Yes, they have ruined us – by Sehar Tauqeer

1. We, the 170 million Pakistanis, don’t know till when we will have to eat ‘fruits’ of these ruiners of Pakistan’, the so called Islamic Right Wing’ propaganda war machines, who Ayyaz Amir recently termed as Laptop Warriors, the pseudo Islamic Parties –  Saleem Safi recently exposed their sons and daughters studying Medicine, Business Management in Pakistan and abroad and preparing to grasp the ‘political throne’ of their dads in the near future while burning whole Pakistan in the fire of hatred and disinformation and ruining us. (Raheela Qazi of Jamata-i-Islami recently got her US citizenship.) Ridiculously, these so called ‘islamists’ send 50 curses on Isarel, 100 on India and 200 on the US daily before their breakfast to become ‘Intellectual’ in society which is woven by these Alice in  Wonderland Story Tellers, who roam around Wikepedia Articles, toil a few clicks on Google, blend it with some

spicy Conspiracy Theory, use some pet terms such as MOSSAD , RAW, CIA , BlackWater, Jews , Israel etc and their ‘Wonderful Analysis’ is ready which is ‘Un kai Mutabiq’ the final verdict from Heaven.

The Wikepedia and Google Scholars, exploiters of innocent Pakistanis emotions in name of religion, fake stories tellers, Yellow Journalism Followers, Go America Go slogans warriors, and the boot lickers of US (who from 1979-1988 sent heir own children to the US for higher studies and also to obtain its citizenship), Partners of Generals Yahya, Zia and Musharraf, Diesel Smugglers, Land Grabbers, (who want Prado instead of small cars in the Ministry of Tourism), Goons of IJT who ruined Pakistan Educatiuonal Instituions and Universities, used to break hands of those intelligent students who did not boycott examinations and tear the papers before 1997 in the UET Lahore and the Punjab University.

2. We Pakistanis don’t know that we should laugh or weep at this fact that these Diesel Smugglers and  Land Grabbers  were not involved in ‘Sin of Making Pakistan ‘, Jinnah used to be the Kafir-e-Azam in 1947 for them, whole Muslim League used to be ‘Apostate’ in their eyes, still they have eaten and looted so much of this country and still bark againt it and its founder and still in their courses , declare Hussain Madni ‘s ideologybinding upon them , enemies of Pakistan who handed Swat and Malakand from 2002-2008 virtually to barbarians to do whatsoever they want to do, their Commissioner used to send SSG commandos and armed men to be slaughtered by Talibans.When Baithullah Mehsud killed in Drone, JUI-F Leader Mufti Kifayatullah used to come everyday on TV announcing that TTP has chosen new leader in Shura. Abbas Athar Sahib has rightly said that they also provide Funds and Money to TTP , each innocent burnt in Peepal Mandi Peshawar, Moon Market Lahore,each innocent Girl killed in Lower Dir yesterday or Islamic UniversityPeshawar, each child killed in Parade Line Mosque and 20,000 innocents Pakistanis,soldiers,policemen killed from 2002-2010 , these Diesel Smugglers, Ghundai of JI, their payed Yellow Jounalists, Jihadi Columints are 100% responsible for their blood.On judgement day, the little innocent Girl Students of Lower Dir would hold their collars why they being killed , for what sin , for what mistake who were busy with their books , copies and pencils because these shameless Traitors ruined their own country for Ummah Love and Thaikdars and Exporters of Global Terrorism.who are taking revenge of their defeat of 1947.

3. Who declared Quaid-e-Azam as Kafir-e-Azam enjoyed Ministries, Diesel Smuggling and Land Grabbing from 1947-2010 and a brilliant Genius who presented Kashmir case of Pakistan wonderfully in UNO, became First Judge of International Court from Muslim World, just by his religious difference not offered Jinnah’s Funeral , declared him Traitor and Worst Creature.What a ridiculous thing, what a irony ! Dr. Abdus Salam who completed his Doctoral Thesis in 6 months,a record in 900 years history of Cambridge University, started SUPARCO and Atomic Energy Commission in Pak and wanted to build state-of-art Theoretical Physics Centre in Pakistan like that in Italy, was kicked out brutally from his own country. These Shameless Right-wing  Traitors did such losses to our country  that cannot be explained in words as in their eyes everyone in Traitor and only these are so called patriots . Qadianis are Traitors, Christians  are Traitors,  Shias are Kafirs, Ismailis who built Aga Khan Medical University, a world known university and Hussain Ebrahim Jamal Research Institute Chemistry in Karachi  are Traitors, Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy oppose them with facts and figures so he is a traitor. When Mubashar Luqman and Altaf Hussain raised voice against this discrimination about Qadianis , these fanatics started giving them death threats.  Still today, In Government Engineering Universities , they are not even allowed to enter Hostel Mess and their meal is served in rooms ! Such shameless attitude by these Ruiners of Pakistan ! If we tell these shameless fanatic people about that man who has raised Federal Borad of Revenue Taxes to record level in 62 years history , one of the brilliant Genius of Punjab Bureaucracy, ex-Commisioner Bahawalpur and now Chairman FBR praised by Asian Development Bank and World Bank andSupreme Court of Pakistan for his outstanding reforms and hardwork , that he also belongs to the same lineage of Genius like Sir Zafarullah , MM Ahmed , Dr.Salam , we fear that these Barbarians Shameless Ruiners of Pakistan will even attack him and start their Dirty Yellow Journalism , posting shameless fake stories about him who is serving his Motherland so well despite of all discriminations and ills.Salute to all these Minorities who belongs to this great country and facing all hardships by little group of Traitors of this country from 1947 to this date.

