LUBP must stop defending Zardari League (ZPPP) – by Laibaah

Zardari League (ZPPP) is co-chaired by Asif Zardari and General Kayani

As things stand now, your defense of the Zardari league that PPP has become is very disappointing. I have been following your blog for some time and and have even emailed and DMed my views to your editors and writers concerning this. Why are you all not writing more critical posts on Zardari!

It seems that PPP is now speaking the voice of the establishment. Everytime Rehman Malik opens his mouth, it seems that Gen. Pasha is doing the talking.

More specifically, Zardari League has failed Pakistan on the blockade of the Parachinar-Thal road and the continual massacre of Shia Muslims by the Taliban. Why is Zardari silent on this?

Are you aware that MQM’s leader Mr. Farroq Sattar and PTI spokesperson, Mr. Kazmi have also supported the protests in Islamabad by the youths of Parachinar. Here is the news item:

Hundreds of residents of under-siege Parachinar here on Friday castigated president, prime minister and political parties for what they called their criminal silence over the 0.5 million population’s plight at the hands of militants. They called upon the rulers to either honour their commitments made on several occasions with the Jirga delegates and MNAs belonging to Fata or step down in case they could not make secure the only road link between Kurram Agency and rest of Pakistan. The protesters, mostly youth, took out a rally and staged a sit-in near the Parliament House. All political parties, barring Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf completely ignored the event.

Both PPP and ANP have been a huge disappointment. These were the parties all progressive Pakistanis were looking to for taking an initiative but it seems they are too busy saving their coalition, and did not even participate in or support the Parachinar’s youth protest.

For LUBP to thrive, you have to be more critical of Zardari league. With their stance on Parachinar and the public support for rogue organizations by Rehman Malik, the mouthpiece of Kayani and Pasha, the Zardari league has shown that it has failed Pakistan. More recently, Zardari’s handpicked PM, Gilani said ISI is subservient to the Government of Pakistan. Should this be taken as an admission of the ZPPP’s complicity in the massacre of the Baloch, the Pashtuns and the Shias by Pakistan army and its proxies and partners? Call out Zardari and his league, otherwise you risk becoming another civil society blog!

I very much regret to note that despite the fact that Asif Zardari himself is of Baloch origin, he and his party seem to have completely given into the Pakistan army machinery and agencies in their massacre of Baloch nationalists. It is a matter of great shame that today barring some notable exceptions (such as Malik Siraj Akbar of The Baloch Haal) the very few voices claiming to stand for Baloch rights are also infested with certain refined ISI trolls and sectarian polemicists.

My worry is that by remaining silent on ZPPP’ s complicity in Shia massacare in Parachinar and Baloch massacre in Balochistan, LUBP is fast becoming another CFD, a project noble in its intentions and beginning but which has been ultimately hijacked by the Supreme Court apologists and urban chatterati making a fast buck by selling stories of the poor and oppressed, while adding to their miseries.

More and more LUBP appears to me like a fascist organization which tries to bully into silence any one criticizing the Zardari league. I hope that instead of being unreasonably hostile to critical voices, the editors and authors of the LUBP blogzine will sincerely consider my humble criticism.



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