Outsource defense of Pakistan -by Waseem Altaf

It is now proven beyond doubt, after Sunday’s incident at PNS Mehran that after years of meddling into matters which do not relate to them, our so called valiant armed forces have been rendered, completely neutralized to take on any threat emanating not from a professional army but a bunch of novice yet highly motivated extremists.

On October 10th 2009,four terrorists attacked GHQ,the nerve center of Pak army and killed several including two high value targets,a brigadier and a Lt.Colonel.On 5th June 1993,on a peace mission in Somalia,24 Pakistani soldiers were killed and 44 injured at the hands of Somalian National Alliance,a ragtag militia,many of its members do not actually know how to hold a gun.On August 23rd 2010,three captured militants overpowered their guards in Peshawar and then engaged in a 10-hour gun battle.

A couple of years back it also happened that some blindfolded and handcuffed Taliban prisoners who were being brought in an army vehicle in FATA,overpowered their armed captors,snatched their guns and killed many of them before escaping from the scene.

Remember I am not referring to our military’s performance against the professional Indian army in 47-48,65,71,85,and 99,which is a history of infamy.Here we are talking about a couple of extremists who have destroyed two PC-3 Orion surveillance aircraft and badly damaged several others of various types by the use of RPG’s.

While I write this around 12 engineers including Chinese are being held hostage in a 3-story building at the naval air base.

The spokesman for the navy has said that it was not security breach,as they entered into the base area because it was night time.What an explanation,the terrorists should have tried to enter during daytime and see what our security guards do?

It is reported that the naval commandos,marines,army and the rangers have launched a joint operation and soon it would be over.It is 6.30 AM.Eight hours have lapsed and there is no end in sight.

I think it is high time we earnestly consider outsourcing defense to a professional army.The defense forces of Iran,Bangadesh or Sri Lanka can be considered for the job.

Meanwhile our own workforce,some 5.50,000 can be sent to the surplus pool,or their skills can be utilized in making bakery items, corn flakes,bangles and artificial jewellery, ladies nightwear and undergarments for both men and women.

Source: Pakistan Press



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