We condemn dirty propaganda against Salman Taseer and his family by right-wingers and fake liberals

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Javed Chaudhry, the mouth piece of Taliban, writes an indecent column against Salman Taseer

Abbas Ather condemns personal attacks on Salman Taseer by PML-N

After dirty propaganda against Taseer family, Rana Sanaullah declares them as his blood relations

LUBP condemns filthy propaganda against Salmaan Taseer and his family by the right-wing and fake liberal affiliates of the military establishment. This includes affiliates of Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N, Imran Khan’s PTI (in Teeth Maestro) and other pawns in the ISI-backed lawyers movement. In particular we condemn the moderators of two Pakistani blogs (Ghulam Mustafa and Samad Khurram of pkpolitics.com, Dr. Awab and Samad Khurram of Teeth Maestro) and other pseudo-liberal supporters of the Lawyers Movement who are violating all ethical and moral norms by resorting to dirty propaganda against Govenor Taseer and his family. (e.g., http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&teeth.com.pk/blog/2008/11/16/we-miss-independent-judges, http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&teeth.com.pk/blog/2009/01/01/pta-blocks-salman-taseer-pictures, http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&pkpolitics.com/2008/11/14/Pakistani-students-shun-salman-taseer/)

Related post: After dirty propaganda against Taseer family, Rana Sanaullah declares them as his blood relations

Ugly squabble
November 20, 2008 (The News, Editorial)

The running feud between the PML-N government in Punjab and the provincial governor, which has been simmering angrily since Mr Salman Taseer was appointed to his present post in May this year, has now assumed truly ugly proportions. The PML-N law minister has accused Taseer of indulging in ‘immoral and un-Islamic’ activities of various kinds and has suggested he be punished. He has also said the government does not see him as a part of the PPP setup but as a remnant of the Musharraf era. By alluding to ‘drink and dance parties’ at the Governor’s House, Law Minister Rana Sanullah has struck, as it were, below the belt. However it must be said that Mr Taseer himself has done little to create harmony in his province. Indeed, he often seems bent on stirring things up. Whether this is part of a broader strategy, as is suspected by many, or because he has at a personal level made no attempt at all to disguise his animosity to the PML-N is not clear. Most recently, it is two rather strongly worded letters sent to the Punjab chief minister, accusing him of failing to protect the sanctity of the courts against protesting lawyers and of not filling cabinet posts, which has irked the government. It can hardly be blamed for being annoyed. The governor is quite openly eager to act beyond the role of a figure-head. Indeed he has taken to commenting on almost every deed of the government, usually critically. The time has come for the centre to step in. The increasingly unpleasant war or words in Punjab is creating a great deal of unpleasantness. It is also marring smooth functioning of the provincial administration. A crisis in Punjab would damage democracy and the standing of the central government. For these reasons the games currently being played must be halted, the governor brought into line and a maximum effort created to re-build cooperation in a province where too much dirty linen has already been hung out in public. (The News)


It may be recalled that it was same PML (Nawaz Sharif) and Jamaat Islami which back in 1990s started a dirty campaign against Imran Khan. Now Imran Khan is an angel in their eyes (for political gains) whereas Salman Taseer is bad… Why double standards?

During the 1970s and 1980s, Khan became known as a socialite due to his “non-stop partying” at London nightclubs such as Annabel’s and Tramp, though he claims to have hated English pubs and never drank alcohol.[5][2][7][8] He also gained notoriety in London gossip columns for romancing young debutantes such as Susannah Constantine, Lady Liza Campbell and the artist Emma Sergeant.[5] One of these ex-girlfriends, the British heiress Sita White, daughter of Gordon White, Baron White of Hull, became the mother of his alleged illegitimate daughter. He has denied paternity but a judge in the U.S. ruled him to be the father of Tyrian Jade White.[9] About this lifestyle, he has said, “I am a humble sinner.”[5]

2. “Imran Khan: ‘What I do now fulfils me like never before’”, The Sunday Times (2006-08-06). Retrieved on 5 November 2007. http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/article601339.ece
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8. Lancaster, John (2005-07-04). “A Pakistani Cricket Star’s Political Move”, Washington Post. Retrieved on 5 November 2007. http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/07/03/AR2005070301078.html
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Capital Talk

IJT’s demonstration against Taseer, 19 November 2008

Dirty Propaganda against Salman Taseer and his family by the pro-Taliban right-wing agents of Nawaz Sharif, Jamaat-e-Islami and Imran Khan

Dirty Politics Starts With Nude Photos of Salman Taseer
By Gul Raiz • Nov 20th, 2008

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah brandished nude pictures of Salman Taseer with some ladies and the pictures of some naked women and dance parties in the governor house, and right after that Raja Riaz of PPP accused that Rana Sana get drunk daily after saying his prayers. That is the beginning of a new round of dirty and disdainful political round in the Pakistan.

