Punjab ka Muqadma (Part II) – by Ammar Kazmi

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  1. kazmi saheb Panjaab k kam as kam 2 mazeed sobay bna chahye hm is k haq mai hay,is se punjab ki awam khush hal hoga, nuqsan siruf or siruf Takhty Lahore waloon ka hoga,

  2. India wali Punjab division bhi sazish thi aur aaj ki division bhi sazish hi hai aur mazrat ke saath 47 ki division bhi sirf Punjab ke khilaf sazish thi. Saraiki ka yeh mutaliba naya nahin hai per bhutto sb ne Tag lungah ko kbhi lift nai kurwai na hi BB ne. Aaj conveted PPP ka door hai aur nazriati members nikal ker PPP ko jumaete Islami ki puth lugai ja ruhi hai. Southern punjab main development rishwat ke tour per kurwai ja ruhi hai…Gailani ko nuzar nahin ata keh Kasur bhi utna hi pusmanda aur backward hai jitna southern punjab hai? Lahore se 40 kilometer bahir sara punjab aik sa hai per fedrel gov ke funds sirf south per lugai ja ruhe hain…kiya yeh rishwat aur nasal parasti nahin? sirf muslim league N ko ruste se hutnae ke liye pore central punjab ko nuzar andaz kiya ja ruha hai. Babar awan aur faisal raza abidi lahore ke workers ke kiya lugte hain jo Lahore PPP ke workers ko adress kurne ate hain? kiya lahore PPP main sub janwar hain ya gudhe hain jo un main se koi workers ki kiadat nahin kur sukta? Benazir Bhutto sacrificed her life & restore democracy in Pakistan but now it’s all political workers’ responsibility to bring true democracy in their parties. If there was democracy in the party then Gailani would not have become the premier of Pakistan. Speak for nation, speak for your rights to choose, speak for your kids, stand tall against all odds and give your best to it. Complete the unfinished agenda of martyrs to attain factual democracy. Improve the existing paralyzed democracy because new democratic parties cannot be made every day.
    Please don’t behave like pet of your leaderships.

  3. Kazmi Bhai, we promise you we will try our best never to behave as pets of any leader.
    Per we have deepest trust in leadership of President Zardari and PM Gilani because hum apnay leadership ka hazaar baar imtehaan lay chukay hain aur Khuda k karm say leadership nay kabhi b humay mayoos nahi kiya aur na aaj humay koi mayoosi hai…
    Chalay aap batai keh south Punjab key taraqi ya behtari k liyay agar mazeed units banai jain tou es may harj he kiya hai ya south Punjab ko waisa he rehnay dain jaisa last 40 years say hai???

  4. swaal yeh nahin keh aap ko leadership per deepest trust hai ya nahin. swaal yeh hai keh agar CEC ya president ke ilwa workers apna leader chunte to kiya Gailani PM bunta ya nahin? aur aik democratic party main PM ki slection kion hoti hai? worker ki rai aham kion nahin? Baqi Buhawal Pur ke issue per main ne bohat detail se likha hai aur apni aprihensions ka bhi izhar kiya hai aap isay neutrality aur soch sumajh ke saath ke saath parhiye baqi meri turha aap ko apni rai tukhne ka pura haq hai.
    main ne jo aaj tak jo daikha aur mehsoos kiya woh likh diya.

  5. Seriki Wasaib was never the part of Punjab. Punjab is not being divided only the part of Seriki land annexed into Punjab is being separated. Taj Langah is one of the founding members of PPP. Even before PPP was made he collaborated with ZAB. Shaheed BB gave him PPP ticket despite is very petty attitude towards PPP.

  6. Mr. Shaheryar Ali: Seriki Wasaib is a biggest lie of the history. History is evident that ZAB or Shaheed BB never ever gave him any importance but in present tenure ppl are so hypocrite that they can even deny the shijra of Gilani & Jamati Babar Awan.(PPP ke juson main taj lungah ka muzaq uraiya jata tha) This pity & Mirasi attitude is real hurdle for true democracy. Whenever someone tried to criticize the wrong policies ppl like you come forward as Mirasis of leadership. You ppl have no self respect honor or pride. you are just pity pathetic Mirasees. Whatever he wrote there is true but you people have no moral courage to question or stand against democratic dictators. You can only dance on the beat of dhol without yellow cloths. Division of Punjab will lead this country towards complete disaster. Go & see what Sindhis are saying on the decision of Karachi & Hyderabad?

  7. Well it could be accepted as your opinion but any one who knows a bit of history will beg to disagree. The Seriki heartland was never part of Punjab. The Riyast was independent in internal affairs as a princely state within India. The dera jaat were cut off from Balochistan and added to what became known as Punjab and NWFP by the British.
    Multan was captured by Sikhs by in a bloody war and made part of Takht e Lahore
    as for BB the very fact that she gave ticket to Taj Langah despite the fact that he was not even member of PPP that time but part of nationalists alliance against wishes of many speaks for herself more than anything else and to remind those who dont know people in Multan still remember her Speech at Shangrila restaurant where she recited famous couplet of Fareed known for its relevance with Seriki nationalists , even than she told PPP activists that time is not right for seriki province but she agreed that the issue will have to be addressed
    disagreement with Gilani, shujra and Awan should not be expressed in terms of these matters.
    Jhoka;n theesa’n abbad wal—
    in her peculiar accent

  8. COOL Boys Todyas Pakisan was Old Indus And sindh From kashmir to karachi Great raja daher was kashmari sindhi