Ansar Abbasi’s lies about Maulana Fazlur-Rehman and JUI: A post-mortem by Mr. Saleem


Originally Posted by Shamraz Khan

So, the truth is finally coming out. Now, we know incorruptible dictator was in fact corrupt & I think lot more is yet to come out of dirty dealings of ex dictator.

Hundreds of acres of Army land given as bribe to JUI by Musharraf

Sunday, November 02, 2008
Akram Durrani admits his people got it; JUI spokesman denies; Qazi Hussain shocked

By Ansar Abbasi

ISLAMABAD: The mystery…

I read above article up to … By Ansar Abbasi … and then stopped.

We have to see who wrote. I am surprised to see people of this forum who can ‘read and write’ (consider themselves literate) are taking writing of this man seriously. Ansar Abbasi is two penny thug who could be bought to write anything by anyone. I think that one should look for reliable soruce before believing such stories. Anything what Ansar Abbasi writes is not even worth to ponder as most what he writes are lies.

If anyone can show blatant lies written by a journalist when reporting interview taken by that journalist, and what he wrote was such blatant lies that person interviewed got so embarrassed that he had to not only clarify that lies but have to come and tell all that what was written associated to him were lies, then such journalist obviously do not deserve any respect and whatever he writes cannot be taken seriously. If you or anyone shows me blatant lies written by any journalist (especially to malign someone) then it is obvious that I would not give that journalist respect or believe his writing, rather I would consider myself mentally retarded and idiot if I take writing of such person seriously. [Actually, the main reason I do not like corrupts of PMLN is because they are not only corrupt but they are also blatant liars and lie to fool others, especially NS, Ishaq Daar, Ahsan Iqbal, and to some extent, Saad Rafiq].

Here is proof about Ansar Abbasi the Liar. Read what Lt Gen (R) Shahid Aziz says … (given in Urdu): #31 (permalink)

Ex-General defends Army, blames Musharraf

And Ansar Abbais claims what Lt Gen (R) Shahid Aziz said (in English):
GHQ had strongly opposed handing over Pakistanis to US

You can see that both are regarding same interview but completely contradictory and different (If you will read both, you will not only get surprised buy would know that Ansar Abbasi is a big Liar).



Ansar Abbasi !!! … aap kiss lanati ka naam layatay hou? Dont you know that people who are intentional and natrual liars are lanati? As for proofs, if any decent person would really claim that then its fine, else words of Ansaar Abbasi are worthless.

Anyhow, if you are really looking for a corrupt face, I have video recording of respectable person ‘Mr Afridi’, editor and owner of Frontier Post, that he has proofs (he was also showing it on TV) that Nawaz is not only liar and corrupt, but khyanati and dugla, as he took millions of rupees from OBL (as amanat) to give to Afghan leaders who fought in so-called Afghan Jihad, but this Khyanati did not gave a single penny to them (khud kha giya yea choor). Do you want to see the video of this claim on TV?

[This claim was not made during Musharraf time, but during present rule after resignation of Musharraf, on national TV, and by a respectable person with documentary proofs, not Lanati Liar like Ansar Abbasi].

Sa1eem says:

Originally Posted by Aalsi

Sa1eem bhai, if the allegations by Ansar Abbasi are true, then I am sure someone will raise an FIR, and Great Zardari led PPP govt will remove the alleged illegal land. Ronay walon ko ronay do.

Yar Aalsi brother, Ansar Abbais allegations and truth is two different thing. Anyhow, if there was any truth in such report than we would have heard that from some reliable journalists too. On the other hand, did you notice that even this report as it is presented shows that Ansar Abbasi is liar, propagandist with an agenda, and sold out soul? Let me show you his lies. Look what he writes:

Hundreds of acres of Army land given as bribe to JUI

Hundreds of acres of Army land given as bribe to JUI by Musharraf

Sunday, November 02, 2008
Akram Durrani admits his people got it; JUI spokesman denies; Qazi Hussain shocked

By Ansar Abbasi

ISLAMABAD: The mystery behind General Pervez Musharraf’s success in convincing Maulana Fazlur Rehman of the JUI in 2004 not to oppose his uniform has been partially solved — the general had doled out hundreds of acres of military land worth millions of rupees to the near and dear ones of the Maulana.

… … … … …

The ousted dictator is now known to have secretly allotted 1,200 Kanals of military land in D I Khan to his opposition leader in the last National Assembly Maulana Fazlur Rehman and his chief minister in the NWFP Akram Khan Durrani in 2004.

Though the military land was transferred in the names of those who are either closely related to these two JUI-F leaders or are their relatives, the Revenue Department in DI Khan confirmed that both these leaders had at least 600 Kanals each in their personal possession.