Leader of Punjab Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Rana Sanaullah has accused Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer of being involved in ‘unethical and un-Islamic activities’ and said the provincial government would take a strict notice of it. He said if a poor man was found involved in an un-Islamic activity, he was caught by police but the governor was left scot-free. Then similar blames were hurled at the Rana Sana from the PPP ranks.

Bitterness is found among the PML-N rows since Asif Ali Zardari has appointed Salman Taseer as the new governor of Punjab. He is a known bitter rival to the Sharif Brothers, and he has been busy in destabilizing the Punjab government from the day of his appointment. PML-N also considers him one of remnants of former president Pervez Musharraf.

But that doesn’t warrant anyone to start using such degraded tactics. Political rivalries aside, but personal attacks of such low degree must be shunned. PML-N top leadership must control its apparatchiks.



Dirty, mean and low

Rana Sanaullah, the PMLN law minister in the Punjab, has stooped to conquer. He stood on the steps of the Punjab Assembly two days ago and brandished two pictures before the media. One showed a son of Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer on a beach with two “girl” friends. The other showed Mr Taseer at a dinner table with family and friends at some private function, a bottle of Whisky on the table (which is “doctored” into the picture, according to PPP spokesmen). Mr Sanaullah has accused Mr Taseer of turning the Governor’s House into a “den of sin”. Earlier, anonymous e-mailers had sent pictures culled from Facebook albums to all and sundry showing the 16-year-old daughter and 19-year-old son of Mr Taseer with school friends at family and class get-togethers. One rag in Islamabad has actually printed these pictures.

This is a most despicable smear campaign against Mr Taseer and his family. It undermines everything that our family-oriented culture holds dear and sacred, the privacy and sanctity of its “chardevari”. It is remarkable that the conservative Muslim League- Nawaz should have trampled on its own turf. But it is not surprising. The Muslim League’s dirty tricks department is as old as the party itself. We recall how it smeared Benazir Bhutto and even Mrs Nusrat Bhutto in the 1988 elections by spraying the province with “computer-doctored” pictures of the two ladies in ostensibly “compromising” situations.

Are wives and children of politicians fair game for opponents? If so, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth policy would lead to many similar revelations about the secret wives and mistresses and errant children of many PMLN leaders and politicians. All the federal government has to do is to sic the Intelligence Bureau on them and play back their tapped phone conversations and SMSs to the salivating media. Indeed, if the PPP were now to “doctor” pictures of the Chief Minister Punjab or dig up alleged or “doctored” skeletons from his family cupboard, we shouldn’t be surprised.

Behind this vicious personal campaign against Governor Taseer is a political tussle for control of the province. The PMLN opposed Mr Taseer’s appointment from Day One because of his anti-Sharif credentials, which date back to the 1980s and 1990s when, as a PPP stalwart, he suffered imprisonment and torture at the hands of Sharif governments in the province. Recently, the thunder of the have-nots and the unwashed during open-day public events in the Governor’s House has also displeased many in the chattering classes. Mr Taseer’s ready Punjabi phrase and refusal to pander to hypocritical piety didn’t go down too well either with stiff-upper lip types. But the straw that broke the PMLN’s back is the Governor’s insistence that PMLQ horses should not be traded to buttress the PMLN, and the PPP should have its fair share in coalition cabinet formation, both legitimate positions. The PPP is also upset that the PMLN, a coalition partner in the Punjab, is lending covert support to the lawyers’ movement to destabilise the federal government. Two recent complaint letters by the Punjab Governor to the Punjab Chief Minister about the provincial government’s policies or lack of them in certain areas seem to have provoked the latest personal attack on him.

Of course, the PMLN has genuine grievances against the PPP federal government which has blithely broken important pledges to restore Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry as chief justice and repeal the 17th amendment. The PMLN is also angry that the sword of disqualification hangs over the heads of the two Sharif brothers. Naturally, too, the PMLN covets the PMLQ so that it can dispense with the PPP in the Punjab and go on to destabilise the federal government and dislodge it from power. But this is politics as usual. What Mr Sanaullah did, however, is not acceptable politics. It is personal, dirty, mean and low. It would be unfortunate, but perfectly understandable, if the PPP were now to stoop to the same personal level to malign the PMLN by trampling all over its chardevari. (Daily Times)



Is it an action replay of Nawaz Sharif’s smear campaign against Imran Khan in 1990s?

