Aaj TV must apologize to Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri. There is a fine line between the freedom of media and its abuse.

Bolta Pakistan 6-november-2008

[Nusrat Javed And Mushtaq Minhas discussing who can be a potential Obama for Pakistan]

Mushtaq Minhas: I recalled another [Pakistani] Obama. Do not try to make fun of me now. Do you remember there used to be a Maulana Tahir Ul Qadri. Once he came up with Awami Tehreek ……

Nusrat Javed: Now you are trying to bring comedy in this program. Oay, he was just a showbiz man yaar ! Source: bolta-pakistan-6-november-2008

The next day when Bolta Pakistan was on-air, AAJ TV continued to show live news report from their Islamabad office saying their office has been surrounded by followers of Allama Qadri and that they have disrupted the normal business of the office – “Tahir ul-Qadri k admiyoon ne AAJ TV kay daftar ka chand ghantoon se gheraao kar rakha hay …. nazreen hum apko phir batatay chalein…..“

AAJ TV tried to create a sensational news when it was just a peaceful protest…

The report tries to create a sensation out of nothing – I could recall the word ‘gheraoo‘ for more than a dozen time in this short clip when this was not a ‘gheraoo‘ at all. The image above is taken from the same news report which clearly shows a few peaceful prtesters with placards in front of AAJ TV Office. Let me share some interesting and sensitizing comments from this news report:

in logoon ne aise aa kar gheraao kia hay …. is se to mazeed pressure groups ban-nay ka khatra ho ga… ye dehshat gardi to khulay aam ho rahee hay !

inke pas hathyar ho saktay hain, kuch bhi ho sakta hay, sahafat ko nuksan ho ga ya faida ?

chand logoon ne (AAJ TV office kay) andar aa kar baat karnay ki koshih ki … humne kaha workers hatayen

The news bar claims that the protesters tried to enter the AAJ TV building while one of the AAJ TV personnel in the video says, in contradiction to this, that they came to talk to us but we asked them to first move your protesters away.

There seems to be obvious contradiction in the reporting by AAJ TV, so much that the audio of the news report does not match with the live video coverage being shown in the same report . Let me summarise my findings:

Contradition 1 : [Audio] More than 150 men of Qadri have surrounded the AAJ TV office. [Video] Just a few dozen men with placards peacefully protesting (rather, just standing, not even chanting slogans) in front of AAJ TV office ! [ Note: The geographics of the AAJ TV building does not allow any group to surround it, its already surrounded by other huge buildings on three sides ]

Contradition 2: [Audio] A few of them came of the office gate and tried to talk to us but we told them first they need to get their men away from the office and only then we will be ready to talk. [NewsBar] The news bar at the bottom states, “three to four persons tried to enter the office (forcefully)”

I feel that AAJ TV was playing this out of proportion. The news report tried to demonize these people in every way possible. Those who have threatened the anchors do not deserve any sympathy but those who came out to voice their concern in a non-violent protest have a right to register their protest. AAJ TV should have been honest in reporting the incident and should have avoided creating just another fancy news report out of nothing defaming someone they have a personal grudge over.

Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq’s comment regarding Dr. Qadri was a bit unwarranted. Nusrat is quite witty and I guess this was the case of wittism taken a bit too far. Being a responsible journalist I expected much better from him. It is fine not to agree with somebody’s point of view or somebody’s interpretation, but there has to be a difference between sarcasm and criticism when you tend to discuss someone’s personality.

What surprised me, rather disturbed me the most was the way Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas reacted in the next program of Bolta Pakistan, dated November 7th, 2008. That was totally irresponsible and immature journalism ! The hosts continued to bash Qadri and his supporters throughout the program which was uncalled for. The co-hosts called him names, made fun of him, his followers and his party/organization with statements which were hurting. I say so, though I am no fan of Qadri or his party.

Just as the journalists have always wished for a Free Media in Pakistan, they must not forget that Freedom of Expression is the right of every citizen of this state, thus every citizen has the right to protest peacefully for the matters of concern. Under the garb of ‘Free Media’, the journalists should not ridicule anyone just for the sake of it, and if they do, they should expect a reaction.

Source: ALE Xpressed; Edited: A&P


What do ordinary Pakistanis think and say?

abuhaleema Says:
November 8th, 2008

Assalam o allaikum,

Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq’s comment regarding Maulana Tahirul Qadiri was totally unwarranted. It is ok to not agree with somebody’s point of view or somebody’s interpretation, but they were wrong to target him personally.

