Report on reviewing the decade long counter-terrorism struggle: 2001-2010

Throughout the decade the greatest apprehension for the citizens, government and other concerned authorities remained security. During the year 2009, when 11704 people lost their lives among which 2324 were civilians, 991 were security personnel and 8389 were terrorists. During 2010, a total of 7199 people lost their lives among which 1731 were civilians, 444 were security personnel, and 5024 were terrorists.

On analyzing the terrorist incidents that took place during the year, we can see that a total of 459 bomb blasts occurred, out of which 48 were reported as suicide attacks. However, in 2009 a total of 500 bomb blasts occurred out of which 76 were reported to be suicide attacks.

To discuss this, Individualland Pakistan organized a roundtable discussion on “Reviewing the decade long counter –terrorism struggle: 2001-2010.” on Thursday, Jan 13th 2011 at Avari Hotel, Lahore. The speakers included important security and political analysts, researchers, journalists and educationists. Every speaker lauded the efforts of the security personnel in clearing vast areas from the influence of the terrorists. However, everyone agreed that a lot needs to be done to take effective total control of the tribal areas, where the war is being fought.

On the basis of speakers and participants input the roundtable report titled, “Reviewing the decade long counter -terrorism struggle” to is now printed. It is available on Individualland website for brief look.



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