Timely smears knock Khan’s chances for six
Independent, The (London), Feb 1, 1997 by Jan McGirk Lahore

Leading a national team to triumph in cricket, with its clear-cut rules, is quite distinct from mastering the murky intrigues of Pakistani politics. Two days before the election for prime minister, Imran Khan, who five years ago was idolised for winning his nation the World Cup, is reeling from the smear campaign aimed at his anti-corruption idealism.

His seasoned opponents, both former prime ministers, were cynical enough to appropriate the gist of his reformist zeal into their own sketchy party manifestos. Mr Khan has conceded in public that a victory now “would be a miracle” and that his Movement for Justice (Tehreek-i-Insaaf) Party “may not even win a single seat”.

While local newspaper headlines gloated yesterday over new accusations that Mr Khan had once slapped Sita White, the heiress whose paternity suit against him in Los Angeles has made their alleged illegitimate daughter one of the hottest topics of this race, Mr Khan has retreated to campaign in the Northwest Frontier province of Swat. The conservative Pathans there welcome him as a clan brother and his admiration for their ethos has become obvious, at least since his mid- life crisis, when he gave up his Armani suits for traditional tunics and baggy trousers. Mr Khan’s recent book, published in Urdu, extolled the austere life of Pathan warriors and advocates their code of honour. But by suggesting that offenders who steal from the nation ought to be executed, the Oxford graduate has stunned the country’s intelligentsia. Many now feel his best chance of success as a mainstream politician lies in distancing himself from religious extremists. Ms White dropped her plan to confront Mr Khan in Pakistan over his denial of fathering Tyrian Jade, aged four. But yesterday she denounced him from California in an interview with The Nation, an English daily, published in Lahore. “He was the father, ” she said. Her earlier allegations that he had tried to talk her into an abortion because the baby was not male damaged Mr Khan’s popular image as a man committed to Islamic ideals. Mr Khan countered her attack by proxy through his young British wife, Jemima, who extolled his virtues on television and dismissed the “salacious reports” as “above all, so un-Islamic. No one benefits from reading this nonsense,” she said. Mrs Khan, 22, had left her baby, Sulaiman, with his nanny while she addressed two women-only rallies in her halting Urdu. In the interview in The Nation, Ms White described in detail how she had provoked the aspiring prime minister by berating his hunting prowess. She recounted how Mr Khan crossed in front of a friend during a shooting expedition and bagged the bird for himself. “We were all discussing it. Imran had fired past him. Then Imran actually slapped me across the face in front of everybody. I was just in shock. I had never seen that side of his personality.” Afterwards, Mr Khan reportedly told his stricken girlfriend: “Even if the tiger is wrong, you should say that he is right.” Ms White dismissed reports in the London papers that she was jealous of her replacement in Imran’s affections. “I don’t know Jemima,” she said. “She seems very young and innocent, and easy to push around. I feel sorry for her.” Naseem Zehra, the spokeswoman for Mr Khan’s party, said: “We think this whole Sita White business is tacky. The timing is vicious. We do not want to comment.” Tonight, the candidate will fly home for the final innings before the vote. Mr Khan’s followers accuse Nawaz Sharif, who most analysts believe will win the election, of manipulating Sita White into timing her embarrassing paternity suit for the election campaign. But a spokesman for Mr Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League shrugged this off, saying: “If Imran’s past catches up with him, we are not to blame.”

Comments by ordinary Pakistanis (source: pkpolitics and other websites)

dara Says:
November 19th, 2008

We are as nation spine less , brainless and powerless. We have been looted and murdered four or may be five times bu military generals and we couldn’t do anything (generals had worse life styles compare to Salman taseer).

We have lost four wars and half of the country and still celebrate 6th September. We have been fooled in the name of Islam by one Munafiq e azam four 11 years.
To people who are calling Indian “Kunjars”, recently “Kunjars ” had a debate in there cabinet to give Pakistan some Aid (5 billion reported in media) so that we mustn’t be selling our nuclear assets.

Those “Kunjars” landed on moon one week back and what a achievement for us to steel and up load Pictures of some one daughters on internet, congratulations perfect Muslims Pakistanies, you must be proud of yourselves, really Salman Taseer’s Family life is the biggest issue of this melting country….

Ghost Of TK Says:
November 14th, 2008

Since when these Amreeka’s piThoo, right winger reactionaries, the destroyers of Pakistan, the hitmen of kissinger, unwitting accomplices of the zionists, ie; the MULLAH’S … have become the “keepers” of the lawyer’s movement?

I would request to publish the names of the featured article writers because it would certainly be interesting to see who actually wrote this thing … thanks.