Secondly, I feel that Aaj has been playing this out of proportion. The above clip has been trying to demonize these people in every way possible and try to make it look like everything is organized and planned by this group.

I feel, that its not a surprise that these people came out to protest like this. Those who have threatened the anchors do not deserve any sympathy but those who came out to voice their concern in a non-violent protest have a right to register their protest.

I understand that Talat felt concerned but the way he said that he is going to gather all the journalist groups gives an impression that there is no accountability of media ever. I hope he doesnt mean that under the garb of ‘freedom of speech’, the media can ridicule anyone and expect that there will be no reaction.

Jazoo Says:
November 8th, 2008

What I am missing here is the reason why all this thing has started in the first place.

….. is giving one sided story like aaj tv.

My take is–Those who are condemning the stone throwing crowd gathered at aaj tv but not giving the reason why this all is happening at aaj tv why not at Geo & other channels.

Reason must be pretty strong & Nusrat Javed must be guilty as hell.

This all hollering about freedom of expression has many similarities not to be mentioned here.

I think ….. is equally incriminated for hiding the truth.

In case …… did not print this post I will be e mailing to all the yahoogroups.

azizusman says:

Re: AAJ Tv News Office In Islamabad Has Been Attacked Nov 7

This is unfortunate to see such a vilification of his personality- Guys come on, do you really believe that Dr. Qadri deserves the comments made by Nusrat Javed, just compare him with our great President Mr. Zardari or the great Altaf Hussain, a quaid of poor mohajirs of karachi leading an affluent life style in the UK.

Only imbecile would actually believe on the rumors- I am sure none of those who have commented have ever listened to what he says or read his literature.

I think he is one of the sane voices among all the hardcore MULLAS that we have in Jamait Islami or JUI (Qazi and Molvi Diesel who use Islam to propel their political influence among illiterate and innocent people) who inculcates the teachings of the religion with logic.

I would request you all to make up your opinion on true knowledge instead of blaming someone outrightly merely on the basis of rumors-

May Almighty Allah Guide us towards the right path-

dervesh72 says:

I am agree with above comment’s. I Like this program very much, but I am very frustrated when i listen about this “He is a show biz person”. U should criticize but should be positive way not to make jokes, u r not joker u are live and addresssing people and This strongly condem what (Tahir ul Qadri) lovers are doing with these anchors. If u guys can go to next episode of this program all program is about this discussion, they are just expoliting this. Even talat remarks are not good. I am realy frustrated from media today. they should say sorry, atcually if journalism is independent than they are peaceful protest it is also there right why Ajj TV is crying. Just they are expoliting this issue to make themselves famous among people.

I think Criticism should be positive and should remain in the limits. Freedom of speech doesnot mean freedom to insult others, to hurt the feelings of others. A few points need attention:-

1. The video which is showing the protest of tahir ul qadri followers is not aggressive (if you know, what is the meaning of aggression in Pakistan; Atleast AajTV very clearly knows from Karachi episodes with MQM). They are displaying placards and demontrating in a very descent manner; even this much descency has not been shown by Aaj TV; rather they are enjoying the propaganda weapon in hand and using very aggressively.

2. The official statement of Minhaj ul Quran is rather interesting; Any one interested can see it on the official site of minhaj ul quran. “minhaj.org”

3. The people gathered at Aaj TV HQ are just at thier own with out any delebrate call from the central leader ship; otherwise every pakistani knows that Tahir ul qdri is not that unknown person in Pakistan that upon his call only 100 – 200 people (as per Aaj TV statement) would gather.

4. As a true pakistani and true muslim, we should think about our attitude; on one side we condemn “insulting comments about the leaders / holy personalities / holy books / faiths etc ” and donot consider these acts as freedom of speech. We demend limits in freedom of speech and on the other hand, we our self create a scene on our own TV channels which is against this theme. Those who have seen the second day telecasts of Aaj TV on the said issue will support me out.

5. The heading / topic of this discussion is also interesting which is giving a wrong sense of the facts. After seeing the seen of demonstration by Tahir ul qadri people, can some one say this thing attack? Are the attacks are done in this way? Aaj TV is very much aware of attacks. How these are done nad what is left after the attacks?

jazoo Says:
November 8th, 2008

I must say something about Tahir-ul-Qadri

He was the first & only man ever happened in the 61 years history of Pakistan who resign from NA on principles.

We must learn to respect character.

