Mudslinging on Taseer family: Mind your language, PPP warns Rana Sanaullah

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LAHORE- PPP Punjab President, Rana Aftab Ahmad Khan and PPP MPA, Qasim Zia ,in a joint statement, took strong exception to outbursts of Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah against Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, saying that it was unbecoming of a cultured person to indulge in mudslinging over any person or his family just to score political points.

The PPP leaders said that it was not wise for a person belonging to a respectable family to use derogatory words for family members of any person just for political gains.

‘He should have thought of his own family members before uttering such words’, they said, and ,added, that even worst enemies are careful about their families when they are engaged in fight.

‘Rana Sana should keep in mind that our family traditions keep us from saying some thing against the families; otherwise, the romantic tales and scandals of his and his leaders’, if made public, they would not be able to find place to hide themselves out of shame’, they alleged.

The two leaders said it was impossible to deceive the people by developing fake pictures in this age of computers.

They said Punjab Governor Salman Taseer belonged to a respectable family and was performing his Constitutional duties in Punjab as Governor, and nobody could stop him from doing so.

They said it was Constitutional right of Governor to issue advice to the Chief Minister. The letters sent to the provincial govt were in line with the Constitution and law and the Provincial Minister should have control over himself, they said.

The PPP leaders advised Rana Sana to study the Constitution to acquaint himself with the legal status of Governor.

Meanwhile, two members of Punjab Assembly, Najaf Sial and Samina Khawar Hayat have also condemned what they called derogatory language used by the Law Minister against Salman Taseer. Condemning the statement, they said that one should avoid targeting families to achieve political ends.

They said people have not yet forgotten the romantic tales of ‘Honey Bridge’ and other such stories of his (Rana’s) leaders.
‘If they promote filthy politics, then nothing would remain to cherish about’, they added.


(By Dr. Safdar Mehmood, Jang, 21 Nov 2008)

Some Comments:

By: Ms. Shah on July 7, 2008

Peoples houses were bulldozed by Nawaz Sharif (when he was in power) all around his area and many people were displaced and the land from local authority has been merged into his personal property.

But it is not true that Lahori’s love him.

Number of reasons: Yellow cab scheme failed badly

Old bus services were replaced by air-conditioned ones but the fair was high.

He promised business to people but he failed them by demolishing and repossessing a lot of encroached land which is left unused anyway and people suffered economically. People had loans to start these businesses but were not compensated in any way.

People who were working in scrap or any business to do with iron were completely left without anything because Sharifs are in this business.

He forced Government College Lahore to take down its boundary wall and replaced by the grills so that area looks beautiful.

No doubt Government College is a beautiful building with gorgeous front lawn but that is for students to study to relax………now it is exposed to all noise and pollution…..

Kinnaird College was suppose to suffer in the same manner but the resistance was high and I think American Embassy etc were involved because the college gets grants from them, so it was spared .

His daughter got admission in a prestigious college without coming on merit further shock was when she got good marks in Intermediate???

He himself claims to have studied at GC Lahore where as we never found anyone who remember to be his class fellow there???????

His wife is MA Urdu Literature and a very able Professor was writing her thesis for Mphill or PHD

Apart from all above he failed to create jobs, business I remember Anar Kali, Liberty market every where it was quite in those days.

Mr. Shahbaz Sharif built the bridge over the railway line to connect Lahore Cantt with Gulberg ,there was underpass already .Lahoris call it HONEY BRIDGE apparently one of his Darlings was residing in Lahore defence and he could not wait in the queues?
Being a Cantt resident I dislike this bridge it has brought a lot of noise, pollution and traffic jams instead of improving the situation.

Both Sharifs were busy Tapping the phones of their female partners (i do not want to use any rude word)……..that was the jobs of Top officials as per News papers of the time.
Mr. Sharif was incapable of communication at a person to person level.

There was huge number of unjudicial killings of people at Shaikhupura ,apparently people who were in jails were taken to outskirts of Lahore than police will ask them to run away in the middle of nowhere when the person will be running police will shoot him. Claiming that he tried to run away from Police custody. The numbers of such killings was so huge that HRCP International raised their concerns? Lahore Residents are very mature and indifferent .As we have seen Generals, Intellectuals ,Journalists and Prime Ministers and Presidents.

The only party basis I have seen there is of PPP. The workers are ready to demonstrate, sleep on the roads to see Benazir.

Nawaz Sharif promised Androon Shaher Kashmirees that he will liberate Kashmir the answer was his KARGIL?

The family is commonly known as LOHAR and Choor who have thrown their own sister inlaw into BHATTI because she was asking for her share in the business?
Lahore lights know Sharifs too well?All the politics and votes you see are bought?????? No question about it.

I have no problem feel free to use the material anywhere you want.

If you are digging deep please do get your material from The Friday Times Lahore……full marks to Najam Sethie’s Work that is an excellent diary of all times.

Jung group has forgotten the story they run when the government raided SHAHBAZ Residence in 1999,what they found there?????

His bedroom including the bed (imported from abroad with innumerable positions) was a set of some porn film or adult shop stuff.

Road to Raiwind was interesting ,many a times poor policeman on Naaka found interesting guests for whom Prime minister was calling to let go of without the questioning ,during routine stop and search?

Very interesting stories about Prime Minister having dates in his private jet………

no wonder men envy him so much……..

While we the ordinary students were even not alloud to have simple college excursion trips because, Sharif family ka Islam Khatrai main parh jata hai…….


Pristine said:

Honey Bridge? hehe… u r referring to “Jinnah Flyover” right? Well, I have been told it was completed 10 months BEFORE the scheduled completion date. That maybe a bit exagerrated. Yes, Shahbaz Sharif really pulled off quite a coup in the way he developed Lahore in the short time he was the CM.


Jinnah Flyover built by then Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Shahbaz Sharif to connect Gulberg with Cavalry Grounds over the railway track.

Also called Honey Bridge after the CM’s alleged girlfriend. His frequent visits to Defence were plagued by long waits, hence the bridge was constructed to ease their meetings.



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