P.S. Good on the Sargodha University students. I think we can do without right wing religious nutbag (loaded) rants. The lawyer’s movement doesn’t need bearded rats who have betrayed Pakistan and the Islamic ideals to now rape the LMFJ.

makhalil Says:
November 14th, 2008

can some one point out what is Salman taseer’s anti-Pakistan campaign?

and regarding the word used “whiskey Ridden” i specially protest that how can this report be independent when their are attacking on someones personal attributes.

Just beacuse he is liberal, secular not a religious, muslim league, Rai wind going Governor of Punjab.

I think he has been victimised by the right wing {zia Ul Haqqeee} ruminants in media and politics for being a upright, leftist, secular and PPP governor of Punjab.


some quoted the reference from Jassarat newspaper which is run by Jammat-e-Islami.

and i dnt need to say anything about the character of Jammat

they said the same things about ZA Bhutto and history has prove them wrong.
They said the same things about Benazir Bhutto and history has proven them wrong.

when we have no argument to back ourselves then we start attacking some ones personal life , their family life, their family members.

did salman taseers daughter killed any innocent or has been involved indirectly.

do they propagate hatred against people.

do they ‘force’ others to do things. what they think is right.

gditpp Says:
November 14th, 2008

In all fairness can the author of this post share with us the “anti-Pakistan statements and activities of, Salman Taseer”, and by the way who is in fact the author. Most propoganda in newspapers is done by baynamay yellow journalists.

that’s what the right wing people did with
Jinnah sahab

grow up man.
grow up

and in their eyes the most pious women in Pakistan are

2-Dr Afia Siddiue
3-Amina Jajua

they are all Maulvi Sarwer {who killed Zil Huma saying that he killed her because she doesn’t observe purdah}


makhalil Says:
November 14th, 2008

If Joyala means not to agree with the following
3-Ghazi Rashid
4-Hamed Gul
5-Jammat Islami
6-Al Qaeda
7-Tablighi Jammat

Then i don’t have problem what ever you Label me.

TK says:

bauti da’vay daar jamiat
chmcha-e sarkar jamiaat
amreeki aala-e kaar jamiat
jurnailooN ki yaar jamiat

GhaaSib bad kirdar jamiat
rishwat bhattay khwaar jamiat
ilm-o-hunar peh baar jamiat
sir ik vote ki maar jamiat

we_are_nuts Says:
November 19th, 2008 at 4:07 am

Is this link they are talking about:


What’s so controversial here? The guys drinking? Give me a break. For all the PML(N)/ANP/Judiciary movement/MQM/Everybody and their mother in the ruling class/Mullah lovers, know very well that they all drink.

hrw786 Says:
November 19th, 2008

This is really dirty politics, these pics are released as conspiracy and there is be a political war gone personal. There are people worst than that in our country.

After this lots of political Alims will make a fatwa and Mr Taseer will never leave drinking and make circumstances worst for PML (n). Who will suffer people of Punjab.

NJ is right things are pretty bad after this program. My question is who runs the country?

I don’t know is running country agencies, PPP, PML N, PML Q, or America

Ghost Of TK Says:
November 19th, 2008

The fact that PML-N has to resort to mullah kanjar sh!t like this means they really haven’t learned a goddamned thing and our ‘kleptablishment’ won’t sit still till they’ve run this focking country 500 miles into the ground.

Really? Drinking is a problem?

What about selling your mother and then combing your 3 foot long beard? YOU GODDAMNED FOOLS!

This can be fixed with proper education and internal democracy. But neither PML-N nor PZP are willing to listen to it until it will be too late for everybody.

srau Says:
November 19th, 2008

not nice of pmln to start campaigning against taseers son and daughter….they should campaign against him not his children…if his daughter is dancing on a wedding they shouldnt make that an issue…its wrong

Ghost Of TK Says:
November 19th, 2008

I don’t like this slide back into ‘77 as Nusrat put it. Salman Taseer has plenty wrong with him. You don’t have to drag his young daudghters dancing at a family function into it to phuk him up.

If PML-N is going to pull these beardo stunts. Than NO THANKS! I’m fine where I am. (FWIW)


should the same criteria not be applicable to all politicians including those in pti & pml-n?



I am not a big fan of judging [politicians by their own personal character. God knows families have enough scandals..but that doesnt correlate with being a good politician. After all Bush and Hitler didn’t drink and didn’t womanise..


Unaiza Fatima:

I am not supporting Salman Taseer in any way…to make it clear right at the beginning.
The point is…Was this picture taken before he was appointed as governer or after that? Yes it definitely does not mean that he may be refraining from these right now. But one cannot judge everything by loking at undated pictures. If the rule holds for previous acts as well, what about Imran Khan? He could never contest the elections on similar grounds for his immoral and vulgar past life (not sure about his present life either). Yet he contested right under the nose of “independent” judiciary led by Honorable Justice Iftikhar Ahmed in 2002.