Shaz Says:
November 8th, 2008 at 9:12 am

I find the article on this subject by Pkpolitics as one sided-story. Media has altogether no right to play with some individual, not having any of the public interest affairs. There should be the laws to protect anybody from the untowards comments. Tahir-ul-Qadri is a great scholar with lot of research on the modern day issues and Islam. Some ordinary level tv hosts are defaming others to fill the belly of their programs. Condemnable act from the host!

jazoo Says:
November 8th, 2008 at 10:34 am

Shirkuh & aftab do you know what are zombies.

They do not have brain of their own–they go with the trend without thinking.
Why should TQ go to Bolta pakistan–Why not they come to him & apologize.
I did not see a clip of stone throwing even at aaj TV–Mostly I see peaceful demonstrators registering their protest in front of aaj TV.

If you are so much against TQ then please post one incident where you can justify that he is a bad guy.

He represent most non violent religious group in Pakistan.

paindoo and dara Say:
November 10th, 2008

I am really happy to see tahir ul qadri and his attachment to sufi Islam; i love seeing him and his followers dancing and singing because this shows at least these people have Mullah has heart and soul. Those who think music and dance are not allowed in islam, may be want us to be stones or animals. you prefer taliban and their version of puritanical islam. i prefer tahirul qadri and his moderate version of real loving, all encompassing islam.

pejamistri Says:
November 8th, 2008 at 11:03 am

Well I must say one thing that amazed me in the Aaj TV coverage of their protest was that they were really peaceful and quiet. I know that they sent SMS and phone calls with threats and foul language but during the Aaj TV coverage the bearded fellows were standing very quiet with the banners in their hands. I was really impressed as it was for the first time when I saw more than two bearded fellows standing at a public place without chanting slogans , burning effigies and shouting.
Aaj TV was little dishonest in not giving this credit to those guys.

crazybynature Says:
November 8th, 2008 at 11:47 am


First of all pkpolitics admins you have the freedom to speak the truth and you called that protest an aggression… WOW some guys holding signs and registering their protest non violantly , I thought you forgot what MQM guys did to AJJ Station.
I am not very religious and I don’t have any extreme religious believes but one thing for sure what Dr Tahir have given to the people around the world , these bolta pakistan puppets and their next thousand generations can’t give a fraction of it. So please don’t just take sides with so called free media and these clowns from Bolta Pakistan. I am glad they showed their real wisdom and journalism … for me it was a very desperate cheap attempt to gain popularity.

gg Says:
November 8th, 2008 at 12:38 pm

1st of all I agree with some people here that AJJ TV is hiding the truth by showing only 1 side of the picture, what did they say about Tahir-ul-Qadri? They don’t mention… and plus just imagine if any one of you is in a fight and you only tell a story you would always hide the bad part you did… same is the case here with AJJ TV … off course they will try to show them bad, as media is theirs, hey can potray any one the way they like… as long as it meets their purpose….or to defend themselves..
2nd as said people only tend to see 1 side with a narrow mind, and make a decision based on one side and not looking at the whole picture.. which is quite wrong.
For example… claims on his so called False Dream, is it false or true, how can you say… can any one Oath with Quran and say 100% that he lied and did not dream?
His Khwab (which is criticized a lot): Gosh man it’s a very old one…B&W


His Response to the accusations:

I think he has earned his respect and people in all times are against everybody in one way or the other… that is what our enemies enjoy, divide and concur… You have an objection on any of his acts, go and ask the scholar himself, and he will provide you with all the proves and daleels for any of his actions, and if he is wrong in any he would also admit it… People change… So did he… you need to accept that change as well…

amajid.malik Says:
November 8th, 2008 at 1:33 pm

minhaj version of the incident:

November 8th, 2008 at 7:30 pm

I have seen both the programmes of Bolta Pakistan, and today have sent the following e-mail to aaj t.v.

“I would like to draw your kind attention to your programme Bolta Pakistan dated 06/11/08 and 07/11/08 and request to investigate the matter immediately. Although it has nothing to do with me directly but being a Pakistani and Muslim who strongly believes in freedom of expression for everyone (but without insulting any individual or a group), I truly feel that your respectable presenters of this programme have, intentionally or unintentionally, crossed the boundaries. Being a human being it is our responsibility to be fair with everyone and not to target someone on the basis of our own personal views or agenda, especially, in the respectable field of journalism.

I, therefore, would like to record my protest on these unacceptable and highly offensive & insulting comments by your presenters in the following words.

