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Justice Ramday to be rewarded with a senatorial position by PML-N
By Omar Khattab in Lahore

Lahore, the hotbed of PML-N, is abuzz with rumors that the Sharif brothers have in principle decided to make Justice (now retired) Khalil Ramday a PML-N senator at the first opportunity. After retiring the other day, Ramday will have to wait for two years in order to be eligible for a public office.

This writer spoke to a few Lahori pundits whose political predictions have always come true. They had almost identical views on the future of Ramday: His “services” to democracy, his support of everything Punjabi/PML-N in the Supreme Court, and his family loyalty to the Sharifs will be rewarded in style and no less an office than senarotship will be his.

It should be borne in mind that the entire Ramday family is loyal to the Sharif brothers. Ramday’s brothers and cousins are office-bearers of PML-N. His younger brother is a PML-N member of the national parliament.

A senatorial seat for Ramday will send a very encouraging signal to those serving judges, generals, and bureaucrats who are supportive of the Sharif. The message is that if they support the Sharif, they will be rewarded once they are out of office. Some of the examples one can quote are those of the DPO of Lahore and the SP of Gujranwala who refused to obey their superiors’ orders and sided with the Sharif brothers in their semi-violent movement to restore Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. Legally, they should have been sacked for insubordination and they continue to enjoy their positions and have become the blue-eyed boys of the Sharif brothers. In Shiekhupra in 2009, a policeman took off his belt and announced that he had given up his job and had joined Nawaz Sharif’s party. But this policeman continues to work and now has been posted in his own area. Thus the pattern is: If you are loyal to the Sharifs, you can violate law and constitution and you will still be well taken care of.

The PML-N leadership has decided to keep quiet about the issue because a confirmation of the decision to reward Ramday will further alienate the people of Pakistan who have started raising questions about the anti-Sindhi and anti-PPP stance of the Supreme Court.

It may be remembered that it is no secret that the Sharif brothers have decided to have Justice Iftikhar elected as Pakistan’s president once they gain majority in parliament and he has retired. The time-frame is between 2015 and 2017.



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