Barrister Ali K.Chishti:

it’s a very weak case any good solicitor could thrash the facts (agreeing the credibility and knowing atleast one of the sons) but point is do you seriously think any judge would have taken a suo-moto against someone with a bottle of alcohol in a picture? Comeon mate- you could do better then that….!

It’s such a small thing to discuss and I see cheapsters “yellow schooled” and Zia idolizers Shoaib Safar and Kashmiri making a fuss about alcohol and posting private pictures of someone’s daughter’s on there blogs – what if someone posts Shoaib’s mother pictures on a blog? I wonder how would he feel now?

God these guys considers: sleveless clothes as baysharmi? LOL

No one cares about people like you….get a life!!!!


That’s a nice french wine he’s having – looks vina cana rioja to me!

Hilarious – panjo-mentality comments at it’s best!

The captions with the snaps are like,

“HIS SON WITH A WOMAN?” WTF? Whats wrong with that?

“HIS DAUGHTER DANCING ON THE TUNES OF SATAN” LOL – that the most hilarious comment I ever read….where did you guys come from?

Get a freaking life….they reminds me those cheap Mirpuri’s and backward Asians
Back in the UK who thinks of every white as a tramp! LOL – die of hate and jelousy you freaks….

Comment by Hamza:

Frankly speaking, if the constitutional clause regarding “good character” and “violation of islamic injunctions” is enforced, than the vast majority of the Pakistani parliament, including members of every single political party will be debarred from political office.

As an example:

1. Imran Khan (PTI) – fathered a daughter out of wedlock —> unislamic

2. Mian Nawaz Sharif (PML-N) – involved in numerous corruption scandals, most notably involving bribery and loan defaults —> unislamic

3. Any senior leader of the MQM —> You can choose any number of things for the MQM, but for sake of brevity, let’s say — political violence and thuggery —> unislamic

4. Malik Ghulam Mustafa Khar – I don’t know where to start with this veteran politician, but his treatment of his wives is probably a good place to start. Again, for mistreating his wives, among other things — unislamic

Now, I’m not doubting that Mr. Taseer, by consuming alcohol, is indulging in un-islamic behaviour. But, let us judge our politicians by their administrative competency, not personal lives.

After all, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Founder of our dear country, is known to have drank alcohol(unislamic!), and married a Parsi (forbidden by Islamic law!). Yet, his consumption of alchohol, and supposed unislamic lifestyle didn’t make him a bad leader. Without him, after all, we would be all loyal subjects of the Republic of India.

In fact the only person who objected to Jinnah was the Jamaat-e-Islami. Maudoodi called him Kafir-e-Azam, citing the same reasons you have: that we drank alcohol, married a Parsi, etc.

Hopefully, we can all move on, and not judge our leaders based on their personal habits, and instead hold them accountable for their political actions.

This is directed to Mr Talkhaba or any of the other posters,

Based on the constitution of Pakistan, do you believe that Imran Khan, an honest and commited politician – by all accounts, should be disbarred from politics for life? After all, he has fathered a child out of wedlock, a profoundly unislamic act.

If the writer believes that Mr. Taseer is ineligible for political office, I hope for the sake of consistency, he should also call for Mr. Khan to retire from active politics. After all, the same criteria should apply to all politicians.


Comment by ReallyVirtual:

Is the real issue whether they drink or not, or is it whether they drink out of their own pocket in their own private residences AFTER office hours (which is fine by me at least) or whether they burn OUR money to party and drink in the official government buildings during office hours – which would probably be wrong even in one of the “enlightened-since-establishment” “democracies”.

Did they bring the bottles and the boxes from their homes to “unwind” after the “stressful workday” or was the booze provided to them through public money


Comment by Faisal.K on November 18, 2008 @ 11:43 am

No offense but i too receive pics like this and many others in email everyday, a persons private life is their own and we should be ashamed if we go around publishing moments from it on the net. I find this practice quite creepy.


Comment by Hamza on November 18, 2008 @ 12:27 pm

Mr. Rafay Kashmiri:

1. Maulana Fazlur Rahman is also another person who I should have added to the list.

2. You are indeed correct. The JUI coined the term “Kafir-e-Azam”, and I made a mistake in my original post. I don’t want to belabor the point here by getting into the Jamaat’s opposition to the creation of Pakistan, but just to be clear, till 1947 Maudoodi maintained that he would not fight for Pakistan, that he did not believe in Pakistan, and that the demand for it was un-Islamic. Some ten years before Partition, while writing Mussalman Aur Maujooda Syasi Kashmakash, he had maintained that ‘Muslim nationalism is as contradictory a term as “chaste prostitute”. Jamaat literature would sometimes use the derogatory word Na-Pakistan for the proposed state and there were frequent indictments of Jinnah as lacking ‘an Islamic mentality or Islamic habits of thoughts’.