1: I don’t belong to any political or religious party but truly feel that independent and freedom for journalism does not mean that one has got a certificate to insult any individual like this, especially, in his/her absence or, at least, giving them a fair chance to reply.

2: I see the comments in Bolta Pakistan on 6th of November with regard to Mr Qadri extremely insulting, unnecessary and ridicusly unreasonable. Even the body expression while saying those insulting words was and is unacceptable by any standards. Not only this, even, any impartial individual can not find any link, connection, reason or justification for the comments with regards to Mr Qadri, from what was aired or telecast in this program. I request you to review this programme that may help you to understand my point.

3: Now, if some people from his party have protested, they have got right to protest as long as they remain peaceful. However, your channel was making headlines and claiming that they were ’surronding’ your offices. But the tv footage on your own channel was clearly exposing your lies and exaggeration in this regard and one can see these protesters were standing peacefully in lines, holding cardboards with demands and chanting slogans.

4: If you truly believe in freedom of expression, you should be happy with their peaceful protest and should have reacted positively to listen to their complaint or demands that, unfortunately, you clearly failed to demonstrate at this occasion. If you want freedom for yourself to say whatever you want to say or criticise, even, to use insulting language for anyone, why you are not willing and ready to accept others right to make complaint or protest peacefully against what they feel is not right.

5: Your presenters comments in 7th November’s Bolta Pakistan in reaction to so called ‘life threatening’ and insulting phone calls, texts and protests etc were, even, dangerously provoking. It only shows your personal hatred for that man (Mr Qadri) for some reason and did not serve any purpose. I am sure, any impartial inquiry can very easily identify these offensive, insulting words and comments.

6: Despite all above, if some individuals (from Mr Qadri’s Party or from Agencies) are threatening the presenters or the tv administration, again, this is unacceptable behaviour and I condemn it. However, I, also, condemn your presenters senseless initial comments (on 06/11/08) and then, again, intentionally repeating these highly provoking & insulting comments (on 07/11/08) against our fellow pakistani (Mr Qadri).

7: I believe that neither Mr Qadri nor your presenters or anyone from us all are angels and, therefore, can commit mistakes any time or might have done so in the past. However, this does not mean that anyone of us, on the name of journalism or anything else, has got a liscence to intentionally use highly insulting & offensive language, especially, in the absence of the other party or, at least, giving them a fair chance to reply or clarify their position.
Now, the fair and best way out of this controversy is to accept the mistake and sincerely take steps to rectify the mistake and make sure these don’t happen again. As the initiator of this issue:

A: I expect Ajj tv’s presenters and the administration to start the heeling process by a fair and impartial investigation of this matter, identify the responsible and make them accountable, if necessary.

B: Secondly, you should contact Mr Qadri and give him a fair chance to respond to your accusations and any other issues/question for which you or your presenters need clarification/answer.

I hope you will consider all the above with an open mind and will do your best to satisfy me and many of your viewers in the next few days.

mya Says:
November 8th, 2008 at 7:39 pm

i hardly have heard about Tahir ul Qadri. i dont personally follow his preachings or whatever…

but wait a minute:

the other side of the story is that nusrat do object people when a caller starts critising ppp and he literally cant listen anything against zardari. if nusrat can always threaten/blackmail people to not go against zardari just because “aik wardi wala a jaye ga” or “tu app loggon ney ppp ko vote kiyun diye?” then he has absolutely no right to criticse someone else in this manner. there should be a balance and equality when you teach others about democracy and values.

see many of us live in UK, USA etc. and most of them are living in christian countries but these countries respect minorities and with the same token we have to respect everyone and every community.

therefore, we like Maulvi Tahir ul Qadri or not, we follow him or not is absolutely secondary thing. what matters most is that he represents a considerable amount of community and we can not disrespect just because we dont like him/her.

since when ppp started governing, i have seen this clown nusrat’s real face and i simply hate him. he is an absolutely stubborn man and lives in his own world. u can easily see how much he favours pppp regardless of anything. he always have some consipiracy theories whenever pppp does a blunder (which she almost does every day).
so the moral of the story is that we should respect each other. we may not like moulvies (or for that matter whoever) but that does not mean that their respect is not due.

hope i am clear in voicing my opinion.