4. Amir Mir, following Yellow Journalism as usual, at start of year posted that in 2009, Drones killed 14 Al-Qaeda and Talibans and 738 innocents ! such baseless, absurd rather funny stories one should not want even jokes and comics after this that 738 were innocents ! About 500+ were Talibans top and middle level leaders , Punjabi Talibans , Afghani Talibans, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Arabs , and rest 200+ were their local tribal supporters where they were residing in their houses , sheltering them , giving them secrets compounds,rooms and residences to stay and when Drones attacked them , suddenly by this Yellow Journalist and his followers , they became innocents, Haha  what a joke ! One brother is official auto-biographer of his Pir-o-Murshid , ShiekhOsama bin Laden , taken Bay’t from Pir-o-Murshid in some cave of Afghanistan while interviewing him , considered him Saladin of 14th Century ! who and his folowers killed thousands of Innocents in Pakistan , Iraq, Afghanistan, Spain,  Bali , Spain, London ,  Tanzania, Nairobi, Yemen, Riyadh, 2500+ innocents in WTC burnt thousands of Women and Children in Iraq with Petrol Tankers Suicidal Attacks , attacked Holy Shrines of Sahabas and Aulias and made Islam like Religion a black dot , shame and symbol of Brutality in whole Globe.Such a dangerous and successful weapon which has shattered Al-Qaeda to its roots , who can catch voices from height and by GPS , shoots missiles even on running cars like Hakimullah Mehsud was hit  or hit Qari Hussain recently , who have defeated these Barbarian Terrorists as Army has successfully captured South Waziristan , their last safe heaven and now they are dispersed in North Waziristan , Mehmand , Orakzai and Drones are shooting these Running Rats easily as no-one from Tribal areas   giving them shelter and security. But these Traitor Group is busy in their Times Old Propaganda of Sovereignty violation etc.

5.  Such wonderful and innovative technology which their Scientists build in Lawrence Berekely Labs , MIT Lincoln Labs and DARPA Labs is not given so easily to everyone as Reverse Engineering is our main expertise instead of Innovation and CreationChina and few other can get this from us which US don’t want at all. Secondly , there are still some rogue elements in Armed Forces having dreams of Strategic Depth like Bakwas  which will leak real time informations to Talibans before attack on them. Thirdly, Drones are 100% carried out by wonderful co-ordination b/w ISI and CIA Ground and Aerial Intelligent Systems Co-ordinations and Communications and we can claim that it was done by US but if Pakistan started carrying out attacks of its own, all Tribals will rise against Pakistan State and Talibans would expoit this wonderful opportunity to rise them up against Pakistan.We don’t know why this Ghairat Group not even understand and busy in childish cries of Sovereignty and Space Violence. The lands where Drone happens are no more in Pak Control and hijacked by these bastards Arab Terrorits and their Local Followers. Now which sovereignty are you talking about!

If you had so much pain for Drones , you would have funded Pak R&D Institues , Labs , Scientific Labs and Universities so that our Scientists can make Drones themselves but no , this Ghairat Group , their follower Jihadi Columnists and Diesel Smugglers and Ghundai made our Univesrities Recruitment Centre to Conquer Kashmir , waving Green Flag on Red Fort of Dehli and conquering Kabul and Central Asia as a result now we have 0% Investment , 2 % GDP , 300% increase in prices , Petrol and Diesel out of range and transport-strike even today.Brainwashed Youth specially of Southern Punjab and NWFP who ruined themselves before these Fanatics now blowing themselves in frustration as Saleem Safi said yesterday as they have no war-theatres in Kashmir and Afghanistan more. If we have invested on such people and projects in SSE, LUMS , NUST, AWC, GIKI, UET, NESCOM etc, we would have made Drones and Un-manned Aerial Vehicals long ago but no , we want to Conquer West and US by exporting and investing on Terrorism Industry in whole world, why we need Science ,Education, R&D Institues , Innovation and thinking. Just click on Google Search Engines or Wikipedia , pick up first 7 or 8 links , put some spices of Yahood-Hanood Conspiracy Theories , RAW , MOSSAD links, and try to befool 170 million Pakistan and play with their emotions who belive you ‘’Intellectuals’, Huh , Google intellectuals , you have ruined us 170 million and our country!



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