Another Black September by Pakistan Army? – by H.A. Khan

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There is no future without the past. These words were written by our Mentor Dr. Lal Khan in his article a fews days back on

With the new waves in Egypt, Yemen and Bhahrain we are seeing the tense situation now transforming into the real fight on the mandatory social issues which are the basic necessity for the masses rather than making it a privilege by the ruling classes of these states.

On a Ptv programme Tanaazur Dr-Lal Khan truly said that this time it will not take Cairo to 50 years to reach to its goal for its struggle for the attainment of their basic social rights.The deciding time is coming very near when their struggle would transform into the Revolution and to take the power in their hands rather to be enslaved by any other civilian or army stooges of their imperialist boses.

Last days many events had been unfolding the character of Pakistan Army again with its historical character to save the Sunni kingship and their sovereign leaders in Bhahrain and in Saudi Arabia as thousands of Ex-servicemen with the regular persons have been recruiting in Bhahrain National Guards to safeguard them from the masses.

I still remember that while meeting with some Palestinian friends in Lahore, how they had showed their hatred towards General Zia ul haq and our army forces whom played the shameful act of killing more than 20,000 innocent Palestinians just to safeguard the kingship of the late King Hussain of Jordan in 1970 and that even is remembered as Black September.

History is repeating when I see that the shameful act is being played by our army persons and the security forces just to safeguard the barbaric kingship of Bhahrain and Saudi Arabia. Now news is coming that in Bhahrain that Pak army persons had been faced resentment from the masses and also being targeted to show their anger.Iran had severely criticized with Pakistan on the killings of innocent civilians in Bhahrain by Pak army forces and had warned them of the bitter outcome of this act.

This shows the historical disliking for Shias in Bhahrain by our Sunni (Radical Deobandi & Wahhabi) sovereign leaders and they don’t want to see Shias in power even they are the 70% population in Bhahrain.I am just thinking that another Black September is underway and it will just cultivate more hatred in the current and the future generations which will result in disliking and hatred on these basis.

I strongly condemned this barbaric act of our security agencies and now by what mouth they will say that India is interfering in Balochistan and US is doing drone attacks bla bla, where as at same time our great Army is not just interfering in other countries but also killing innocent civilians just to keep happy their imperialist masters and to safeguard the anti human and the barbaric Kingships of Bhahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Let’s see another Black September!

2 responses to “Another Black September by Pakistan Army? – by H.A. Khan”

  1. jitna bara General, utna bara qatil, utna bara chore

    Shame on General Zia, the killer of Palestinians

    Shame on General Kayani, the killer of Bahrainis

  2. however what has not yet
    been known or rather not allowed to be known is that
    osamas youngest wife who was shot in her leg by the
    commanding navy seals oficer killed her husband right in front of her and
    osamas 12 yrs old daughters eyes not only that he sent the other members
    of the seal team out in the name of searching evidence after osama was shot
    and then brutally raped his widow right there and then
    he saw to it that he discharged his semen in her vagina as the cia
    had briefed him that she would be in her fertile period
    during that time and the us military wanted her to be impregnated
    by her husbands killer as a parting insult to already dead man and islam
    the isi has found that she has 1 and half week old pregnancy because of that seal
    commando but is unwiolling to help her terminate it
    under us pressure . Its a shame for islam !!!
    may allahs wrath be upon the isi and the pak army!!!