But the documents, available with The News, confirm that six men connected with Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Akram Durrani were allotted 200 Kanals each whereas a senior Revenue officer, serving in DI Khan, also acknowledged that the said land was actually in the possession of these two leaders.

The documents show that whole of this land was allotted in Rakh Ghass, Tehsil and district Dera Imail Khan where the provincial government had allotted almost 136,000 Kanals of land to the Pakistan Army for its scheme under which the officers and JCOs and their families are allotted agriculture land of different sizes on the basis of their performance, seniority, sacrifice etc under a well determined formula.

Adjutant General’s Branch, W&R Directorate, in its six separate letters dated Oct 23, 2004 and clearly tagged as “restricted”, allotted 200 Kanals of agriculture land in Rakh Ghass D I Khan to each of the following beneficiaries:

1. Abrar Ahmad Khan son of Muhammad Ismail Khan, street 41 Sector I-9/4 Jamia Masjid Farooq-e-Azam, Islamabad.

Generally known as Mufti Abrar, this allottee is the personal assistant of Maulana Fazlur Rehman. He has been allotted land in Khasra No 717, 716 and 715, the document shows;

2. Sharifullah son of Mr Rahmatullah, Mohallah Mehmood Khel, village Abdul Khel, district D I Khan. He is attached with the brother of the Maulana, Maulana Lutfur Rehman, and is considered as their family member. He has been allotted land in Khasra No 718, 719 and 720;

3. Muhammad Ramzan son of Mr Feroz Khan, Mohallah Mehmood Khel, village Abdul Khel district D I Khan. He is closely related to Sharifullah and is also close with the Maulanas. He was allotted land in Khasras No 715 and 714;

4. Ibrar Ali Shah son of Asghar Ali Shah, Mewa Khel, Fazal Haq Malwana, Bannu. He is cousin of Durrani, who admitted the same and asserted that his father is a retired soldier so the son got the land. He was allotted land in Khasra No 718, 719 and 720;

5. Muhammad Ashraf Ali Khan son of Muhammad Shahzad Khan, village Khutti, Tehsil and dist D I Khan. He is included in the personal staff of Maulana Fazlís brother Maulana Lutfur Rehman. He was allotted land in Khasra No 717, 716 and 715; and

6. Muhammad Shahzad Khan son of Alam Sher Khan, Hibak Sharzah Khan P/O Sikandar Khel Bannu. He is the uncle of Durrani as admitted by the former chief minister. Durrani said that his uncle was a retired soldier so was given land by the GHQ. Shahzad Khan was allotted land in Khasra No 715 and 714.

… … …

Now think … Ansar Abbasi never finds any hesitation in lying. So, what he wrote? He wrote hundreds of acres. What hundreds of acres mean … Many hundred acres … but how much land was allotted (assuming that at least this part of report is true … though I doubt whatever liars like Ansar Abbasi write).

6 allotments of 200 Kanals each … in total 1200 Kanals. How much is that? It is 6 allotment of 25 acres each … in total 150 acres. Now, no one would write 150 acres as ‘hundreds of acres’ right? … but who would write that? Only a Liar like Ansar Abbasi could do that, trying to misguide his readers.

How much 150 acres of agricultural lands would be worth in NWFP? I do not know but I know that a good developed agricultural land in Punjab last year, fed by canal, was between 4 to 5 lac rupees an acre (well, if one negotiates, one may have got it at even lower price). Rain-fed agricultural lands are much cheaper (at some places it could be a tenth the price of canal fed lands). Land in 2004 was cheaper. I know that agricultural lands in Sindh are much cheaper than Punjab and I believe that lands in NWFP would be cheaper than Punjab too. Undeveloped agricultural lands are less than half the price of developed agricultural lands.

Assuming that lands given to these people (if it is really given) have to be undeveloped, as that is usual allotted lands to military personals. My, guess is that lands in Rakh Ghass, Dera Ismail Khan, may be worth around 50 thousands per acre at most (if it was in Sindh than such lands fed by canal could be worth no more than few tens of thousands rupees per acre).

So, if one assumes the price to be 50 thousands per acre (I believe that even that is too high assumption), than the price of those 150 acres are no more than 75 lac. I think that Ansar Abbasi is just a propagandist liar who is working for thug like NS and wants to fool and misguide people.


saadahmed says:

Ansar Abbasi …….. meh

Santa Claus & Unicorns have more credibility.

I am going to quote a post from a different forum on this issue & Mr. Abbasi’s credibility.

aar, aap nay bilkul sahi kaha … anything written by this liar is not worth even reading. This person, Ansar Abbasi is a known blatant liar. There are many liars in Pakistan but only person who can compete in telling blatant lies with Ansar Abbasi is Nawaz Shareef. If one wants to know what Ansar Abbasi is, one should read about interview he took of Lt General Shahid Aziz and than got it printed with full of lies trying to malign President Musharraf, thinking that Lt Gen Shahid Aziz would keep quite as Musharraf is no more in power, but honest Lt Gen Aziz came out and cleared himself what this thug Abbasi wrote, pointing out lies of Abbasi.

