How to make a great story on “krupshion” – Ansar Abbasi-Adil Gilani 101!

I was always weak in mathematics. Numbers were never my forte and hence, I remained a not so bright student. Work wise, I play with numbers and like analyzing them. I wonder, if I had a better grip on elementary maths, maybe, I would have been more strong academically.

Pakistan’s apex investigative journalist, Ansar Abbasi has leased the front page of his newspapers, Jang and The News on a priority basis. I am in awe of him that whether he “reports”, “opines” or “speculates”, he gets a certain space on the front page of Jang and The News. He has a set pattern that there is a sensational caption, includes recycled opinions which are not provable and in order to give his report-opinion-speculation credence, includes point of view of experts. If it is a legal matter, expect Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui or Wajihuddin Ahmed to opine (Am I in contempt that I haven’t referred to these two as justices). If it is a matter of elections, Kunwar Dilshad is there. On economy, he has found an able expert in the form of Shahid Hasan Siddiqui but no one beats his rapport with Syed Adil Gilani of Transparency International Pakistan.

With all the respect given by Ansar Abbasi to Adil Gilani, Adil Gilani gives him an exclusive insight on his upcoming reports or thought processes and this time using mathematics to make their case. 5th February, 2012 is no no less. The News has reported on a front page story “Rs 8,500 bn corruption mars Gilani tenure: Transparency while in Jang a verbatim translation comes out as “Wazeer-e-Azam Gilani ka 4 sala krupt tareen daur, Rs 8500 arab kee krupshion hui – Transparency International”.

The “report” itself deviates from the caption in the very first paragraph to include tax evasion and bad governance in the four years of the current government that has caused a loss of Rs. 8.5 trillion or USD 94 billion according to the Ansar Abbasi – Adil Gilani duo.

Adil Gilani thunders to say that “He believes that Pakistan does not need even a single penny from the outside world if it ffectively
checks the menace of corruption and ensures good governance”. From an analyst looking at facts, Adil Gilani becomes a champion of national ghiarat as well.

According to Adil Gilani, he has unearthed Rs. 2.76 trillion worth of corruption cases in the last four years. In order to get to his
magical figure of Rs. 8.5 trillion, Adil-Ansar have used Shaukat Tareen’s claim just before he resigned as Finance Minister that FBR has an annual corruption of Rs. 500 billion every year. So multiply 500 billion x 4 years, we get another Rs. 2 trillion. Then he has also added the bail outs given to various State Owned Enterprises like PSO, PIA, Pakistan Steel, Railways, SSGC, SNGP plus the headlines we heard from Public Accounts Committee and Auditor General of Pakistan etc, they are able to add another Rs. 1.5 trillion to the figures.

But in order to get to the Rs. 8.5 trillion, an excellent comparison has been done by the Ansar-Adil duo. They have mentioned that India’s Tax to GDP ratio is 18% while Pakistan’s 9% only. If we were not corrupt and were getting 18% like India was, that is Rs. 1.4 trillion as well.

In order to give their point of view even more weight, they have used the cabinet ministers allegations against each other as a reason to lambast the government. Who were those cabinet members – Azam Swati against Hamid Saeed Kazmi; Faisal Saleh Hayat against Raja Pervez Ashraf when Faisal was not a minister and now Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Sardar Assef after they have left the PPP and resigned. I wonder if these are weighty points!

One has to appreciate Ansar Abbasi for his reports full of hatred and contempt towards elected governments. “Krupshion and bad governance” have been rallying points for anti-PPP journalists always, but the way Ansar Abbasi does it along with his pal Kamran Khan, is just unbelievable.

On the other hand, Adil Gilani is for sure an angel or one of those aided by angels. Out of nowhere, his son, Sohrab Adil Gilani was made a member of board of directors of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation and when it was feared that Adil Gilani’s blackmail will be caught red handed, Sohrab resigned from the position Off course, this is not bad governance and krupshion. It was ill judgment on part of Ports and Shipping ministry to wake up one day and appoint Adil Gilani’s son as a member of board of directors!.

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  1. Ansar Abbasi is a member of Banned Hizb ut Tahreer. He probably has something against the Jang group that he blackmails them to get the front page space!