Fireblade Says:
November 9th, 2008 at 4:03 am

After watching the show and the next day’s show aswell and being a neutral person i am saying that it clearly states that nusrat javed and rashid minhas both have used rubbish language also we can see the protesters they were ‘not’ in an offensive mode.Freedom of expression does’nt mean that media or anyone can use a market language and nusrat javed repeated his words in his show that he raised up in a company of those people who do not have any manners.Anyway i m not a supporter of Tahir ul Qadri nor i believe in his ideology but i also do not believe in these manners and i also condemn all type of threats to aaj tv but unfortunately aaj tv has made this a very big issue in reality which is not as we can see thoso protesters were not armed i m just laughing now because i see this topic’s title above “bullying against aaj tv” which is not.what should i expect from those whom i dont give respect? I finish my comment with these words “Give Respect To Get Respect”.

gg Says:
November 9th, 2008 at 4:54 am

Bullying Against AAJ TV

LOL…. Its AJJ TV who is a big bully here in this case….

It’s strange how the media can control minds…. That is why it’s known, very less people are actually intellectual
Shame on AJJ TV….abusing their media powers….

sahsan Says:
November 9th, 2008 at 5:29 am

It is very irresponsible of the hosts of Bolta Pakistan to present the personality of such a great scholar and lover of Allah and Rasool (PUBH) in a very mocking manner. Dr. Qadri’s message has been only peace and harmony among Muslims and between Muslims and other religions. AAJ TV has not shown credibility in covering the protest too in its true form. It is a fact that Minhaj-ul-Quran has never been involved in any type of extreme measures or violent demonstration throughout its history. This protest was initiated by small number of members at their own and central secretariat neither initiated nor endorsed this, still this was very peaceful. Everyone has a right to convey thoughts in a peaceful way and that’s what those people did, and AAJ acknowledged that fact too that all of those protesters remained peaceful, but the tone of the presentation of that protest was too biased and it is irresponsible of AAJ.

Usman Says:
November 9th, 2008 at 6:55 am

Here is the response of the Minhaj-ul-Quran rep and I think he does speak logic. One should NOT be biased.


Usman Says:
November 9th, 2008 at 7:02 am

& this understandably gives us an opportunity to learn more about Dr. Tahi-ul-Qadri and the type of work that he is doing. Here is the website:

I think we should NOT blindly believe whatever these anchorpersons tell us without verifying the veracity of their information.

Aren’t we too caught up with the ANCHOR-O-PHILIA?????

Usman Says:
November 9th, 2008 at 7:55 am


I second your opinions 101%

here is the text of email that I sent to Bolta Pakistan email address before I watched their Nov 7th program. After watching that, I seriously regretted sending that email to bunch of MORONS who have NO respect whatsoever for any fellow Pakistani- They are cheap minded people who are gone mad with vanity and arrogance. They do NOT deserve any respect whatsoever:

Dear Nusrat Sb & Mushtaq Bhai,


Let me start with my introduction. By profession I am a medical doctor and currently working in the US. I am a regular viewer of your program (thanks to a few forums who put the recorded versions of the current affairs programs on their website) and must applaud your efforts in bringing a lot of important issues in the limelight. All the current affair programs deserve our deepest compliments and encouragement for educating and politicizing the great Pakistani nation and in due course of time, your efforts will certainly bring a well-deserved change in our beloved country, insha Allah!

I would like to discuss two things regarding your Nov 6th program. The first one is your topic “Obama of Pakistan- Imran Khan” [I believe it can become a famous slogan :-)] As you have also mentioned that it was greatly energized and motivated younger generation that made all the difference. To sum up Obama’s journey to white house, it was a spectacular display of “GRASS-ROOT ORGANIZATION” which the world has not seen in the recent past. We should keep in mind that it was the longest ever presidential campaign in the history of the US spanning over 21 months and he almost went to every nook of the country to gather support and it paid off.

I have been to a few meetings organized by US chapter of the PTI and by looking at its performance, I deduced that Imran Khan lacks the party structure. I would not like to delve into the details of lack of initiative that I witnessed (it could be an individual’s viewpoint and should not be generalized as such) but I think he should conduct a country wide tour (like once he did to gather money for SKMH in the 90’s) to gather momentum for what he stands for and I am sure that it is the only way he can create history as Obama did in less than 2 years of his struggle. Certainly there are big hindrances in his way but so were in Obama’s path. Greater things are ONLY achieved after overcoming greater obstacles.