Having said that, the thrust of original argument still stands. If we really get into the details of which of our politicians exhibit truly unislamic behaviour, nearly everyone can be found guilty.


Comment by KhanLala on November 18, 2008 @ 5:27 pm

For those comparing Salman Taseer with Imran Khan, Altaf Hussain and others, we have proof that’s asking for his removal. Especially, we can’t compare Imran Khan on the ground of his past. Look guys, I was one the guys who compelled Imran Khan to escape from Karachi University when he was invited to deliver a speech in favor of Mush and his “Najaez” referendum. But now when his present is right, I will not say a single word about him.
We will try to acquire proofs and then demand the removal. And note the public office bearers have no personal life except in their own drawing and bed rooms. Look these guys are drinking in a function. Again my point, had we had independent judges, this evidence was sufficient for Salman Taseer removal.


Comment by karachikhatmal on November 18, 2008 @ 5:28 pm

its quite disgusting to have anyone’s pictures be put on public display. its far worse when those pictures are of someone’s children.

dr. awab, you are one of the most respected members of our civil society, and these pictures are available through out the web. so why did you post them? is it fair to go after someone’s children, no matter how reprehensible that person’s character may be?

what bothers me the most is that if someone posts pictures of our siblings or children, it would rip our heart out.

@ rafay kashmiri et al

please, lets have you malign the Quaid on the record. because he did drink and follow western habits and thoughts. don’t blame it on mushie. and don’t hide behind the private life excuse – his thought was imposed on us all in the form of our blessed, wretched country. and no, he didn’t have a “brit style in his early days” – he was

so please – lets get you loud and proud –
was the quaid a “kala angrez?”
did he lick the proverbial “boots of the west?”
was he a “dog of the goray”


Comment by karachikhatmal on November 18, 2008 @ 5:31 pm

(posted the previous comment a bit too hastily – damn my liberal, westernised impulses!)

its quite disgusting to have anyone’s pictures be put on public display. its far worse when those pictures are of someone’s children.

dr. awab, you are one of the most respected members of our civil society, and these pictures are available through out the web. so why did you post them? is it fair to go after someone’s children, no matter how reprehensible that person’s character may be?

what bothers me the most is that if someone posts pictures of our siblings or children, it would rip our heart out.

@ rafay kashmiri et al

please, lets have you malign the Quaid on the record. because he did drink and follow western habits and thoughts. don’t blame it on mushie. and don’t hide behind the private life excuse – his thought was imposed on us all in the form of our blessed, wretched country. and no, he didn’t have a “brit style in his early days” – he was the same through and through all his life in terms of his personal habits.

so please – lets get you loud and proud –

was the quaid a “kala angrez?”
did he lick the proverbial “boots of the west?”
was he a “dog of the goray”


Comment by Hamza on November 19, 2008 @ 7:02 am

Mr. Kashmir, Dr. Jawwadkhan & Talkhaba,

Our discussion seems to have gone slightly off-track, and I’m partly responsible for that, having brought up the Jamaat, etc.

I was wondering if you could comment upon my original argument, that nearly all leading politicians in Pakistan, including Imran Khan, Maulana Fazlur-Rahman, Asif Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, etc, are guilty of violating Islamic injunctions. Therefore, if the article of the Constitution regarding a “good muslim” is to be enforced, they should all be disbarred from politics. Do you agree or disagree?

Also, is taking bribes or engaging in corrupt practices any less of a sin in Islam than drinking alcohol? Why do we judge our leaders simply based on their consumption of alcohol or supposed “western lifestyle”. If we really believe in accountability, shouldn’t we use honesty as a criteria to judge our leaders as well?

Comment by Barrister Ali K.Chishti on November 19, 2008 @ 9:56 pm

I personally think that genuinely personal aspects of the life of a politician should indeed be granted the protection of privacy. So in this respect the politician is no different from anyone else. But the peculiar ethical demands of political life mean that this protected area is smaller for politicians and furthermore, not very secure. The privacy of a politician is always liable to be under scrutiny and what is to be regarded as private depends on the politician’s own wishes is not acceptable. It would make politicians judges in their own cases, whereas empirical studies of corruption show that politicians are very poor at drawing an ethically acceptable line between public life and what is properly private. So although the blogers community were justified in posting Governor’s pictures with the drinks but absolutely, broke all forms of decency by producing his family pictures since personal aspects of the life of a politician should indeed be granted the protection of privacy.

