Two Provinces: Different Local Government Bills

After a lot of confusion and campaigning against the fate of local government bodies, the Punjab Government finally brought the local government amendment bill in the parliament this month. The new bill was passed by PML-N with majority votes despite opposition’s protest.

The new Punjab  local government bill is a violation of the national constitution as well as of the charter of democracy. In the charter of democracy two former prime ministers had made written commitment to the nation that the LG system will not be abolished, and its elections will be conducted under the provincial election commission.

Whereas according to new local government bill of Punjab, elections will be held under the newly established election authority by the Punjab government.  This step lack transparency as it is not clear yet who will be selected in this election monitoring authority .

On the other hand in Sindh, coliation partners PPP, MQM and ANP went through a series of consulting meetings and finally decided to hold elections in 120 days after the bill is passed by the assembly . But the important thing to mention here is that the Sindh coalition government lead by PPP wants to conduct elections under the election commission, unlike the dubious election authority constituted by Shahbaz Sharif in Punjab.



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