On Jahanzaib Haque’s cri de coeur for the Baloch – by Maula Bux Thadani

Thousands of Baloch and Hazara have been killed by Pakistan army and its jihadi proxies in Balochistan in the last few years.

The Pakistani media has perfected the art of assigning false equivalencies and obfuscating issues and their abuse is restricted to a few politicians of the PPP who are not in favour of the security establishment. These pompous blowhards have made a lucrative career out of echoing the propaganda of the ISI. When they abuse PPP politicians of kick-backs and commissions, they are oblivious to the fact that the millions of rupees earned by them in monthly salaries is based not on any journalistic ability but on the propensity to lie with a straight face and echo the propaganda prepared in the bowels of Aabpara.

Therefore it was a pleasure to read the bold and stirring “Separatism Online” by the young Jahanzaib Haque of Express Tribune. When he writes:

Downplayed by the mainstream media, ignored intentionally or unintentionally by what they term ‘fake civil society’ and facing a government and army with a zero-tolerance policy (to put it mildly) for engaging its troubled citizens, Baloch separatists — those who believe they are being ruled by a foreign occupying force, and aredemanding their own state — have taken the battle to the internet, where the playing field is more even and nearly impossible to police.

What can the Pakistan government and army do about the rising tide of Baloch separatists and sympathisers online?


These lines encapsulates the struggles faced by many Pakistanis of conscience who simply cannot stay silent on the continuing atrocities being heaped on the Baloch Nationalists and have come out on twitter, facebook and email groups and made it clear that the continual massacres of the Baloch, Hazaras and the Pushtuns is not acceptable – not in their name atleast.

The entire article by Jahanzaib is a compelling reminder that there is still hope; that the Post-Zia generations still have bold voices that feel for the real issues in this country and are articulate and intelligent enough to not fall for the rubbish fed to them by the mainstream media.

Bravo young man!



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