Time to say good bye to strategic assets

The Haqqani Network, strategic asset for the Pakistani establishment.

The time has come for Pakistan to take decisive steps and needs to change policy on terrorism. Pakistani citizens who are paying taxes for human security: Health, education, protection and quality life need it now, just like any other civilized country in the world, they want a clear cut uniform national policy against terrorism & extremism for human dignity, security and peaceful prosperous modern life.

The whole world would also like to welcome shift in Pakistan’s stance towards terror organisations whom it’s Army and its premier intelligence agency ISI considers being its ‘strategic asset’, as U.S. accuses Pakistan of exporting violence to Afghanistan

The White House is calling on Pakistan’s government to break any links it has with the militant Haqqani Network. Obama administration officials say Islamabad has not acted against those who attacked the U.S. Embassy and NATO headquarters in Kabul last week.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Friday it is critical that Pakistan break any links it has with the Haqqani Network, and take strong and immediate action against it.

Pakistan consistently denies and ignores U.S. accusations that it helps the militants. The US has long maintained that the Haqqani network is using its bases in Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal region to launch cross-border guerrilla raids in Afghanistan. But despite escalating U.S. pressure, Pakistani real rulers have shown no signs they plan to mobilize troops to attack the Haqqani network in the Waziristan region.

The apologists and cheerleaders of the establishment and Jihadi complex like Maleeha Lodhi rather than pointing to our security and intelligence establishment’s double game and our own failure-advising America, her take on this issue: “Relations with Pakistan are headed towards a breakdown if the US continues its coercive approach of threats and public accusations”.

The reality still hasn’t quieted the conspiracy nuts; among their screeches are that Pakistan has every right to make its friends in Afghanistan and has every right to protect its interest in the region AND If at first you don’t succeed blame Haqqani:

For exemple,
The latest outburst of blaming everything on the Haqqani network is the result of frustration-America’s sign of weakness/demoralization, lack of success in Afghanistan. Blah Blah Blah: It’s just the same old rants.

The question framed by Khaled Ahmed in his thought-provoking piece,”What Pakistan should do“, very relevant and important to understand:

What is to be done? So far, Pakistan is challenging the US on the basis of a thinking that weighs Pakistan heavier in the strategic scale, retired diplomats and generals saying America needs Pakistan more than Pakistan needs America. Is Pakistan simply creating chaos just because America wants to create order?

There are still no positive signs: Pakistan’s establishment has shown no indication that it plan to act on American demands to attack the Haqqani network in its main base in Pakistan, even at the risk of further conflict with Washington.

The U.S. has given Pakistan billions of dollars in military and economic aid, but the relationship has been sullied by mistrust. Earlier, US secretary of state Hillary Clinton reminded Pakistanis that the US was their country’s biggest donor.

Ms. Clinton said: “Pakistan should understand that anti-Americanism and conspiracy theories will not make the problem disappear.”

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Sunday called for an all parties’ conference (APC) to build a consensus on Pakistan’s stance over US threats regarding Haqqani network. But I think it would be futile, since in Pakistan’s polity foreign affairs not fall in jurisdiction of the civilian leadership or governments, and we are also very much aware of political parties position on the U.S.-Pakistan relations, fundamentally not different from the real puppet masters. In a simple sentence: Pakistani civilian government still does not have “control” over the foreign issues, so APC would be unreal+ delusive.

What did we get from our strategic assets and other ill-conceived policies? A country with large terrorism [organizations] presence, societal/religious extremism, sectarian violence/killings, democratic dispensation under military generals, unfriendly ties with neighbors, poverty, illiteracy, disease, hunger, unemployment, corruption, and social inequalities, list is too long.

So we would recommend that this is the high time to act with wisdom and pro people approach. And this is the right time to say good bye to security state and embrace democracy.



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