Liars are one of the most disgusting people Allah has created and sent Lanat on them. Here is what Lt Gen Shahid Aziz said … and what this Liar Ansar Abbasi wrote about what Lt Gen Shahid Aziz said. Please compare.

Shahid Aziz:…2008/main3.htm
(6th News item)

Ansar Abbasi Kazib … regarding what Shahid Aziz said:…l.asp?Id=17248

If anyone reading both still believes on anything this Liar writes, than it is not fault of this liar but persons who believes such liar himself are propagandist and love lies.

rohail_us says:

Ansar Abbasi is one crooked liar.

Keep in mind, if anything ever happens through GHQ, the COAS does not take the decision alone. The whole top brass supports it silently.

General Musharraf did not go alone to meet Benazir in Dubai. Current COAS Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani was with him in that room. That also was army’s collective decision silently.

Throwing mud on Musharraf as COAS will only bring more mud on our army.
Stay Zardari Stay! Let us celebrate Democracy!

saadahmed says:

You know, this news piece comes from the same man who was dead certain that there was a white plane waiting for Musharaf in rawalpindi & he was certain that Shujaat had left for spain & Sheikh rasheed had run away to dubai etc. etc.

Abbasi, like Hamid Mir have worked long & hard to loose all their credibility.

Fazlu may have had grabbed tons of land, but some how trying to tie a Musharaf end to it is just a sad attempt to malign his repo from Mr. Abbasi.


affendi says:

ansar abbasi is an unscrupulous character to say the least. he has tried to defend himself today with a mumbo jumbo piece about how people malign journalists when they feel threatened. no mention of course of the fact that jang and the news have repeatedly over the past few years printed stories that were proved to be absolute rubbish. with a sensationalist editor like shaheen sehbai, it can only be said that jang and the news do not have integrity at the top of their list. i dont doubt that fazlur rahman may have received land, but i seriously doubt musharraf would have been the one to allot it, esp if it was against military procedure. this was NOT the kind of leader he was. only those with an axe to grind, or other biases, will make the connection. shaheen sehbai and ansar abbasi have an axe to grind and have biases against musharraf. this is well known. they will print any story to make him look bad.


One Taliban supporter helps another Taliban supporter: Imran Khan comes to the rescue of Ansar Abbasi

Imran hits out at JUI for maligning journalist
Saturday, November 15, 2008
By Usman Manzoor

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has snubbed JUI leaders for calling Ansar Abbasi, Editor Investigation The News, as a part of Jewish lobby. Imran is the only politician who raised his voice against the blame of Maulana Abdul Wassay and Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri of JUI upon Ansar Abbasi and the Jang Group.

Imran Khan while talking to this correspondent said that the JUI leaders should be ashamed of their uttering. “Instead of answering to the questions raised by the journalist, the JUI leaders stated that the journalist was working for Jewish lobby, which was shameful,” said Imran, adding: “In any democratic country these questions would have been raised in the Parliament and these people would have been asked by the parliamentary committees to answer the questions raised by the newspaper.

“Those people who do politics in the name of Islam should be ashamed of being hand and glove with the dictator while being in the opposition,” said the PTI chairman, adding: “JUI has been getting benefits from the dictator and strengthening the dictatorship which was utterly shameful.”

He said the JUI should have answered the questions raised by Ansar Abbasi in the same way as the journalist had elaborated his story point wise, but the people doing politics in the name of Islam were trying to hide themselves behind the conviction of calling the other person as Jew or working for Jewish lobby.

“These people are doing politics in the name of Islam and such type of backtracking from the principles of Islam by taking financial benefits from a dictator underhand and remaining in the opposition would take youth far away from Islam,” held Imran, adding: “If the JUI leaders are innocent they should take Ansar Abbasi and the Jang Group to the court and issue a rebuttal answering the questions raised by the journalist.”

Imran said he himself was blamed for working for Jewish lobby when he married an English girl, and it was convenient to call others Jew when one has no justification of his wrongdoings. He said that it was sad on the part of JUI leaders that they have been getting financial benefits from Musharraf and termed themselves his opponent.

“In this country there have been criminals and murderers posted at prime positions and the NRO has given amnesty to all the looters and plunderers, and there was no one to ask from the previous opposition leader that why did he get financial benefits from the dictator while he was doing politics in the name of Islam,” he said.

It is pertinent to mention here that Maulana Fazlur Rehman and his party has not issued any rebuttal of the Ansar Abbasi’s story on allotment of land to JUI people during the Musharraf regime. (The News)



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