Another thing that I would like to bring into your notice is some comments that were
made by Nusrat Sb regarding Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri. I do understand that whenever someone chooses to come in the public life, especially in politics then he can be criticized but should NOT be insulted. One needs to distinguish between criticism and sarcasm. Regardless of his political ventures, he is one of the few sane scholars in our so-religiously charged up country who inculcates the religious concepts and teachings with logic. I have seen so many Muslims and non-Muslims in the west and European countries who earnestly admire him for his logical and non-confrontational approach towards religion with special emphasis on interfaith harmony. I am an avid reader of his literature and listen to him also. I candidly believe that Nusrat Sb’s comment were totally un-necessary. Even if someone has to be criticized, that can be done in a polite and respectable manner than calling somebody a joker. Please remember that millions across the globe watch your program regularly and your demeanor should be respectable towards people of “some” moral standards and following. Regardless of what Dr. Qadri has achieved in politics, I believe he is trying to educate and help people in other walks of life and that should be acknowledged. Even on the comparison chart, I doubt if Nusrat Sb would be willing to vouch that our current president deserves to be in the office on moral and intellectual standards or someone leading a lavish life in the UK deserves to be a Quaid of middle class muhajirs in Karachi. None of our leaders is perfect but that cannot justify vilification of their personalities. Each one of them has some influence and following and insulting them would infact amount to insulting their followers which is very unfortunate. I hope you will be careful in the future.
Please continue your good work and forgive me if I said something harsh.


PAT and MQI strongly condemn ‘Aaj’ TV for its character assassination of Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri


Nazim-e-Ala of Minhaj-ul-Quran International, Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi, has said that it is on record that Pakistan Awami Tehreek and Minhaj-ul-Quran International have never resorted to violence and siege in their entire religious and political history and we have always condemned such acts. Minhaj-ul-Quran International has been a torch-bearer of independence of media and it has never tried to pressurize it in any way. He said the ‘Aaj’ TV’s allegation of laying siege around its Islamabad office against MQI was unjustified and belied truth. He said we strongly condemn such behaviour. Dr Abbasi said the truth was that Mr. Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas, anchors of an Aaj TV programme ‘Bolta Pakistan,’ used provocative, abusive and insulting language about Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, the founder and patron-in-Chief of Minhaj-ul-Quran International on November 6, 2008. This programme was re-telecast at 7 am in the morning on November 7 and at 2 pm on the same day. This programme was also repeated on other channels abroad, hurting the feelings of millions of Muslims, workers and associates of Minhaj-ul-Quran International across the globe. A letter was sent to the Chief Executive Officer of Aaj TV and its management demanding of them to take notice of critical issue and resolve the it amicably. Furthermore, the central leaders of MQI also tried to contact the owners and management of Aaj TV. They neither received these phone calls nor responded to letter. Afterwards, the central leader of MQI, Sardar Mansoor Ahmad Khan, went to the Islamabad office of Aaj TV to resolve the matter through negation but the management did not meet him.

In the meantime, we advised our workers to remain cool and calm but a few individuals got together on their own for peaceful protest in front of Aaj TV office in Islamabad. The 40-minute long coverage of Aaj TV bears testimony to the fact that the protestors kept their cool. MQI dissociates itself from this peaceful protest because no such call was issued to its members and workers. Interpreting the protest of a few individuals as violent siege and terrorism, Aaj TV management ascribed it to Minhaj-ul-Quran International. He said this attitude of Aaj TV is regrettable and deserves to be condemned in strong terms. Despite the fact that Aaj TV management had the telephone numbers of the central leaders of MQI, it did not contact them for their version on the events and chose to attribute peaceful protest of a few individuals to MQI. This is contravention of journalistic norms and values. On November 7, the anchors of ‘Bolta Pakistan’ in its next episode crossed all moral limits and used highly objectionable, abusive and immoral language about Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri.

Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi deplored the character assassination of such a person who has devoted his entire life for the service of Islam and Muslim Umma, putting in place thousands of educational institutions and Islamic centres across Pakistan and abroad for promotion of awareness and enlightenment from which thousands of youth had received guidance and were spreading the peaceful message of Islam. He said Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri is globally known as an ambassador of peace, inter-faith harmony and brotherhood and his efforts of a few years have been instrumental in establishing a worldwide movement championing the causes of peace, interfaith dialogue and tolerance. He said bracketing such personality and his Movement with terrorism through character assassination was reprehensible and should be condemned in the strongest possible terms. He said we have advised our workers, associates and affiliates not to be provoked by such acts and to keep holding on to the golden principles of mutual tolerance and love as taught by their leader, Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi said: “We demand of all the journalistic organizations, political parties, press clubs and the powers that be that they should take note of this heinous conspiracy against law and order. They should also take a strong notice of character assassination campaign in accordance with their rules and regulations and code of conduct,” he concluded.



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