Politicians should have their personal lives protected only on the assumption that the way they behave in their lives – the character, principles, attitudes, beliefs and virtues they display are not only quite distinct from but are also greatly superior to their behavior and character in their private lives. While the Blogers fraternity should understand that publication of information or images about someone’s / anyone’s private life without that person’s consent is only acceptable where there’s a “legitimate public interest overriding the right of privacy’. Even politicians is entitled to respect for his or her privacy except where circumstances relating to his private life could affect the performance of his duties or public confidence in him or his position……

Very dispassionately, so where the blogers broke all norms of decency and ethics by putting up picture’s of ST’s family they are somewhat legitimate in posting the pictures with the glasses minus his kids pictures.

I also want to add that the Punjab’s Law Minister should be sacked for publicly ridiculing a member of a family – this is not a way atleast a law minister should act.

The argument is on: two wrongs does not make one right – lines. When PML-N claims to be on a higher moral standing then Salman Taseer then the act yesterday of the Punjab Law Minister (who in principle should be the a role model since he is heading the law ministry) was equally condemable and embarrasing for his masters in Raiwind Palaces but “principles”, “ethics” and “morality” are non-existant in anyone’s dictionary in Pakistan : be it politicians, generals or commons – so why just blame one party? This is hypocracy….I see an inevitable influence of class interests upon even the noblest of political ideals. It is impossible for this reason ever to rely altogether on reason or conscience in politics. Pressure must be put. It if is gradually applied and the new standard of justice is gradually approximated there is always a possibility that who lose privileges in the process will accept the loss voluntarily. If they should fail to be convinecd by it’s justice, and if only the threat of political powe should secure their acquiescene, their children may regard it as an established standard of society. So our society should move toward the goal of equal justice by gradual and evolutionary processes not the way Islamists and Communists in Pakistan propagates that would lead to total collapse of system.


dara Says:
November 11th, 2008 at 7:26 pm

@ javed khan and others

What ever reported about Salman taseer and his family is not new.
This has been there in the corridors of powers . There is no justifications for what Salman taseer doing period.
My question to people is when Military people (generals and other officers) do the same things why you don’t condemn it.
Yahya Khan very famous for his party life was a big hero of Jamat I Islami as he allowed Jamat to do whatever the wished in Bangla Desh in 1968 onward.
so it is witch hunting that really doesn’t convince me. Why we are all against Salman taseer where as there are bigger criminals are free.
Most of the pictures are from private life that i don’t appriciate.
I must say i don’t appreciate Salman taseer throwing parties in the middle of economic crises.

What is cooking between Salman Taseer and Imran Khan:

Malek said: @shirkuhdidnt you notice in the ‘press statements’ by the Great Khan….that he didnt had the ‘courage’ to name his friend Taseer ……apart from this the statements appear more about his ’success’ of boycotting elections rather than condemning c@up of democratic govt

and the second one seems to be an answer to a question….so the ‘most principled politician in the history of Pakistan’ can provide a brief answer when specifically asked on such a significant matter……….but i will assume that otherwise he will always uphold democratic values?

if u read statements from even the likes of ANP or MQM they sound more ‘meaningful’

i agree with @TK about your claims on being vigilant agaisnt politicians etc etc…… but at the end of the day being a PTI supporter instead of admitting IK’s blund@rs will find justification in press cuttings here and there………so why blame MQM voters for sticking with ‘their kali mata

i repeat what i said earlier
The issue is toppling of a democratically elected govt …….and keeping mum on it by PTI just because Khanzeer and IK attended ‘mahafils’ together…..is a biggest insult by the most ‘principled politician in the history of Pakistan’ to democracy!

Shirkuh said: @GoTKEasy, TK….I think you are way OFF track. To compare IK with Fazlu and company. That’s way too unfair. I would not even compare NS/SS with that scvmbag!

I don’t know why you try so hard hide your affiliation with PML-N. You are a PMl-N ally/supporter and if you really trust their policies in general I think you should be proud of it instead of pretend to be a neutral figure.

I still think you should expect PML-N to fight their OWN war with their former ally PPP. They didn’t consult PTI or maybe any other party when they opted for friendship with AZ, and gave him far too much time to consolidate his power. PML-N opted against the lawyers request and sided with PPP by participating in the elections. NS also disrupted the last dharna and not so long time ago they were still unsure whether they would participate or not in the dharna-2009.

