The future and past of ISI speak up

Khayal Rakhna Imran Bhai.

I am sure when you read the title, you must have realized who I am talking about – past being Nawaz Sharif and the future being Imran Khan, have spoken up on the “Abbottabad Saniha” as it is being termed endlessly in the media. In my previous post titled Can anyone define “Saniha” for me?, I had mentioned the statements of Pakistan’s Rowan Atkinson, Chaudhry Nisar; the torchbearer of national ghairat, Shah Mahmood Qureshi; insignificant Munawwar Hassan and the PML-N representative in the Barelvis, Sahibzada Fazal Karim. But off course, these gentlemen are nothing as compared to Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan. Nawaz Sharif is the empty cartridge and Imran Khan is the loaded barrel of ISI. One represents their glorious past and the other represents their gloomy future.

Nawaz Sharif returned to Pakistan on Friday afternoon whereas Imran Khan spoke to media on the “Abbottabad Saniha” yesterday. Nawaz Sharif being the past, simply stated:

The Abbottabad operation was an attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan. He said that the country is in a very dangerous situation and the nation must come together to help the country out of this stage. The country was already facing immense troubles and could not deal with any more difficulties. Regarding the president, he said that whatever he had said a year and a half ago had now been proven true.

That was short and sweet. Don’t exactly know what he said against President Zardari as he says a lot and then retracts or does the exact opposite, but it seems he was pointing out that “Jamhooriat kay liye sab say bara khatra khud sadar Zardari hayn” or “The biggest threat to democracy is President Zardari himself”.  It’s ok, Mian sahib, you are allowed to say as many things as you can. We pray that you remain hail and hearty and give us a lot of entertainment.

Coming to the future of ISI Asset Management, Imran Khan, he had to thunder much more. He has said that:

Both the military and intelligence agencies for the Abbottabad operation and asked the president and prime minister to resign for triggering chaos by misleading the nation.

Answering a question, he believed one of the most serious fallouts of the Abbottabad operation was the credibility issue, as no one was prepared to trust Pakistan although it had rendered far more sacrifices than any other country in the war on terror in the last eight years.

He lamented the ruling elite had their accounts abroad and were taking away billions of dollars, as these were never spent for the welfare of the masses.

The PTI chairman noted the rulers had played havoc with the national economy and in just three years, the burden of foreign loans had doubled. Imran believed Pakistan desperately needed to change its course.

Imran announced to stage a sit-in against the drone attacks on May 21-22 in Karachi by blocking the Nato supplies and to build pressure on the rulers to ask the US to stop these assaults, as they had tacitly allowed the breach of Pak sovereignty.

Off course, both the investments of ISI had the same message: we need to have a change, which is basically make a scapegoat of the Prime Minister and the President. Well done sirs, we need you much more than these mindless statements. Stop being the Asset of an institution which has brought Pakistan at the brink of a disaster.



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