Malik for the personal grudges, to blackmail him or to defame him for whatever reasons but seriously by watching the video of the press talk and photograph I cannot understand where our media is going. Every Journalist in Pakistan is pretending to be a Don or a Mafia leader to do whatever they want. I would like to paste the video link and photograph for my viewers for their understanding of the twisting and spinning masters ofPakistan. Following is the video along with the photograph:

Let me recommend Pakistani journalists as coaches to World Class spin bowlers who have specialties of googlies and doosra, they will have many more quality spins if they get classes from Pakistani media journos. They are full of these qualities and specialties and can train anyone. Actually it reminds me of the media’s hero Zulfiqar Mirza’s mention for Rehman Malik – It really suits Media not to Rehman Malik. Our Media has specialties to portray a banana into apple and what note. There are no codes and ethics or accountability for media in Pakistan. Perhaps one day the hands of the nation will reach the collars of yellow journalists, the twisters an spinners.



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