  2. Ahmed bhai,
    Ansar abbasi has gone mad completely. His fake writings have remained fruitless, his hopelessness made his brain chemistry imbalanced. he is the patient of Bipolar disorder, a dangerous psychiatric disease. He is medically unfit for the profession of journalism.

  3. Quite a few journalists are Talibanized and Ansar Abbasi is one of them. About Adil Gilani of Transparency International, whatever may be his position there, but certainly his appearing in Pakistani channels talk shows throws doubts on his character. In one talk show he was asked the question what was the ground of his assessment of corruption in Pakistan, he referred a report of Development Bank of Asia. So his claim of corruption is based on hearsay, else he does not have a proof of corruption. That does not mean, there is no corruption in Pakistan, but corruption is as much in Pakistan as in other parts of the world. May be Mr. Gilani would become his permanent guest if Mr. Ansar Abbasi gets anchor role of any channel’s talk show like Mr. Ruedad Khan is the permanent participant in Shahid Masood’s talk shows. “Koi main jhoot boliya, koi na, koi main kufr tolia koi na”. Mubashar Luqman is one anchor that does not spare the government but he also criticises PML-N and PTI. Pherhaps, that is why he is thrown out of a channel but due to his integrity another channel gives him the contract. Ansar Abbasi talks loudly his on foolish claims of presumptive corruption and future prediction but, by chance, in a talk show when he is face to face with Faisal Abidi, he is silenced like a rabbit.

    My question is only this, if there is so big a corruption of like trillions of rupees what the heck is the “Independent Judiciary” doing? They are in search of an unsigned paper lying dumped in some American office (Memo Gate) to topple the government, so they do not have time to investigate the corruption. If memogate can hit the board of justice, why can’t many unsigned documents depicting government corruption be produced as bona fide evidences against the government. What is the case of in Swiss Bank? The previous government of Nawaz Sharif filed the case in Switzerland that the hefty amount of around 60 million US$ deposited in a Swiss Bank belonged to Benazir and Asif Zardari and this money is Pakistan’s “peoples’” money which the “accused” earned through loot and plunder and that this amount be returned to the government. A Swiss investigating magistrate was assigned to investigate if there was any force in the application before it be put for a regular hearing in the Court. This is the story of 1996. The magistrate kept demanding the documents and papers that would be sufficient evidence to put the case before the court. The proofs were lying in a long distance planet like Pluto, so from 1996 till date the case could not be found fit for regular hearing in the court. So Pakistani judiciary is now after Memogate. And the likes of Ansar Abbasi would continue to play “corrutpion corruption”.

  4. Adil Gilani is a puppet and has found able handlers in Jang Group who call upon him to make allegations after allegations. He makes money through this and it is the duo between Adil and Ansar which allows Adil’s business to flourish. he was fired from KPT on corruption allegations.


    Have a look at the suit filed by Adil Gilani against Mubashir Lucman and Express News. Read the language and you will be amazed at the innuendos used in the suit.

    “Mr. Mubashir Luqman the plaintiff No: 1, took upon himself to protect his corrupt godfathers and thus started campaign against the plaintiff without doing his home work and without verifying the facts” page 2, para 7

    “who loves cheap publicity and cheap fame is obsessed with the popularity of plaintiff and T.I. Pakistan” page 4, para 11.

    “It was very sarcastically alleged by the defendant No; 1 in form of questions that who is financing the T.I. Pakistan, whether it is a Jew Lobby or RAW. As the said defendant No: 1 appears from his talk not to be highly educated and thus the allegations linking the plaintiff with Jew Lobby and RAW are typical of a person of the defendant No; 1’s mental caliber.” pag 4, para 13

    “to immediately remove this man as he is a black sheep amongst media people who is trying to gain cheap publicity at the cost and reputation of defendant No;
    2” Page 6, para 20…

  6. A lot of ppl i know and myself owe a lot to LUBP for offering what was unknown, and exposing what was hidden. Live long!

  7. I was just looking at the website of TI-Pakistan today and found that in fact Jang Group is Finding the corruption and TI is reporting. They have exchanged their roles and this is the height of Munafiqat. 99.99 percent of corruption stories ‘found’ by Jang Group is reported by TI and the share of other newspapers is less than 1 percent. This is Pathetic.

  8. I do not even know the way I ended up here, however I thought this post was once great. I don’t understand who you are but certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger should you aren’t already. Cheers!