Threatening telephone call from a proxy of Pakistan army – by Ali Raja

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hum kahan ke tha dana, kis hunar mein yakta the
be sabab hua Ghalib dushman asman apna (Ghalib)

Brigadier Siddiq Salik while recounting his memories as a major during the 1971 mega surrender of Pakistan Army’s Eastern Command writes “The Mukti Bahni was all in command on the streets and were anxious to lay hands on the garrison as well. They were desperate to do justice with the army officers who had long been an obstacle in their crusade for independence. In their list of wanted also was present the name of this poor creature. The concern of attaining the justice with at the tip of swords was a minor one but the major concern was the astonishment upon my selection as in which field did I master which made me qualify for the list.”

Though being a bloody civilian, my immediate reaction was was not quite different from what was once the reaction of our saviours. Last night at about 2 am in the morning while I was busy copy pasting some stuff for an assignment, my cell phone rang up. The number evident on the screen was 03127473337.

A bit worried as who would call up at this hour of the night I received the call and to my astonishment on the other side was something which claimed to be an ISI man. His greeting sentence was “You consider your self Faiz or Faraz or what?” I was a bit confused as the tone did not resemble with any one whom I knew. I said “I am sorry I did not recognize you”. The friend on the other side replied “But we recognize you very well. You think you are an intellectual and hence can spread your venom against PAK FAUJ.” I said “I still fail to recognize you Sir. Do I know you?” The answer was irrelevant as before as he said “If you think we are unaware of what you preach against the only patriotic institution in the country you are mistaken. You must stop this rubbish at once before we are compelled to stop it our self. You must straighten your selfup before we straighten you up. We have done it with many like you before and will do the same if you don’t fix your self up.”

Now I had a bit idea of who the gentleman actually might be I asked “Do you belong to the Army of any of its associates? In that case you must know that people all over the globe enjoy the right….”

Upon this the fellow interrupted me and his answer was of the sort which cannot be quoted in inverted commas any more, he affirmed his belonging with some some Intelligence Unit by saying “Yes I belong to the 34 or 44 (As he was uttering the digits in Punjabi) Intelligence.”

He very briefly informed me of my rights and that where will they go if I try being smart.

Now the gentleman decided not to restrain his briefing to me but brought in my family too and told me as of what would be the result of my family members in case I do not act wise. He also wanted me be aware that none of the ***** who I defend would be able to come to rescue. I guess he was talking about the political leadership of the country. (By the way I was quite aware of the fact way before the briefing.) He then told me to tighten up my screws and the screws of who run me as well. After a bit of more unpublishable content the fellow disconnected the phone call.

I woke up for the remaining night thinking of the call which still was floating on top of my head. In a scenario when Osama bin Laden was found and hunted in the den of ISI (I did not use the word kennel see how wise I have become), at a time when the international community is thinking of highlighting the ISI a terrorist organization, at a time when the international community is preparing for further surgical strikes within Pakistan and a time when the nation is busy looking at who defends them and how, our assets seem to be more concerned about me my scribbles over Facebook,Twitter and LUBP? Or was the saviour of the nation trying to convey the message to some one else via me?

God knows better!!!!

In case he was talking to me I got the message loud and clear and have decided that I am too dumb to be wise. So I shall be as I am.

In case he was trying to covey the message to any one over LUBP or my Facebook or Twitter account, whoever finds the warning relevant, please adjust accordingly.

Just in case it was a part of the job for the fellow, Hail the Priorities of the ISI!

bazicha-e-atfal hai dunya mere aage
hota hai shab-o-roz tamasha mere aage



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