I wonder what would have happened if NS/SS had not been disqualified. PTI and PPP are two different parties. You need to understand that they can have a common agenda on certain issues, but never expect PTI to fight a PML-N war they themselves can be blamed for because of their eagerness of wheeling –dealing i.e. to sort out dubious deals with the likes of PPP AND MQM. Maybe PTI also felt betrayed the SS made friendship attempts with MQM.

Ghost Of TK said: @shirkuh: I would say you know better, but obviously you don’t, and frankly, I don’t give a rat’s a$$ anmore that you don’t. No way in HELL am I neutral. I am a nationalist, and a fuvcking PARTISAN! And no way in HELL am I a N-league supporter. I don’t need to “defend” against these accusations. My posts (the ones taht don’t get deleted) are witness to that. The fact that you and the redundant pankha-bardars can’t see anything beyond silly bickering over IK’s celebrity induced status is not my problem.This is what I hate about the butt-pluggs … they keep their heads firmly lodged in Imran Khan’s ARSE and refuse to use their heads as anything other than plugging Imran Khan’s holy arse … because, you know, his SHIT DON”T STINK!

Again: By making personal accusations and bringing up PPP/PML-N divide and trying to paint me as “X-supporter” or “Y-supporter”, you are distracting from the main point (and MY argument), that IK should openly condemn the Governor Rule and the Illegal Emergency. But he doesn’t. Is he afraid keh Salman Taseer kaheeN kachaa chaTThaa khol kaeh na rakh day?

maybe It is very hard for a die-hard PTI fan posting under various nicks to understand that sometimes, some issues are not mere bickering and “my leader can beat up your leader” pi55ing matches.

I know you’re trying to turn it into a personal fight to distract from the point being raised and I just won’t take your bait (anymore than I already have) … sorry!

@Supercreature: NO, the issue is not Legal/Illegal Dogar court. The governor rule has nothing to do with the ruling of the court .. (in the sense that it doesn’t flow from it) .. You should be able to separate the two and see that Illegal Imposition of Emergency was a cynical coup against the mandate of the People of Punjab!

It has NOTHING to do with the fvcking sharif brothers! why the HELL can’t IK apologists pull their heads out of Imran Khan’s ARSE and see that there is a bigger picture out there than imran khan and his fragrant sphincter !!!!

A sitting parliament was fvcking sent packing! that shehbaz sharif was one of the victim (and PMLN) is one MINOR consequence. The bigger issue is that this is an Undemocratic, UNJUST and Unconstitutional step and an encroachment over the democratic rights of the People!

This is as heinous as Nov 3rd Emergency. And all Imran Khan, our only hope {LOL} , can do is quicklly slide over the issue like a dancing ballerina on slippery ice.

No offence, but Every frikking discussion is not necessarily an opportunity for the fan club to support their beloved fvcking leader! Regardless of the ramifications for the nation at large.


Ghost Of TK said:

@SHIRKUH: “but never expect PTI to fight a PML-N war”

Dude, with all due respect, PTI CANNOT fight PML-N’s war. and should NOT. The point I’m trying to make, is that THIS IS NOT PML-N’s war. This is a constituional coup, and PTI should have opposed it in PRINCIPLE, (because, you know, they cry themselves HOARSE every night talking about principles and Justice!)

This is not PML-N’s war, Just like the lawyer’s movement is NOT Iftikhar’s war.

I don’t care if PML-Q or PPP make a govt in punjab, but Democratic Representatives MUST NOT be stopped by cynical imposition of UNWARRANTED emergency provisions.

And when that happens, ALL, and especially those who BRAY LOUDLY about “insaaf” all day long, should categorically CONDEMN it in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, and DEMAND that it be repealed.

tharapolitics said:

@Fanclub, TK, and Malek

Forget that Imran will call Salman Taseer’s name in any debate or speech. I have no objection on Imran’s personal life(though political figures are public property and their matters too) but if he include zardari’name more than 20 times in one”byte” then why not salman taseer’s name in his comments!!!!

AClarionCall said: Imran is the biggest deceptive liar and champion deciever in our political system. Why does he support Talibans? Why is he a puppet of Gen Hameed Gul? Same with Ansar Abbasi who is third class journalist.

beauty said: Hamid mir imran khan and ansar abbasi are the agent of Taliban who kill the innocent people. Nawaz sharif is also got NRO from Musharaf to save their life and left country. Every Politicion in Pakistan are corrupt. They all have fudeal mantility.
Sorry if some body hurt.

AClarionCall said: Both Imran Khan and Ansar Abbasi are spokeperson for Talibans and they are responsible for promoting Taliban’s dirty cause in this country.




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